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With the proliferation of urgent care centers, it is easy to dismiss doing some preventive care or testing because we are confident in the knowledge that there will always be an urgent care center to run to nearby. Those needing urgent care in Henderson would have 19 options to choose from.

But, it pays to have several health screenings to keep your health in check. After all, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” It is not a cliché for nothing.

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Schedule yourself to these health screenings:

Routine Check-up

Everybody should have a routine check up every year to check if your health is still in pretty good shape.

An annual routine check-up helps you to catch physical concerns early and intervene before they become worse. Most insurance policies cover routine checkups so you need not worry about the cost of the check up. The check up includes: the taking of personal history, blood pressure, preventive screenings, body mass index, and physical exam.

If you have not had any of these checkups and screenings, schedule one as soon as you can.

Other Screenings

Your physician might ask you to subject to other screenings depending on the results of your initial screening during the routine check-up. Those screenings might include testing for: high cholesterol, skin cancer, or thyroid activity. That is why it pays to be truthful when the doctor asks you questions during the exam. Let your doctor know of any decreased energy, digestive issues, or other things that might feel out of sorts with your body.

Some urgent care centers in Henderson carry all those type of screenings. Call up some of them to check.

Pap Smear Test (Women)

Every woman should have a pap smear test every year to check if she has any indications of cervical cancer. Almost all cases of cervical cancer are caused by infections. It is necessary, therefore, that a woman be checked yearly for lesions in the cervix that might be precancerous. Those lesions can stay within your system for one or two years after you got the infection before it officially becomes cancerous.

Bone Density Test (Women)

Women are prone to osteoporosis. Although other women have more risks than others due to old age or other factors, but it is necessary that every woman should under a bone density test to help her determine how vulnerable she is for osteoporosis. This can be elective for women below fifty years old. But once you hit 50, it is mandatory that you undergo this testing. The bone density test makes use of x-rays that measure the minerals in the bones.

Mammogram (Women)

Women who have history of breast cancer in the family can have early annual mammograms to check if there are benign or cancerous growths in the breast. Whether there are risks or not, women fifty years old or above should have annual mammograms.

Testicular and Prostate Cancer Screenings (Men)

Men who had a family history of prostate cancer should undergo an antigen blood test that is prostate-specific or a digital rectal exam. At the age of 50 or older, all men should undergo either of the tests.

Check your nearest urgent care center in Henderson for the availability of those tests.


Heartburns can feel so bad that it necessitates a run to the nearest urgent care center in Henderson. It is also called as acid reflux.  It is a common problem but it is not easy to spot immediately and the lack of timely treatment can lead to Barrett’s esophagus, which can eventually lead to cancer.

There are common symptoms to acid reflux or heartburn. But there unusual ones, as well, that you should still be in the lookout for.

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Chest pain

Chest pain in heart burn occurs because stomach acids splashes on the esophagus. It is one of the most common symptoms of acid reflux. The pain can be more intense and can last longer than one would expect that many people could easily mistake heartburn for a heart attack. Do not dismiss the chest pain as mere heartburn, however. It is better to be safe than sorry. Have a doctor from an urgent care facility in Henderson check you out right away.

Lying Down Worsens Pain

If your chest pain worsens when you lie down, most likely you are having heartburn.  Lying down moves your stomach acid up to your esophagus, that’s why it can hurt. Sitting straight up, most likely, keeps the acid in your stomach.

To help reduce or manage the pain, you can raise the head of your bed or avoid eating big meals before bedtime.

After-meal Pain

If you feel chest pain after eating especially after you’ve eat a huge meal, it means that the stomach is overloaded and its contents are going up to the esophagus.

To help manage this, avoid reclining or lying down after a meal. Do not eat huge meals especially if it has lots of fats in it. Also watch your intake of alcohol and tobacco.

Bitter Taste

If you taste something icky and bitter in your mouth, it could sometimes mean that it’s the stomach acid moving up to the back of your throat. In very rare extreme cases, it upsurge of the acid into the throat can cause chocking.  If it happens at night when you are sleeping, it could be dangerous and should be addressed immediately. See you doctor about it.


When your voice starts to crack, it might not just be a cold. It can be because of heartburn.

When stomach acid seeps into the esophagus, it can irritate the vocal cords. If the hoarseness happens after eating, it could be because of acid reflux.

