Why are LDS rings so popular?

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ctr ringLDS is the short-hand way of referring to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon church. The headquarters of the Momon church is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, although the church has official temples all over the wold. The Mormon church is one of the fastest growing faith communities in the world, thanks to the many missionaries that they send all over the world. Some members of the LDS or Mormon church wear LDS rings, which have the letters “C T R” engraved on them. CTR stands for “choose the right”, which is a common symbol of the Mormon church throughout the world. Members of the church wear CTR rings to symbolize their faith and to identify themselves to other members.

CTR rings come in many different styles and can be worn by men, women, and children. A CTR ring makes for a great gift for new members to the church, but can be a great gift for any member of the church. If you are in the market for a new CTR ring, look no further than Books & Things. Books & Things is an online store that carries a variety of different LDS products, such as CTR rings and LDS books. Books & Things is a proud member of the LDS Booksellers association, and they source their variety of products from vendors such as, “Brigham Distributing, Candlelight Media, Cedar Fort, Chad Hawkins Art, Covenant Communications, Deseret Book, Foundation Arts, Green Jacket Books, One Moment in Time, Pillow Tie, Plain & Precious Publishing, R Legacy Entertainment, Real Hero Posters, Ringmasters, Scripture Stickers, Sounds of Zion, Treasured Souls to Keep”, and many others. Books & Things is a reliable online source for all your LDS needs.

In addition to carrying a variety of CTR rings at their online store, Books & Things also carries a great selection of LDS books. Whether you are looking for a cookbook, self-help book, or a young adult fiction book, Books & Things has something for you. Any book lover is your life is sure to enjoy a good read from Books & Things. Books & Things also sells LDS artwork and posters. You can fill your home with beautiful artwork from Books & Things, or you can help to decorate your children’s rooms with inspirational and faith based posters and artwork that can be found at their online store. Your kids may also enjoy a fun and educational game or puzzle from Books & Things.

Books & Things is a great resource if you are shopping for a gift for a friend or loved one. You are sure to be able to find something for everyone on your list when you shop at Books & Things. If you are looking for that perfect gift, don’t forget the card! Books & Things carries a wide selection of cards for all different occasions. If you are shopping for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary, Books & Things is the place to go.


How to become an arbitrage compliance specialist

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If you are looking to change careers and love working with numbers, then you may want to consider becoming a certified public accountant who specializes in arbitrage rebates and compliance. There are many different fields that you can choose to go into if you are interested in accounting and working as a tax professional. You can choose the extremely niche speciality of becoming an arbitrage compliance specialist and work with bond compliance issues as well as arbitrage services. arbitrage rebate

If this is the career field that you wish you get into, then there are several steps that you will need to take in order to begin your career. Here are some of the steps on how to become an arbitrage compliance specialist.

1. Go to school for your Bachelor of Science in Accounting. You will want to start by getting your four year Bachelor degree in the field of accounting. It will also benefit you to major in finance and computer science as well. You can also pick up these classes as a minor to your accounting degree.

2. You will then want to gain experience working as an accountant. During this time, you can also go back to school to get your Masters of Science degree in law, taxation and business. Once you have achieved this, then you can begin working towards your certification as a certified public accountant.

3. There are a few different certifications and licenses that you will want to get at this point. You will want to become a certified public accountant. Each state regulation is different, but you will typically need 150 semester hours of instruction in order to sit for the CPA exams. It is important to check with your state’s requirements so that you are eligible for the exam. Once you have passed the exam, then you will be a certified public accountant. Another good certification to have is to become a certified financial planner and to become a tax attorney.

4. Once you have the appropriate degrees, certifications and licenses, then you will want to gain the experience needed to have the knowledge base necessary to handle arbitrage rebates and bond compliance issues. You can try to get an entry level position or internship at a renowned arbitrage specialist group such as the experts at Arbitrage Compliance Specialists. This will give you the chance to gain experience and knowledge in this very specialized niche section of accounting practices.

5. During this time, you will want to gain expertise in accounting methodologies, cash flow modeling, forensic accounting, qualified hedges, bond year slicing optimization, code interpretation, IRS audit defense, rebate minimization, cascading transferred proceeds, derivatives, IRS recovery requests and SWAP transactions. Once you have experience in all of these things as well as have worked with others who specialize in arbitrage rebates and calculations, then you have completed the necessary work to become an arbitrage compliance specialist.

As you can see, there are many steps that you need to complete in order to become an arbitrage compliance specialist. It is a very rewarding career!

