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General Steel is a reputable and well known company that is the leader in offering clients pre manufactured steel buildings. They believe in making sure the customer gets what they want and can enjoy what they spend their hard earned money on for years. In fact they are so confident and proud of their product that they are easily willing to offer a fifty year warranty. Fifty years! They mean business with a warranty like that. They really have to believe in their product if they are willing to offer that. It is very important to get a great warranty when you are purchasing something that has a higher value. We need to ensure our own safety and also make sure we are making good investments. General Steel is definitely a good investment. In fact, it is an excellent investment and should be suggested as the best place to get pre manufactured steel buildings.

General Steel humbly comes from Littleton, Colorado and is yet widely received as the best in pre manufactured steel buildings. It is with this piece of information couple with their fifty warranty that says that this company is one I would absolutely go with. Plus the other day my computer completely messed up and threw away a bunch of projects I had going on that were unsaved. My computer was relatively new, but I didn’t get a warranty on my computer thus I lost everything and couldn’t even fix my computer. It was a ton of money that just went out the window and there wasn’t anything I could do but buy another computer which I definitely couldn’t afford. Now I am in even more debt. So I am much more inclined to pick a company that offers a warranty of any kind that comes along with the product and then one that offers an entire fifty years? Well that is incredible impressive and speaks volumes about the product itself. I would put considerable faith in a product that is protected by a fifty year warranty.

If you buy with General Steel you don’t have to worry about things falling apart before their time. In fact, you can count on your pre manufactured steel building lasting much longer than you think. They are strong and sturdy building that will be extremely useful for whatever you might need them for. They are hardy as well and can withstand all kinds of weather. They give that warranty even with weather in mind because they are so confident in their product. If you are curious about what Better Business Bureau says, I encourage you to check it out. They say General Steel of Littleton, Colorado is the best in the industry of pre manufactured steel. Again volumes are being spoke about the kind of company that General Steel is. If ever I need a pre manufactured steel building, there is no question in my mind what company I would choose because they offer such an incredible warranty and are spoken so highly of.

When I think about Las Vegas, I can’t help but immediately think about the movie “The Hangover.”  The Hangover was a great movie and I think that it totally reinvented the bro comedy which had been lagging for many years.  Now all of the sudden, there was a movie franchise that was able to work out a lot of kinks and have four very successful actors in their own rights come and make a great film.  It is stupid in a lot of respects, but I think that is exactly what makes it such a fun movie to watch.  The other thing that I think is pretty special about the movie is that the story is very new.  Although there was “Dude Where’s My Car?” that was more of a slapstick type of humor.  The concept of losing a person however is actually quite funny.  Nevertheless, one of the things that I think is worth imagining is the role of the medical community in areas like Las Vegas that have a lot of various people drinking their butts off.  I would feel bad for the people that work in the urgent care centers in Las Vegas, but I have to imagine that they see some pretty funny sights almost daily.  The thing about urgent care centers is that they have to show up and be cognizant enough to request not to go to the emergency room or the drunk tank.  That would not always be the case for the people that are looking to sober up quickly.  Instead, I would have to imagine that the urgent care clinics in Las Vegas have to deal a lot more with situations the morning after the hijinks.  These would be the situations in which people would go out and get so smashed that they need some sort of hydrating IV.  Or maybe they fell and broke their arm and wanted to wait until the morning to see if it hurt then.  This is something that I could easily see myself doing.  I hate going to the doctor, but I know that if I did have to go, that I would probably go to the urgent care clinic.  This is because I know that I would have a shorter wait time and I would be able to see a doctor quicker.  When I was in Hawaii, I did break my arm and this meant that I went to the local urgent care clinic.  I am sure that the urgent care clinic in Hawaii did not measure up to those in Las Vegas, but nevertheless, I think they did a great job and they were able to set my elbow after I dislocated it and give me a cast.  I’m happy to know that these sort of options are out there for people who may need help seeing a doctor when they are sick.  Even if it is because they got too drunk the night before.  It’s all about giving more options and access to all people.

urgent care las vegas

       For the longest time, my church has been looking to expand on a massive scale.  At first, we were wary of high costs and all of the time spent that goes along with construction.  We didn’t want to spend so much money on extensive man hours and supplies.  We were also worried that the sounds from the construction were going to disrupt our church services as well!  It seems like we had exhausted most of our construction options, but then we started to think outside of the box a little bit.  One of our church members suggested we take a look at General Steel, as they have been widely recognized for their services when it comes to expanding church buildings, among other projects.