Sore Throat

A sore throat is not necessarily a viral or bacterial infection in your respiratory tract. It could indicate digestive issues, as well. If the sore throat happens usually after you have eaten, it is most likely because of acid reflux.


Chronic cough and wheezing are not sometimes caused by viral or bacterial infection or of a direct respiratory cause. It can be caused by stomach acid getting into the lungs. If you are not sure of what might be the source of your breathing difficulties, ask a doctor from an urgent care center in Henderson for a pH test. The test measures the acid in your esophagus.

In my last blog post, I started to talk about NAFTA and its 20th anniversary this year, but got away from the subject matter because I started to talk about some anecdotes that don’t really have a lot to do with the subject matter.  As a result, I have the opportunity to talk about the negotiations that helped shape the agreement and talk about how that matters today.  From a consumer perspective, there are a lot of things that have benefited us since NAFTA went into effect. From being able to buy any of the fruits and vegetables that we have come to love at any time of the year to being able to take advantage of different economies of scale, the agreement has pushed our countries into a harmony that benefits consumers and bigger businesses alike.  Much of the agreement was helped into place by international business attorneys that were able to make sure that the bigger businesses on any side of the country lines could access high quality information and product details from the distributors.  This added a lot of trust into the conversation and undoubtedly allowed for these different companies to do a better job of pairing up the businesses and the partnerships for the coming year.  I also think that the ability to increase the number of goods that could be traded over country lines was really important and that really did help out a number of the communities and the workers that would be able to expand their businesses as a result.  There were some downsides with many of the various farming operations taking over for the smaller farmers that have since been shut out.  For these farmers, it meant that they were not longer able to get access to many of their local markets because of the international flow of goods pricing them out.  We have had different measures put in place by itar attorneys that allow for these individuals and families to access different markets, but there was definitely a shock to the system when they first tried to access many of the markets that they have for generations.  Nevertheless, as a consumer, I have the ability to choose who I support by way of where and how I shop.  I do not have to shop at a place that only stocks vegetables and fruits from across the other side of the world.  Rather, I have the ability to shop at places that preference local farmers and growers.  I actually think that many of the government contract attorneys had this in mind for the realization of the agreement.  There are different stipulations in there about what fruits or vegetables can be sold to different suppliers as to not affect many of the local markets.  For me, I know that I would not be able to grow any apples in Colorado, for example.  However, we can grow a lot of cantaloupe here, so I would not want to be purchasing something like a cantaloupe that would be pushing out local farmers.

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spine surgeon MRI reviewYour health should be very important to you.  After all, life is short, and you should not spend it in discomfort.  If there is a condition that has been troubling you, you should go to the necessary specialists to see if it is treatable.  If your condition is neurological, you will, of course, need to see a neurological specialist.  Neurological conditions need to be handled a bit differently than other conditions, as the nervous system is quite different from the other systems of the body.  Since most neurological conditions are rooted in either the brain or the spine, an MRI is often necessary.  Neurological centers often provide spine surgeon MRI review, to help diagnose your neurological ailment.  As with any other type of condition, there are many different kinds of neurological ailments with varying degrees of seriousness.  Getting an MRI and having it analyzed properly is the first step in determining the nature of your illness.  In some cases, the problem is minor and can be corrected easily.  In many cases, though, surgery is required.  These surgeries range from being extremely minor to being fairly serious and invasive.  The type of treatments that are possible depend entirely on the condition from which you are suffering.  There are a few conditions that affect the spine that can be corrected with laser surgery, though they tend to be the more mild ailments.  You may want to consider laser spine surgery as an alternative to traditional surgery, if your condition is one for which laser surgery is a realistic option.  It is a far less invasive way to correct this type of condition.  You should not assume that laser surgery is a viable option for your condition, until you have consulted with a professional.  Laser surgery cannot be used to treat all neurological conditions.  Many of them require traditional surgery, instead.  There have been some advancements in laser technology that may enable this technology to be used for a wider range of problems.  The more advanced type of lasers can actually be used to remove tissue, which was not really possible before.  Either way, some kinds of ailments require the traditional type of surgery.  Even though this is a scary thing to have to face, it may be a way to significantly improve your quality of life.  Of course, a decision this serious requires some thought.  You should talk to your family and your neurological specialists to determine the best course of action for you.  If you are relying on a qualified neurosurgeon, your surgery will probably go according to plan.  The reason people become so concerned about neurosurgery, though, is the fact that your nerve cells cannot regenerate.  Unlike most other tissues in your body, if your nerves are damaged, they will not heal themselves.  Once nerve cells are destroyed, they are permanently gone.  This means that a neurosurgeon has to be utterly precise, as there is no room for error, when it comes to neurological surgeries.  When conducted successfully, though, neurosurgery can have truly amazing results.