  1. It is only natural to start their piece about identity theft prevention with a remark about the current methods being used to shred company documents in the modern business world. Whereas before it was more common for companies to undertake their own shredding duties, today far too many new methods for stealing identity off documents has appeared. The new excepted practice for document destruction for companies is to have a full time service carryout the document shredding. A number of companies have arisen as leaders in the field of document shredding, among them Xpress Shred, a company dedicated to the removal and shredding of documents from large and small business across the state. These paper shredding services have grown into industry standards for the prevention of identity theft in the world today. Secure shredding can no longer be trusted to simple machines placed in the offices of large companies. Currently, the clients of large corporate office want their business providers to incorporate a professional shredding service into their company. On a smaller scale, people in their homes still count on small, shredding machines to dispose of sensitive papers that may contain their bank information or other private data that is often used in the commission of identity theft.
  2. Watch your pin number when you purchase items from stores, or when getting money from an ATM. There are a surprising number of identity thefts committed each year when thieves use the ATM Pin codes to gain access to banks. If a criminal is able to obtain your pin code for your ATM card, they can use it not only to steal money directly from your account through cloned banking cards, they can also use it to commit an entire list of identity theft crimes as well. The pin code is often times one of the keys that keep our banking information safe from thieves, and if they are able to get this data, it may put your whole electronic banking system at risk. There are a few ways to avoid the theft of your ATM code which you should always use. For starters, never use ATMs or card payment systems in places that you don’t know or which you can’t trust. Always cover the pin pad when you enter your information, as thieves will sometimes use hidden cameras to record your movements when you pay with your credit card or bank card. You should also be extremely cautious when you purchase things online which require you to give bank info; many online sites seem trustworthy but might be subject to the tricks of experienced cyber thieves.
  3. Don’t ever leave your credit card with an unknown person for any reason. We have all been to places in the past, such as car rental agencies, which ask us to leave our credit cards at the front desk and pick them up when the car or other item is returned. This practice is outdated and dangerous and should never be agreed to. If you must, offer to leave your driver’s licenses in place of a credit card, the information given on your ID is harder to use for identity theft.

eye examThese days picking out the perfect eyeglasses can seem a bit overwhelming. There are so many options and styles to choose from, which can make it difficult to narrow down your options. Below is a list of tips that can help to make your selection process a bit easier.

1. Visit your optician

The first step to picking out the perfect eyeglasses is to visit your eye doctor to have an eye exam. Your eye exam will determine the exact prescription that you need, which can help to narrow down your choices for frames. Certain prescriptions to do work for certain frames, so knowing your prescription is an important first step.

2. Think about the things that you don’t like about eyeglasses

There are so many different styles of eyeglasses out there because there are so many people who prefer different things. Some people may like the sturdy look and feel that comes with thick frames, while others may prefer rimless glasses because they feel that think frames get in the way of their line of sight. Figuring out what you do not want from your eyeglasses can help to make your decision making process that much easier.

3. Bring a friend

When you go to pick out your new frames it can be really helpful to bring along a friend. Your friend can help you to pick out a variety of frames that they think would look good on you and that you may not have chosen for yourself. When choosing frames for your eyeglasses it can be really helpful to get a second opinion from someone you trust.

4. Try on a lot of different styles

Trying on a variety of different styles of frames is really important. You may choose to try on some frames that you didn’t love when you saw them on the shelf, but once you put them on you realize that you love the way that they look on you. Do not limit yourself to one certain style or color of frames. Trying on a variety of different frames can help you to figure out what looks best on you, not just what looks good not the shelf.

5. Be realistic

Once you have narrowed down your choice of frames take each one for a spin. Get up out of the chair and walk around for a minute or two. Be sure that you look all around while wearing the frames to make sure that they are comfortable on your face and that the frame isn’t getting in the way of your line of vision. Be practical about the frames that you choose and be sure to think about your day to day routine and how your glasses will fit in to that. If you work in a place where you are moving your head around a lot, be mindful of that when making your decision.

Keep these tips in mind on your next visit to the eye doctor to help make your decision that much easier and fun!

When neurological rehabilitation is needed then it is generally recommended by a doctor who will refer you to the best neuro rehab center in your area. Neurological rehab can involve a variety of different types of therapy. These can include counseling, group counseling, clinical studies, and neurological outpatient rehab with a physical therapist, speech therapist and occupational therapist. With all of these different options for treatment, you may be wondering if neurological rehab may be right for you. Here are some of the conditions that are treated with neurological rehabilitation. neurological therapy

1. A stroke. If you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke, then neurological rehab and treatment services are going to be needed during the recovering process. This can range from outpatient neurological rehab to also needing a speech therapist as well as a physical therapist. A stroke can be very debilitating but if you seek out the proper treatment and therapy after being released from the hospital then you can have a more successful recovery.

2. Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the covers of nerve cells become damaged and cannot provide the normal protection that they provide when undamaged. This creates a lot of inflammation within the body and can make it hard for certain parts of the nervous system to communicate with other parts of the nervous system. It is twice as common in women as in men. Since it affects the central nervous system, then it can cause a wide range of physical problems. This is where it is necessary to have neurological rehab treatments and even physical therapy in order to try for recovery and prevent further damage.

3. Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral palsy occurs in children and involves a permanent disability that affects their movement. This can affect their speech, movement and muscle growth, among other things such as vision and hearing difficulties. This is caused by brain abnormalities that can occur at birth, in the womb or shortly after birth. Whereas these are permanent disabilities with movement and coordination, cerebral palsy can be assisted with proper therapy. This can include physical therapy, speech therapy and neuro therapy. Massage therapy is also a good form of therapy for those with cerebral palsy as it can help to relieve tension in the muscles.

4. Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s disease occurs in the central nervous system and is a degenerative disease where certain cells in the nervous system begin to die. It affects movement in the early stages and generally occurs in those over the age of 50. If diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, then it is a good idea to begin neurological rehabilitation as soon as possible. This can also be paired with physical therapy and even speech therapy pending on how far along it is.