    Once we took a look at General Steel’s website, we were very impressed and interested in what they could provide for our church congregation.  Our church committee decided to get a quote form General Steel.  We just had to give them some basic information as to what we wanted made, such as location (for zoning regulations and laws) and size of the land we could develop on, and then we were shortly notified with an accurate quote.  Thankfully, General Steel had a pre engineered building ready for us that fit all of our needs, so we gladly put down the deposit on the building.  Once we put in our deposit, our price was locked in for 90 days.  Little did we know that the market for buying steel buildings can be tricky at times, so we were very happy to lock in an affordable price.

    Once General Steel delivered the building to us in a quick and prompt manner, we got started on the construction right away!  When compared the construction from the ground up with a variety of raw materials, erecting this expansion through General Steel was a breeze.  The process was extremely simple, as the combined knowledge of our church congregation was enough to get the building set up.  For the few things we weren’t sure of, General Steel had a list of trustworthy and reliable contractors on hand to help us with the final touches of completing our church expansion.  This is just another perk of working with General Steel, as they were with us from the first to final step of getting our church expansion completed.

    Once our congregation completed the job, we were entirely satisfied with how the building looked.  There was an air of professionalism to the entire building, and we had no doubts about the build quality and materials used for the construction.  Even if we were to come across any problems, we found that General Steel has a 50 year warranty on all of their projects, so we knew we were in safe hands with them.  In addition to that, we found that there were given an A+ grade with the Better Business Bureau, and that they’ve always solved any customer issues within the past twenty years.  We definitely feel like General Steel was the right choice in expanding our church.


Graphic Design: Image or Type-Based

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There are different types of graphic design that graphic designers create: (1) type-based design; (2) image-based design; (3) image and type-based design; and (4) logos, logotypes, and symbols.

Type-Based Design

Sometimes, words convey a message unequivocally and do not provide a lot of ambiguity in communicating something. It does not leave room for a number of interpretations. That is why in certain instances, graphic designers would use type-based design. But, it is important for the graphic designer to choose the right typeface or font to convey the message using subliminal messaging. What a word would look like is as important as the word itself. The message evoked by the typeface would help affirm the message of the word. That is why sometimes, when there is no font available that would fit to the design, some graphic designers would draw out their own handmade lettering. The right type could help draw out or arrest attention to the design.

Even without using handmade lettering or special typeface, how ordinary fonts of text are arranged in a certain lay-out  — like dividing the text into columns in a page; increasing the margins between columns; increasing the font size; setting the type face in bold or italics; indenting the paragraphs – can affect how the reader perceives the information conveyed, or how he or she feels about what he or she is reading. That is why it is also important for designs in the print design agency commissioned to create type-based designs to not just evaluate the message but to analyze the potential audience to the message, as well. A certain type-face would look more credible to professional. Another would look more inviting to children. Males and females also react or prefer certain types of fonts or typeface.

graphic design

types of graphic design

Image-Based design

Images are powerful communicators. They can be incredibly prolific, compelling, and even shocking. Cliché as it may sound, it is true that “a picture paints a thousand words.” That is why most graphic designers make use of image-based designs especially if the objective is to persuade the audience or prompt them to take action on certain matter. Images not only convey data and information, they can also evoke certain emotions and moods. There is an automatic, often thoughtless, even knee-jerk reaction or emotion to almost all images depending on the personality, experience, and association of each audience member.  That is why what might be pitiful to one might be shocking and appalling to another. That is why the graphic designer should take careful thought when he or she chooses and image to be the central theme of a design or message, more so if there are only a few words to help clarify the message.

