15 Minute Upholstery Cleaning

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Whether you to want to be able to make your couch last longer and maximize the money you invested in it or have just gotten one from your grandmother and wish to give it a good boost, being able to give your upholstery some regular cleaning which should be done every season, will help prevent any dirt that builds up on the upholstery from sticking to the material and making it quite hard to remove. If not cleaned, the muck and other nasty things on your couch may become one with it. Here is a way to clean your upholstery in 15 minutes.

upholstery cleaning


Now the things you should be preparing is a vacuum (one you use for carpet cleaning is fine), some white cloths that are clear, compressed air in a can, clear dish soap that is gentle, an upholstery brush made of horsehair, and finally a bucket small in size. Also look into some DIY stain cleaners you can make at home to use on the piece. Take note that if the furniture you are cleaning is a family heirloom or it is an expensive piece, you should consult with an expert before actually cleaning it.

Now look for the upholstery attachment that comes with your vacuum and screw it on. You need to vacuum across the piece while following a left to right stroke. Your strokes should be short and overlap each prior stroke. You will want to begin vacuuming the top of the piece and work your way down. If the fabrics on the couch are rather delicate, you will want to use a low suction. The purpose of the left to right we are using is to remove dirt properly as it can really stick to the material. If you have happened to lose some coins or jewelry on the piece, try putting pantyhose over the nozzle and secure it using a rubber band. Don’t forget to go through the under cushions and the seams. Use your compressed air to bow dirt from the nooks of the buttons and tufting.

Now it’s time to take on the stains. Make use of a homemade stain cleaner as these are not that harmful towards the material. Apply the cleaner you have made on the spots. Blot the wet area using your clean cloths as well and remember that you should not wipe or else the stain may spread. You may repeat the process until the stain disappears. Remember to attack every visible stain on the furniture.

Now mix ½ tsp of your soap with warm water inside the bucket and get bubbles going. Use your upholstery brush to dip in the bubbly mixture and brush the furniture. Make sure you brush by area and make sure to take the brushing lightly so as to not damage the material. Once the whole piece has been cleaned, wipe with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. Before you sit or use the piece make sure the whole thing is fully dry and clean. Inspect your work and see if there is anything to work on in the future.

Should this prove to be too tedious for you, try Sweet’s Chem-Dry. They can easily do it for easy effectively.

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