These are just a few of the many diseases and conditions that can be treated with neurological rehabilitation. If you have had any conditions or diagnosis’s that affect the central nervous system, then you may want to ask your doctor if neurological rehabilitation is right for you.


vintage Victorian decorEveryone has a different notion of the aesthetic they would like to cultivate, within their home.  Whatever your preferred style, you simply need to find what you like and what works in the space you have.  One style of decor that is popular today is vintage Victorian decor.  Vintage Victorian decor refers to decor that is done in a Victorian style, though it does not necessarily need to have been made during the Victorian period.  Vintage Victorian items do need to reflect the style of the Victorian period, though, and everyone has different standards, when it comes to what qualifies as Victorian.  Gothic decor is often associated with Victorian decor, though the two are, in fact, different.

For the most part, when people refer to Victorian decor they mean items that have the ornateness or gaudiness of the Victorian era.  The Victorian era encompasses the entire latter half of the eighteen hundreds, as that was the duration of the reign of Queen Victoria of England.  This time was thought to be quite a prosperous and beneficial time for the British, and the artwork and artifacts associated with this era support that.  Specifically, when it comes to furniture and decorative items from Victorian times, intricate scrolling and patterns are a common feature.  As for contemporary decor done in the Victorian style, similar patterns and designs are present.  That being said, they are often not hand-crafted in the same painstaking way in which they were made over a century ago.  Some craftspeople do still adhere to these standards.  It simply depends on the maker.  If you are interested in Victorian style art and furniture, you should explore an antique shop or specialty boutique, as they are most likely to have what you want, for an affordable price.

Another old-fashioned style of architecture and decor that is popular once again, in today’s world, is gothic style.  Gothic has various different connotations, but it actually refers to buildings that were done in the style associated with about the fourteenth or fifteenth century in Europe.  The type of gothic antiques that we know, though, are actually a product of the Neo-Gothic movement, which occurred in the eighteen hundreds.  The Neo-Gothic movement had a desire to hearken back to the dark and austere aesthetics associated with the middle ages, although the results were actually quite a bit different.  This is the style of gothic art and culture that is more commonly associated with the word, today.  There were a variety of gothic authors from the early eighteen hundreds, who are largely responsible for shaping the notion of gothic art and culture, as it is known today.  Edgar Allen Poe, though quite often associated with the occult and with gothic culture, is actually considered post Neo-Gothic.  Nevertheless, gothic jewelry, art, and culture would not be the same without the influence of Poe.  Today, the gothic style is far more than just an aesthetic choice, insofar as it has all sorts of connotations, dating back hundreds of years.

Online marketing is the way to go for any business nowadays, especially with trade professions such as plumbers and electricians. There are many different tactics that come online with online marketing strategies and search engine optimization. Several of the top marketing strategies all rely on search engine optimization as a way to drive business to your website and to get your business more online exposure. Companies such as can assist you with your online marketing strategies as well as increasing your exposure through the optimization of search engine optimization, or SEO, for your plumbing marketing. Here are numerous reasons why SEO marketing will work for your plumbing business. plumber SEO

1. First place placement from search engine results. This is huge! Imagine if people are online and searching for plumbers in your area and you come up at the top of the list! This will greatly increase the likelihood that they will click on your link and wind up at your website! This is a great way to bring in new business and will easily drive people to your website. This also brings up the point that it is important to have a well organized website.

2. Using the correct keywords will drive your search results as well. Another part of SEO online marketing is determining the best keywords that will drive the search results to the top of the page. This is a very strategic and important part of the equation and is important to invest in a group of marketing professionals to help you with this along with the design of a well executed and professional website.

3. Content marketing strategy. A well executed and designed online marketing SEO strategy will also include choosing target keywords to place on your website that will drive the targeted types of traffic that you are looking for. Rather than just coming up on search pages when someone types in ‘plumber’ in your area, you can also come up first when someone types in ‘corporate plumber’ or another specialization that you may offer for your business.

4. Off site SEO exposure. As well as keywords that generate search engine results on your website, you can also focus on targeted keywords placed on other websites that will be linked to your website and will drive traffic to your site. This is a very highly targeted method that is proven to lead more potential customers to your website and is a very good marketing strategy to utilize.

5. Analytic and reporting capabilities. With SEO optimization working for you and your online marketing strategies, then you can also benefit from using Google analytics and reporting so that you can find out who is viewing your website, how many views you are receiving and other important information that will assist you with your online marketing strategy.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons as to why SEO marketing will work for your plumbing business. If you are looking to grow your business, then make sure to start your targeted online strategy today so that you can experience growth as soon as tomorrow!

There are so many ways you can get the creative juices of your family flowing, you just need to start them up with a fun and versatile activity and let them take it from there. One of the most popular choices for people looking to get more involved in arts and crafts today is with the use of beads. Now, when we say beads, we are talking about a simple little object that comes in a million different colors, shapes, and patterns. The reason why beads beat out other types of craft materials is their immense diversity and the fact that there are beads out there on the market to fit every taste. One of the largest online bead suppliers is The Bead Chest, with thousands of different beads available for your browsing pleasure, all o f which can be delivered directly to your home; it’s easy to see why so many people are turning into bead fanatics there days.  If you have not yet had the pleasure of checking out what a large bead supplier has to offer, go to, and start getting excited about beads as a fantastic activity for you and your family.