Those images might be drawn, painted, photographed, or computer generated, and rendered in many different ways.

We will discuss in the next post the two others types: image and type-based design; and logos, logtypes, and symbols, as well as the history of graphic design, and how a  graphic design agency go from conceptualizing the design to implementation, and creation of the final output.


Now that the strong and heavy winter is behind us and we are entering spring, all I have been thinking about it how I want to put some time and effort into the house before summer hits. I love to sit out in the sun in the evenings after work during the summer, and I don’t want to be bothered with home improvement projects as much as I am willing to be in the spring. So, the first thing we are taking on will be the replacement windows that we have decided to take care of this year. It has been several years coming, as we have looked at our windows each summer and talked about our need to replace them. But the initial cost of replacing windows, as well as all the effort that it takes to remove the old ones and install the new ones, has kept us from really taking on the project. But it has gotten to the point where this is the project that is always at the top of the list whenever we talk about what needs to be done. So, we can’t ignore the replacement windows any longer, we have to just get them taken care of and then move on to something else. Because we still have several other projects that we need to get taken care of this spring, for sure we want to redo some of the landscaping that is out in the back yard and the front yard walk that goes up to the front door. We need to replace a few sections of the fence on the side yard that isn’t holding up under the heavy winter snow too well. And there are other smaller things that we can tackle on the weekends all summer long. But the biggest project this year will certainly be the replacement windows, and so we want to get working on that and take care of it before we forget it for another year. The project is not only really big, but its going to be somewhat expensive as well. This is why its really important that we just bite the bullet and get it taken care of now. Because then next year we can put that same money into something else, and replacement windows won’t be on the list anymore, we can just forget about them and enjoy the new efficient windows. If we keep waiting, we are probably going to start losing panes, or we are going to just keep losing money on our electricity bill from all the heat that goes out in the winter and the heat that comes in during the summer. We are sick of the cold draft that we get near the windows in the winter, and the accumulation of condensation that happens whenever it is snowing or icy outside. So, we are going to start this spring season off with the replacement window project. And then move on to enjoying time in the back yard in the summer evenings, and that can’t come soon enough.

replacement windows

We have always been fans of taking a limousine service from the airport, because it really is just the best idea and the most easy option when you are arriving in a new city. We don’t really like to take taxis because I don’t always feel safe when the taxi driver is on the highway or cruising through the city. And so, we find that we almost always take a limousine service instead of having to do public transportation of any kind, including the taxi service from the airport.  But over the last few years, I have gotten to the point where I feel that arriving at the office in a limousine is a bit over the top. I’m not sure, but it often makes me feel uncomfortable when we are driving through town and the lanes are narrow and it is hard to get around tight corners and such. It just seems like a bit of an overkill to always take a limo, even when it is just me. I don’t need all that room, even when I’m on a long business trip and I have a large bag that I’m hauling around with me. So when I discovered that the limo service that I often use from DIA into town offers cars other than a limo, I was set. I think that I will always use them, because they make it really easy to get a limo and any other car, just to get a car when you need to get downtown. They have all different kinds of luxury cars, not just the limousines. They have drivers who will arrive to pick you up and take you to your destination driving in a cadillac or a rolls royce. Those are actually much more sophisticated cars that are even more comfortable to be riding in than the limousines are. So my favorite is when they show up in the big black cadillac suv. Those are incredibly comfortable and they have so much space in the back. You don’t have to duck down to get out of the car, you can just step right up, and the limo service driver will take you bag and put it in the back with minimal effort. The cars are just so low to the ground that you feel like a large truck will driver over you sometimes. So I actually prefer when I can get into an suv instead of the back of a low car. And the limousines are always low to the ground, because I think it makes it easier for the longer car to turn a corner and such, so I understand. But when I heard that I could actually get other luxury cars, instead of just the limo service, I decided that I will stick with this company whenever I fly into DIA, because they are the best in terms of what they have to offer to the customer, as well as in terms of what their drivers are driving.