carpet cleaningWhile most carpet cleaners don’t require any special arrangements to be made when servicing the home, there are simple steps homeowners can take to speed up the process – and get back to normal activities. These will be discussed below:

Set Aside Furniture – and use furniture movers to reduce back strain as well as prevent nixes on other flooring surfaces like tile and hardwood floors. Of course, this task can be left to the professionals. Even though many deep cleaning can be done by the homeowner themselves, it’s usually a matter of convenience as well as professional results that motivate the homeowner to select an experienced cleaner each year. One additional word of advice is that by securing the same carpet cleaning company each year, loyalty discounts are usually offered.

Dust and Clean – by completing this task ahead of time, homeowners don’t need to worry about getting the carpets dirty – after service has been provided. It can be a huge pain to get the floors dirty again – right after they look brand new. A quick run of the duster on furniture and in ceilings will be enough to put these concerns to rest.

Vacuum The Floors – do a preliminary brush up of the carpet if you haven’t done so already. Basic vacuuming is furthermore recommended at least once per week to reduce the incidence of bacteria and particle buildup under fibers.

Store Valuables – and especially those that are easy to break. Because much of the room’s belongings will be shifted from one place to another, you can prevent damages by carefully storing any breakables away from the service area.

Bundle Services – reduce labor costs and extra time by scheduling similar services within the same day – if time permits. As an example, if you’d like to clean upholstery, dry clean curtains and drapes, or shampoo oriental rugs, these can be planned around the same timeframe. Just ensure that the service provider is notified well ahead of time so that solutions, equipment and contracts are brought on site prior to services being started.

Choose The Method of Cleaning – One additional tip is to point out expectations. Should there be a specific area that is bothering you for the longest time, and every solution rendered doesn’t work on one area of the carpet, ensure the service technician is notified. The technician will inspect the surface to analyze the best solutions for your carpet. Different carpets will likewise require different cleaning techniques and solutions based on the type of fiber – just as with clothing. Some of the top methods include steam cleaning, shampooing, the bonnet methods and dry cleaning.

Payment Options – ask in advance what payments are taken, as some only take cash, check or cards – or a combination of all. Those requesting this service can plan ahead of time instead of rushing to the bank to get payments in order.

Remember that it can take approximately half of a day for carpets to be dried completely. Follow the steps above to ensure the quickest service times possible.


Roofers do not have an easy job.

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In driving around Denver, you will assuredly see a lot of construction and buildings being updated.  One of the great things about the city is that we are just now starting to hit our stride as one of the best places to live in the country.  I have had the opportunity to travel around quite a bit and it’s great to be able to visit a lot of the other great cities in the United States.  Nevertheless, in thinking about places that I would like to live, not many of those cities match what Denver has to offer in terms of being a city that is growing, laid back, and yet business like when it needs to be.  I have really enjoyed my time here and look forward to spending more time here.  Nevertheless, the reason why I bring up all of this stuff is that I have seen a lot of new construction in our city.  Most of the time, this construction is of new apartment buildings close to or in downtown.  They seem to be shooting up like there are not other options.  I am not sure how I feel about this, but I definitely hope that the majority of these places have retail space on the bottom and are mixed income.  Nevertheless, in seeing all of these different places being constructed, I can’t help but think of the people that are actually doing the building.  I find that I kind of feel bad for the people because they are having to spend a lot of time in the cold.  My organization is building a new building and even when the temperatures got down to zero degrees they were out there doing work.  I have to say that it is probably pretty difficult to be a roofer in Denver right now because of the winter and the need to still do your job.  It may not get much easier for the summer because then you have to deal with all of the heat and that is probably the busiest time of the year for most of the roofing companies in Denver.  I really do hope that these companies are able to pay their workers a decent amount to do what they are doing.  They play such a critical role in the building of our city that I would want to make sure that the roofers are being taken care of by their companies.  I am not sure what the policies are in this regard, but it would be interesting to do a bit more research on the topic to see what it would be like for someone to be working those jobs.  Healthcare is a big issue in our community, so being able to make sure that all of the new buildings and the future of our city is not being built on the backs of those that are not being taken care of is very important to me.  It would definitely be worth checking out in my opinion.