Once you find the style of beads that fit your creative ambitions, the sky is the limit. There is almost no article of your home or office that can be made a little bit more interesting with the help of beads. Right now one of the most popular things being done with beads is to create portraits with them. Unlike traditional drawings, beads don’t leave those of us who can’t draw to save our lives out of the fun. A really fun thing to do with the family is have each member design a portrait of another person in the family using beads. You can pick out special beads which represent the personality of the specific person. Perhaps some very fine glass beads for the princess of the family, or how about some whacky shell beads for that crazy aunt everyone loves. The possibilities are endless and the fun is too.

If you are looking to give your home a little flare, there is a lot that can be done with beads in home decoration. The window curtains can be laced with beautiful African beads in many different colors, turning the boring into the extraordinary. The front door’s welcome mat can really be made to stand out by adding some unique patters around its border. One of the best things about using beads is that you don’t have to be an arts and crafts expert to use them in all kinds of places.  The majority of projects done with beads can be accomplished with a few simple items like glue, or a needle and thread. If you make a mistake and the design doesn’t turn out like you had hoped, hey, don’t worry, its only beads. You can always afford more beads and start whatever project you were doing over again. The only problem with beads is that once you get started, you just can’t stop!

There are a lot of different factors that go into creating a healthy work environment. This can mean everything from setting your office up with a new set of office cubicles that allow staff to see more of each other more sunlight, or perhaps changing the furniture in your office. A healthy work environment is physical, mental, and emotional, and when you have an office space that allows people to achieve their full potential, then the other areas simultaneously grow and develop. It can certainly be a challenge to make sure that your office has all of the correct equipment when setting said office up to be positive. After all, how can you be certain that everything you are purchasing is going to have a positive impact on the people around you? How can you know for certain that the office furniture you invest in will do what it needs to do for all of your staff? This is why looking into the principles of ergonomics to help you make the correct purchases will take the guesswork out of this process for you. Instead of wondering over every little detail, think more holistically about the items you are hoping to invest in and allow that to guide your decision making. Here are some of the principles of ergonomics that make the workplace better:

  • Fit: Always be thinking about the office environment in terms of how it fits your employees needs. You want to aim for the best fit, and that can be applied to everything from the set up of those refurbished cubicles you just invested in to the way the sunlight hits your office building at different times in the day. Think about how the fit of the desks and the chairs makes the work your staff complete easier or more challenging, and then adjust the fit of these pieces to optimize the work space.
  • Health: Doing the same or similar tasks every single day can be a real challenge for staff. After all, these repetitive motions have been proven and demonstrated to cause stress injuries over time. Unless you are willing to help your staff when these kinds of injuries occur (not to mention the loss of productivity in people who feel these kinds of injuries daily), investing in desks and chairs of the appropriate materials and size and adjustability will make a huge difference to the health of your employees, which is perhaps the biggest focus of an ergonomic work environment.
  • Worker first: At the end of the day, the focus in the modern workplace is on the way someone feels when they are at work. The fit of the machinery they use, the office space they work in, and the environment all contribute to their productivity, health, and happiness in their work. By serving these needs, you are investing in people and creating a kind of loyalty that you cannot get when you do not provide these amenities for your staff. Think long and hard about the ways a more ergonomic work environment can benefit your staff!
  1. Posting videos of themselves playing pranks. Video upload sites have always been popular amongst pranksters, but in recent years the trend has reached amazing new heights of popularity. There is always some new trend in the world of prank videos, the last big thing being the popularity of videos where a person will dress in a scary mask and sneak into the bed room of a sleeping boyfriend or girlfriend. These kinds of videos often have hilarious outcomes. One notable video showed a young man dressed as a vampire who crept into his sister’s room as she slept. When the lights came on and the sister saw the ghoulish figure, she leapt up and kicked her brother square in the stomach, knowing the air right out of him. The video later served as a lesson for would be pranksters that they should always take caution when carrying out their devilish behavior, as unsuspecting victims may not always react with a simple freight! Other popular videos appearing currently are ones in which a person is given a fake scratch off lottery ticket that makes it seem that they have won a large sum of cash. The fake lottery videos are always much funnier for the people watching the video or for the people who play the prank, rather than the victim. In one video that was appearing on Brain-Slam, a young man just barely had time to tell his friend that he had been the victim of a prank before he was able to call into his work and quit. If you are interested in making prank videos, remember not to take it too far and never prank someone in a way which you yourself would not also find amusing.
  2. Video upload sites have started to become flooded with videos of people dressing in the craziest get ups imaginable. There seems to be some sort of bizarre completion amongst video bloggers to produce videos where people are dressed in very strange outfits and doing very normal things. One popular video features a young guy dressed as an old woman walking through a subway car. The joke is very odd, as the only people who seem to know that it is happening are the cameraman and the person dressed as an old woman. During one part of the video a young lady even gets up to offer the prankster her seat. These videos often have men dressed as women and vies versa and also frequently feature people dressed and wearing makeup to look like famous singers and actors. Video sharing apps often go buzzing when someone uploads a video of a movie star eating at a fast food restaurant, only later to disappoint the community with the realization that the whole thing was a fake.
  3. People making videos of their children’s first words. The baby’s first word” videos are undoubtedly adorable, but some of them are a little hard to understand. Many times the parents are the only ones who can comprehend what the babies are saying, yet the videos are fun for everyone to watch because there are very few people who don’t like to see young babies try and talk. the service or product you’re looking for, it’s always best to buy from a company with a strong reputation.  The better a company’s reputation, the more likely you are to get the kind of service or product you desire.  Companies with strong reputations typically have good customer service, expertise of their industry, and experience.  All of these things are beneficial to the consumer, as they ensure that the consumer receives what they are looking for.