limo service

Every other weekend I get to pick up my two kids and keep them for a few days. We don’t get a lot of time together but when I do get them I try to do something extra fun with them. It is my way of making the most of our time together. Sometimes it is mini-golf, sometimes all you can eat pizza, and next weekend we are going to this new kids party place in town. They have been building this place for a while now and it looks pretty great. They have a bunch of rides, games, food, laser tag, rock climbing, whatever the kids could want. While there are a lot of more static things like videogames, one thing that I really like about these indoor play places is that a majority of the activities are quite active. Kids these days don’t exactly get a lot of exorcise so when I take them out I like to do things that allow them to go run around a bunch. This is of course offset by the fact that there is no way to avoid the onslaught of sugar that they will most likely consume during our day there but hey, it’s better than lots of sugar and no exorcize right? I really think there is going to be something great for both of the kids. There is a few years age difference between the two so sometimes it can be difficult to find something that they both will like. Either my oldest really likes it but the youngest can’t participate too much or the youngest really likes it but the oldest complains that it is for babies. I think that the kids party place might be the best idea that we have had so far for everyone to find something they like. When I told them over the phone that this was what I have planned for the weekend both of the kids were pretty excited which makes me feel really good about my decision. I feel like a better parent when I know that I can make my kids happy. I might not be able to crawl through the ball pit anymore but I still love arcade games and pizza so I think I can still have lots of fun with my kids without feeling like I am doing something I don’t like just because they want to do it. If this goes as well as I hope at the indoor play center, it might be a monthly adventure for our little family. For just the three of us it is also fairly reasonably priced so I think that it is totally feasible to go fairly often and sometimes I might even allow the kids to each bring a friend or two. I don’t like to share my time with them so much but I am starting to get the impression sometimes that on their weekends with me they tend to miss their friends a bit.

A lot of adults seem to have phobias or are at least a bit nervous or uncomfortable with going to the family dentist and it can really cut into the health of your teeth and mouth later in life. If your teeth and mouth are not healthy it can quickly lead to a whole list of other health issues so it is important that if you have kids you make sure that they don’t grow up with this unhealthy fear of the dentist. No one actually likes going to the dentist. The dentists office is full of scary tools and sometimes it can be a little painful but if you find a family dentist who is friendly, knows what they are doing and tries to be as gentle as they can, the experience really isn’t that bad. It is for sure better to go to the family dentist once every six months than to have to deal with all of the problems that can arise from poor oral care. If you develop a problem and don’t get it taken care of right away it can also get incredibly worse over time and become more and more painful. Once this track begins it is certainly obvious that to just deal with the family dentist twice a year is better than experiencing that pain. I think a lot of people develop their fear of the dentist as children so if you have kids try to encourage them that the family dentist is not scary. If you freak out about the family dentist in front of your kid, they will see that and think that freaking out is the appropriate way to respond to having to go to the family dentist. If you tell them that yes, it might not be fun but afterwards you can go do something fun or that somehow the trip to the family dentist is worth it, you are helping to set them up for a life of better oral health. If you kids need braces, this can be a huge push in either direction to get your kids to hate or be ok with the family dentist or orthodontist. Braces are more painful and more work heavy than normal family dentist visits but once they are off your kid can see how much better life is and how much better they look once they have allowed the dentist or orthodontist to do their work. If you encourage them that going to the orthodontist will be worth it in the end you can help build good habits early.

family dentist If you are an adult with an already established fear of the dentist, try and face your fear. I mean really, how bad can it possibly be? If you are really nervous about it, there are a few family dentists out there who are specially targeted to people with family dentist phobias and they can help in a way that is specifically targeted to help you calm your fears.

home loans with bad creditThe decision to purchase a home is a major one that requires a lot of thought and planning.  Though it may seem like owning a home is an unattainable goal, there are ways for people to get home loans with bad credit and other issues.  Though, ordinarily, people with bad credit will have a hard time getting a home loan from most banks, there are ways around the credit requirements.  The main way is to get a bad credit home loan, instead of a conventional home loan.  A bad credit home loan is a term for home loans that are insured by the FHA, or Federal Housing Administration.  The FHA does not give money to anyone or even put individuals in contact with lenses.  Instead, if you can work out a bad credit home loan, through an organization that deals with them, the FHA will insure the loan, so the bank will be able to loan you money, in spite of your low credit score.