I wish I had listened to my sister a long time ago when she told me I should get Invisalign bracesAt the time she was working as a dental assistant at a doctors office (she is now a dentist herself) and they were really excited about the roll-out of this new product.

At the time I was just about to attend junior high and all of my other friends were getting braces. I didn’t even consider it for a few reasons. First off, metal braces are ugly, there’s just no way around it. Also, I didn’t really have bad or crooked teeth when I was that age so while braces may have improved my appearance and made my smile slightly better, they were in no way necessary. Really though, avoiding wearing those hideous braces is what kept me from considering them for so long. Apparently I had avoided the topic long enough that significant advancements had been made in the field without me even knowing about it. Of course you still see people all the time that wear regular metal braces but more and more adults and teens alike are turning to Invisalign to help them with their smile. And why not? There are only benefits and no drawbacks to using this system. Well, the price may be a bit higher but for the comfort and shorter duration of time spent wearing them it is well worth it.

Invisalign is a comfortable mouth guard to wear because it is form fitted to your mouth. Your orthodontist will take several molds of your top and bottom rows of teeth and use that mold to make a clear mouth guard that fits you to a T. Additionally, since there are no wires to rub against your gums causing friction and no plastic padding cemented to your teeth there is far less irritation in your mouth.

There are many orthodontists who use and recommend the Invisalign system but only i-Ortho combines this incredible method of tooth realignment with their micro-vibration system to achieve stunning results in a short period of time.

Micro-vibrations are just what they sound like, tiny pulses of vibrations that are used in the mouth. These vibrations are very specific and targeted at whatever teeth or group of teeth need to be moved. When you combine that focused movement with the pressure already being applied by the Invisalign braces you get amazing results quickly! Perhaps the best part about all of this is that generally nobody can even tell you are wearing anything. To me that is the sign of something that is flawlessly designed. It is beautiful and simple in it’s own right but when in use it functions so seamlessly that it is hardly even noticeable. It is said that form follows function but in this case I think both were given equal consideration.

If you’re still unsure about how great Invisalign braces are, consider that with Invisalign braces you can remove them from your mouth whenever you’d like to clean them or get some relief.

roofing contractorsOne of the most significant factors that affects the overall condition of your home is the roof.  If your roof is not in good condition, it will not be long before the rest of your house falls into disrepair.  Keeping your roof in good condition is not terribly difficult, though.  One of the most important yet easy ways to take care of your roof is to get it inspected frequently.  By having experienced roofing contractors inspect your roof for damage at least once a year, you can help prevent serious damage from occurring.  There are a few obvious reasons why roofs are so susceptible to damage.  For one thing, they are the most exposed portion of your house.  They have to withstand all the bad weather that you want to keep out of your house, such as snow, rain, and hail.  Unfortunately, no matter how well-installled and new your roofing is, it is still at risk for damage in certain weather conditions. Hail is one of the most obvious example of weather that can be harmful to a roof.  Because hail consists of tiny chunks of ice which fall from the sky, it is not hard to see how they could wreak havoc on a roof.  Hailstorms with very large hailstones are especially destructive.  In some extreme cases, you may have to repair or replace your roof after one significant hailstorm.  If you are not willing to get your roof inspected after every single hailstorm, you should still get a yearly roof inspection.  If you insist on only getting one per year, it is probably best to get one after hail season is over.  That way, you do not run the risk of another hailstorm destroying your roofing after you got the inspection.  Wintertime is not always quite as bad for your roof as hail season, but it is certainly a close contender. This is because during the winter, snow and ice can accumulate in large quantities on your roof.  In many cases, the weight of all that snow and ice alone is enough to damage your roof.  If your gutters freeze, the situation may be even worse.  Due to the heat coming from your house, some of the water on your roof will melt, even if it is below freezing.  If the gutters are blocked, that water has nowhere to go.  If you have a small crack in your roof, water will begin to seep in and will continue to do so until there is no more snow on your roof.  As you may be aware if you live in a temperate region, snow can stay on a roof for weeks or even months at a time.  This is way too long to deal with a troublesome roof leak. You can try to get it repaired in the winter, but it can be difficult to do if the snow and ice is bad enough.  In general, it is much better for both you and the roofers to have the repairs done before winter starts, though.