In the carpet cleaning industry, it can often be difficult to find a company with a strong reputation.  Frequently, people are dissatisfied with the company they hire, either because they charge too much money or because they do a sub-standard job of cleaning the carpets.  However, one company stands out because of their stellar reputation in the industry.  Saabye’s Superior ChemDry is the professional carpet cleaners everyone should be hiring.  Their stellar reputation is a small part of the reason why.

As part of the larger Chem-Dry family, Saabye’s Superior ChemDry has decades of reputation building under their belt.  The reason why Chem-Dry branches have been so successful over the years is the high quality of cleaning they provide and their incomparable customer service.  If a Chem-Dry company says they can clean the carpet, they’ll get the job done.  And they’ll always show up on time and never charge more than they said the job would cost.

In addition to their stellar reputation, Saabye’s Superior ChemDry utilizes products and equipment that are unrivaled in the business.  The cleaning product they use on carpets is known as The Natural.  It is a combination of green cleaning solution and carbonation.  The latter works to break the dirt and debris up in the carpet, and the former works to wash the carpet and leave it smelling great.  Since The Natural utilizes only green, non-toxic cleaning solution, the carpets are safe for small children and pets immediately after the cleaning job is done.  You won’t have to worry about bringing harmful chemicals into your home because their cleaning solutions don’t have any.  The equipment they use to clean your carpets is also top of the line.  They stay up on the trends and make sure that the equipment they are using is the best on the market.

Saabye’s Superior ChemDry also offers a wide variety of cleaning services.  In addition to professional carpet cleaning, they specialize in tile cleaning, grout cleaning, rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.  When you hire them to come to your home and clean then, they are able to clean virtually the entire home.  Not only are they able to clean things other than your carpet, they are specialists in such cleaning.  They use special products and equipment designed specifically for rugs, furniture, tile, and grout.  Never again will you have to worry about removing odors from your furniture or getting persistent dirt out of the grout on your kitchen floors; rather, they’ll take care of it for you.  For all of these reasons, they are the easy choice in their industry.

Closed term ‘planned obsolescence’ is one that describes a great deal about the current state of electronics.  The term came to use after World War II, when all of the soldiers had returned home.  With the added boost to the workforce, the United States began creating more goods than its citizens could buy.  Rather than slow down the workforce and have them work fewer hours, companies came up with the idea of planned obsolescence.  In real terms, planned obsolescence is the practice of creating products that will break after a short time, so consumers are forced to replace them.  In other words, companies started making products that wouldn’t last for very long so that consumers would keep buying their items.

Doesn’t that sound like the electronics industry today?  Things are constantly breaking down or software is being outdated, forcing consumers to buy newer and newer things.  To be fair to a company like Apple, their products really are designed to last a long time.  But since so many of their products, like the iPad, are made with a glass screen (which is really nice to touch and play with), they are bound to break at some point.

Fortunately, there are many great companies out there that are helping consumers fight the forces of planned obsolescence.  These companies work with all kinds of devices, tablets, and smartphones, and their main goal is to keep them up-to-date and fully functional for as long as possible.  They can repair screens, update software, and perform all sorts of handy tricks that let consumers hold onto their valuable electronics for as long as possible.

As an example, rather than ordering a new iPad when the screen breaks turn to an iPad screen repair specialist.  They will take the broken glass screen off of the iPad and will dispose of it properly.  They have to be sure to take the screen off very gently so as not to disturb the various other parts inside the iPad.  Then, using one of the many screens that they have on hand, they replace the screen and the iPad is as good as new.  It is incredibly inexpensive to have such a procedure done and you won’t have to replace the entire iPad.

Companies that are fighting against the dominant powers of planned obsolescence are expanding all of the things that they can do.  They can repair the screens on tablets, pull apart iPhones and get them working again, take apart tablets, and so much more.  The amount of money you can save by fixing the things that you already have, rather than purchasing the newest, shiniest gadget is truly incredible.

One great company in the greater DMV area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) is ZAGG Phone Repair.   At ZAGG Phone Repair, an iPhone repair specialist, you’ll get incredible rates when you fix your electronics.  The great thing about them is that you can drop your device off at their location, go and take care of some errands you’ve been meaning to do, and then come by back to pick up your device.  It’s incredibly slick.

Overtime a lot of us begin to accumulate extra items that we don’t want to put in our home but need or are just of value. Sometimes these items can be put away so that we can enjoy them later. These types of items can be pieces of furniture pieces of art pieces of Decor or just something that is a part of her life that we want to keep safe. We value these positions but they may be causing too much clutter in our homes. A storage unit can be a great way in which you can put these items in a safe place and not have to worry about them. You can keep your Adam saved by being able to protect them and not have to worry about what may happen to them. He storage unit gives the perfect way in which you can keep these items safe and not have to worry about them getting destroyed or someone getting into them. Storage units are great facilities for protecting items. Most storage units have several degrees of protection for your items.

Including fencing around the facility video surveillance and security codes to getting in and out of the facilities including locking key to protect them as well there are many items in which you can keep safe by putting him under lock and key. storage rental Many people including businesses choose to store the storage unit because of the possibilities in the safety involved. There are many items that you can store and buy being able to store them safely helps you to retain the Adams feel comfortable about where they are and can help you to protect them in a very Safeway. Storage allows you more space more opportunity and a way for you to greatly benefit with the protection that you need and are looking for. Finding the right space for your items allows you to get exactly what you looking for in the right size. Keeping your item safe protectors important part of what a storage unit does it is important to everybody who stores items that they know their items are going to be protected and stored safely.

Value your items by being able to store them properly in a storage unit. With the vast amount of items that you can store and the many opportunities to greatly benefit from what they can do for you by being able to put them away and enjoy them you will be able to be glad that you have one.  For a lot of people storage means protection and security of their personal items.  With so many mounds of storage facilities out there today and knowing that you can have one with the right amount protection you’ll be able to feel confident that your items can stay safe in a storage unit protected with some amounts of security today. For a great way to store your items look into platinum storage LK min storage to be able to see what great benefits are before you in your storage unit opportunities.

Industrial maintenance is a large element within the industrial construction industry and contractors who provide industrial maintenance staffing and facilitation of such staffing are large contributors to the overall efficiency of an industrial company’s succesbolt torquing servicess. Considering industrial maintenance is basically what it sounds like. The maintenance and essential upkeep of the components that make up any industrial facility. These components are generally the machines and equipment, both large and small, within an industrial facility.

These important pieces of equipment are what makes the industrial operation tick, therefore they are incredibly important features that need to be given constant attention in order to have immediate maintenance needs provided if deemed appropriate for the overall functioning aspects of that specific piece of equipment. There is a significant amount of knowledge required for the maintenance of industrial elements. There is the electrical, mechanical and welding skills that are needed for all aspects of an effective operational industrial company. Bolt torquing services are common industrial maintenance aspects, therefore it is essential to have a proficient maintenance professional on site. Considering an industrial maintenance worker must be multi-skilled, it is important that companies find an professional industrial construction company that specializes in the training and contracting of industrial maintenance professionals.

Turner Industries is a top professional industrial construction company that offers extensive maintenance services and professionals for heavy industrial companies. These professionals are typically very well trained and experienced in the bolt torquing method. The method of bolt torquing is important to the maintenance of industrial machinery in many ways. Given the exposure that elements can have on a piece of machinery over a period of time, there is always welding maintenance required to ensure the integrity of the fabricated pipes. Fabricated pipes contribute to the operation of a piece of equipment in many ways, therefore piping designs for industrial facilities are so extensive and intricate and the pipe bending, bolt torquing and fabrication methods are all important services that must be provided for proper industrial maintenance. Given that the skill set for most industrial maintenance professionals is demanding, a company cannot just hire anyone. This where it is important for companies to rely on the contracting benefits of a company like Turner Industries.

Due to the complex design of any given industrial facility, whether it’s located out in the ocean or on a large stretch of desert land, proper maintenance personnel must be ready and able to address any typical and unusual maintenance needs. Turner Industries requires extensive training and industrial maintenance education to be completed by all their maintenance personnel. A company that utilizes the contracting services of a company like Turner Industries will receive a collaborative and goal oriented approach to their maintenance needs. Professional industrial construction companies like Turner Industries will create company specific project maintenance plans. All industrial companies vary in terms of their goals, budget and project timelines, therefore it is vital for an industrial construction company like Turner Industries to create a maintenance approach that meets the specific needs of the respective contracting company.



Storage units are not only available for the personal usage, but there are also many other kinds of uses of the storage units.  An example of this could be that the large industries can also use the storage services for storing their products. In the storage units, you can place you temperature sensitive products.

Personal usage of storage units

Personal usage requires the storage of the products at low temperature for their security. All these products include electronic products; make up products, eatables and many others. People used to store the products in the storage units when they don’t have enough space in their refrigerator to store the products. Some housewives use their own refrigerators for the storage of temperature sensitive products but in most of the cases, they store eatables.

Industrial usage of storage units

Storage units are also used for the industrial purposes. As the companies need the product services in bulk so the storage units provide bulk services to the companies. Another important reason for which the storage units offer their services to the companies or the small businesses is that they don’t have enough space to store their products for later usage. Also they have to maintain the temperature of the products in order to save them until their expiry dates. The companies don’t only avail these services for the eatables that are fresh vegetables and fruits, but nowadays they also get this storage service for the medicines.

Important services provided by the storage units

Many of the small businesses and industries use the services of the storage to get the delivery, preserve the products until they are distributed properly. This not only saves the time but also saves a huge amount of money. Money can be saved in the sense; if you don’t avail the storage unit’s services then you can spoil your perishable goods. So it’s better to go for the storage units services, if you don’t want to spoil your products.

Products stored in the storage units

There are several kinds of goods that can be stored in the storage units which can be cold items that are used for the industrial purpose. These products include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Drinks and juices
  • Meat and all the perishable products
  • Medicines including injections and eatable capsules
  • Skin products like dermatological creams.

All these products are either perishable or have limited expiry date. It is the only reason for which the businessmen or the households avail the services.

Types of storage units

Just like the requirements of the storage units, there are several types of units that have different specifications and uses. Some of these storages don’t provide security services. If you want to get these services then they will charge additional money for this. Otherwise they will give you basic services. Similarly, there are some storage service providers that only deal with the storage of pharmaceutical products and medicines. They don’t store fruits and vegetables. So if you want to store medicines then you must go there.

As has been shown in numerous studies of consumerism, storage unit facilities and self storage rentals are on the rise.  The number of people utilizing such facilities is higher than it ever has been before.  Part of this is due to the fact that people have more stuff than they can keep in their homes, and part of it is due to the fact that many people, after spending money on an item, find it difficult to donate it or give it away.  The rise in the industry has led to an incredible explosion in the number of facilities that can be found across the country.  By some estimates, there are thousands of self storage facilities all across the country.  For consumers, this makes it incredibly difficult to know which facility offers the best services at the most affordable rates.  To help people determine which facility in their area is better than the others, here is a list of five key qualities all self storage facilities share.  Dedication to security.  The main reason people end up putting things in storage is that they don’t want to throw the items away.  To the contrary, they plan on keeping the items for many more years.  Since people care about the items they are storing, they should absolutely only choose facilities that are dedicated to security.  To put it simply, the items that people store should be stored in a way that will prevent them from being damaged or stolen.  This means that the facility should have gated entrances, coded entrances, 24-hour surveillance, and strong locks.

2.  Variety of units.  Different types of items need to be stored in different types of conditions.  Books and electronics should be stored in units that are climate controlled, so that they aren’t damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity.  On the contrary, other types of items can be stored in outside units.

3.  Knowledgeable staff.  Sometimes, things come up when a person is storing items.  When a consumer has questions about how they should be storing particular things, they need a knowledgeable person from the facility to be able to help them.  Thus, it is crucial that people only work with companies that have staff that understand the various aspects of storage.

4.  Numerous moving supplies.  Often, people don’t know that they need a particular item until they are already at the unit.  Maybe they realize that they can’t get the couch into the elevator without a hand truck, or maybe they realize that they need an extra box and a couple of markers. It is great when the facility a person is renting from has these supplies on hand.

5.  Competitive costs.  Although different units will cost different amounts of money, there is no need for people to pay a lot just for the sake of it.  Rather, shop around and make sure that the prices at a particular facility are competitive with others in the area.

Storage Direct, a self storage rental facility, is one great company that easily meets all five of these criteria.



VPI Turntables with 3D printed arms do exist!

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The intersection between new advancements in technology and the past forms of music consumption have bred a curious new piece of music listening paraphernalia. For the first time ever, a 3D printer has had a role to play in the creation of a piece of musical history; a VPI turntable now has a 3D printed arm. It seems that this is a thought that should not be able to be achieved in reality. A 3D printer in the first place seems out of place in our world; the idea that we can create something as simply as a 3D printer can is just fascinating, and it is mind boggling to consider the places that this technology will take us. For this reason, it is even more fascinating to view an older device that has an addition that is so unrelentingly modern. There is no way around it: for a record player to have a 3D printed arm is a clear demonstration of our transition into a very modern world and to live a very modern lifestyle.

Now, this being said, some people may be inclined to balk at our fascination with a 3D printer and a 3D printed object. After all, this is the 21st century, and we should be http://www.soundstagedirect.combetter prepared for technological advances of this kind. However, we are not, and this is something to marvel at, especially because of the incredible sound quality that said advancement brings along with it. To begin with, the tonearm is 10 inches long and synthetic, making it light while also quite rigid so that it has the power to maintain the correct distance to create the appropriate sound. Additionally, the goal of this 3D printed arm is to begin a long line of adjustable accessories by VPI so that there will be a variety of customizable products available for us. The text that solidified the power of this tonearm was made possible through a yet to be released VPI direct drive turntable. The VPI Turntable with the synthetic arm was compared to the VPI Class 3 turntable with an $8000 cartridge attached to it, versus the $220 cartridge hooked up to the former. Indeed, the sound comparison was on par with both turntables, making it clear that 3D printing for vinyl accessories is something that will be a facet in the future of vinyl accessories.

It is important to note, however, that if vinyl records are to continue to advance along with vinyl equipment, the goal is going to always have to be improved sound quality. It will not be enough to just make something new and advanced. Indeed, if the end goal does not include some kind of major steps forward in terms of sound quality, the advancements will truly be for naught. This is the reason why the use of a 3D printer is impressive. It not only incorporates fascinating technology, but it also truly creates a sound quality to be impressed with, even envied. This is what we have to bear in mind and hope for for the future of vinyl records and turntables.

If you really love your breakables, you will heed the errors of those who have gone before you and be careful with the way you pack these items. Your breakables are important. Perhaps they include the china your mother used as a child and left to you after she passed. Maybe there is a keepsake that your grandparents passed along to you; maybe a special vase that was an anniversary present. These are all important objects not just because of their uses but because of the memories attached to them. You should be careful to pack these items with the appropriate care and concern in order to keep them from getting damaged once in storage or along the way.

But how can you ensure that your breakable items and your most valued items are set up appropriately? How can you know for certain that your dishes and other breakables will be safe in self storage and will no get damaged along the way? While there certainly is not a way to be absolutely certain, there are certainly precautions that you can take to better pack your mini self storage units so that your most favored possessions are kept in good shape. First, consider the weight of the boxes that you are packing. This is an often under recognized aspect of packing, but it is one that is worth mentioning. Picture yourself working hard to pack up your apartment or your home. You have figured out how few boxes you can get away with when packing everything up to go into storage, and thus you find yourself cramming as many things as possible into those boxes. It is for this reason that you need to be very careful throughout this packing process. You should never back a box full of breakables so that it weighs more than thirty pounds. If you were to do so, you are more likely to drop the box when packing it up inside the storage unit or taking it out later on down the road.

This brings us to another important point. When stacking boxes within your self storage unit, always pack your breakables on the top of the pile. While this may go without, it is critically important that this is kept in mind. You should never pack your breakables on the bottom, no matter how heavy the box is. This plays into the first piece of advice; never pack the boxes so that they are too full to place on top.

Finally, use the right boxes to pack your dishes and breakables. The most advisable box type is a box made specifically to hold dishes and other similar wares. Pack things tightly by wrapping all items in paper or bubble wrap or even clothing. This will keep things from moving and therefore crashing into each other and possibly breaking while you are packing your mini storage unit. While there are boxes that are specially made for packing dishes, if you are careful to provide lots of cushion within the boxes you do pack up, your breakables should stay safe.


Many of the homes that have been built around Hollywood over the years lack storage due to the total cost of swear footage in the city.  This is the case for many of the homes and even those that were built years ago when people simply had fewer things to store.  With that in mind, one of the most important things to pop up around town are the self storage units that allow for you to keep multiple bikes, scooters, or anything else that you can imagine for a low monthly price.  The best thing about this kind of service is that it allows for you to comfortably pack your home without having to worry about your valuables getting stolen or anything of that nature.

rv storageWhen you choose to keep your things in a self storage unit, keep in mind that you want to be able to access it 24/7.  This will allow for you to have the utmost confidence in all of the things that you put there and their safety.  You also want to have a storage facility that is monitored throughout the day and night.  This means that they have security guards on the premise and that you do not need to worry about the value of the belongings that you are putting there.  Additionally, keep in mind that half of the convenience of having something there is the opportunity to take things in and out as you see fit.  A good way to ensure that you will be able to actively use your stuff is to see how long it takes you to put all of the items in the rental unit. If it does not take much time at all, but comforted by the fact that you will be able to access all of those items without much fuss and very quickly whenever you need to.  It is a great way to ensure that you will be comfortable with the situation.

The other thing that you need to keep in mind with the storage facility is that they have good prices.  Many of the businesses offer cheaper rates if you are willing to sign a longer term lease on the unit and if you are looking to have a boat stored there, as well. This is often the case of anyone that is also looking to have an RV that is stored on site too.  With these additional items, there is a very good chance that you will be able to take advantage of all of the additional space in your house.  With that being said, check out what self storage units are available by your house.  Chances are that you will be very happy with what you are able to find.  They will fit all of your needs and it is a great addition to your home.  Check it out today and get everything done that you are looking to get done around the house with the extra space that is available to you and your family.


People are constantly thinking up new ways to be creative when it comes to making their own body care products. People are starting to make their own chapstick, toothpaste, body wash and lotion. So why not make your own shampoo? Of all the things mentioned essential oils thus far, people are far more concerned about their hair then they are about the moisture level of their skin. People spend a ton of money on hair care products these days to make sure they are keep their hair luscious and their ends together. Yet is there really that much need for us to spend that kind of money on our hair. Not to judge people wanting their hair to look awesome, there is no harm in that. But aren’t you curious about what kind of shampoo you can make in your own home? How you could save yourself some cash and you could make the shampoo exactly as you want it! Sounds like a plan to me.

You’re lucky because Plant Therapy, a leading seller in high quality essential oils and oil diffusers, has put together two different shampoo recipes using their amazing essential oils. Let’s start with recipe 1.

All you need:

  • 1 c water
  • 1 tbsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp aloe gel
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • up to 20 drops essential oils

The steps:

  1. Dissolve baking soda into water
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients into your mixture
  3. Shake very well and then combine all ingredients

For recipe 2 all you need:

  • 1/2 c castile soap
  • 1/4 c honey
  • 1/4 c coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp jojoba
  • 1 tbsp vit E
  • 30 -40 drops essential oils

The steps:

There is only one step: combine all ingredients. Shake your mixture very well. You will need to shake your shampoo every time you use it. If you made it in bulk, store most of it in the fridge but it shouldn’t be a problem if you only made enough for a couple of weeks.

There are many different essential oil combinations that would be perfect in shampoo.

  • Thinning hair? Use a little cedarwood or rosemary. That’ll help stimulate hair growth.
  • Greasy hair? Use a little lemon or grapefruit to soak up that extra oil.
  • Want sweet smelling hair? Combine some Roman chamomille, neroli, lavender or rose. Play around and find a combination that really speaks to you.
  • Want to smell manly? Try a combination of cedarwood, sandalwood or spruce.

Using this type of shampoo has its benefit because it keeps your hair was losing it’s natural oils. Oil is actually really great for our hair and while we don’t want it to be greasy, we also don’t want to have it be dehydrate either. This shampoo really helps protect your hair with tis natural oils while infusing it with other properties that strengthen and nourish your hair. Because this is a more natural cleansing routine, it may not a moment for your hair to adjust and therefor it might seem as if your hair is producing more oil than normal. This is totally normal and just wash your hair more often until your hair gets back into it’s rhythm. You will never have to buy shampoo again!