Though this whole system may sound complicated, it has actually enabled countless Americans to buy homes, who never would have been able to, otherwise.  The first thing you need to do if you are trying to buy a home with bad credit is contact one of these institutions that deal with bad credit home loans.  Though these institutions do not loan money, either, they can help you get your paperwork worked out and help put you in contact with the right lenders.  Because there are quite a few requirements, in order to be eligible for bad credit home loans, it is important that you have someone carefully assess your financial records and situation.

The first thing they will look for is whether or not your income will allow for a home loan.  If your income is too low to even be able to pay off a bad credit home loan, they will be unable to help you obtain a loan.  On the other hand, if your income is sufficient, they can move on to other matters, to determine whether or not you are eligible.  In addition to requiring that your income be sufficient, they also must determine that your debt is not unmanageable.  Obviously, if your debt levels are too out of hand to allow for any sort of home loan or other large loan, they will not be able to help you get one.  Interestingly, in addition to making sure your income is not too low, they also need to make sure you do not have too many loans to qualify for a bad credit loan.  The bad credit home loans are only available if you do not have any other loans out.  Similarly, you need to use the loan to obtain a primary residence, and you need to actually live in the property you purchase.  In order to be eligible for home loans for bad credit, the property itself also must meet certain requirements.  Specifically, it must be livable, functional, and safe, in order to be considered.

I never thought that the day would come when cubicles made the comeback to mainstream and innovative offices.  When the movie, Office Space, came out, I was pretty certain that that was going to be the end of them.  Oh how incorrect I was.  Now, open office environments are the new rage and more and more people are starting to adopt them in their offices.  The concept of an open office environment is pretty intriguing for a company manager.  Essentially it says that if you place more of your employees in desks that are next to each other and facilitate them talking to each other, then you are going to have an office that is more collaborative in everything that occurs.  In reality this is a concept that works really well.  However, I am still kind of skeptical about what this means for my office in particular.  We do a great job of collaborating already and I think that we may be too democratic of an organization.  For me, I would like to see a bit more leadership from some of the people that are in charge.  That is not to knock them at all, but rather to say that I think we spend a lot of times on some things that could be quickly settled if someone in a leadership role stepped in.

I doubt that this will really be much of a problem when we move to an office with open cubicles.  These cubicles will all be set up in the same way so it allows for people to feel a sense of equality and camaraderie in the cubs.  This will be aided by the fact that all of the office partitions will be lower, so that people will actually be able to look over at someone and say hi if they wanted to.  This could do a lot of great things for the office by opening up even more communication channels among the people working there.  I also think that this will allow for people to get a better sense of the context in which they are working with their teams.  I know that I will be aided by working side by side with a number of my colleagues.  This will allow for me to instantly communicate with them and make me feel great about the opportunity to do so.

cubicle walls

I never would have thought that the presence of cubicle instead of offices would go so far for an organization.  I am excited to see some of the results from us doing so.  Hopefully, we will be able to get out bottom line up and see some immediate financial results from the collaboration that will take place due to the suggestion of the commercial design firm with which we have been working.  It will be a very interesting next four months as we prepare to go into a new neighborhood and look for new ways to get engaged with the organization.  Hopefully, it will have some long lasting impacts on the city of Denver.


How healthy are your kids’ teeth?  Do you even take your children to a dental office on a regular basis?  If you are currently not taking your children to a dentist every six months, how do you know what’s really going on inside their mouths?

Healthy habits are learned best when we are young; this goes for everything from learning good exercise habits to learning to explore healthy foods.  It is especially true when building healthy relationships with medical care.  A child who learns from their parents that going to a doctor or a dentist is supposed to be a frightening experience will keep that with them as they grow up and become adults.  And with so many different medical conditions that can be easily prevented or treated easily if they are caught and diagnosed early enough, nobody can afford to not be seen by a medical professional on a regular basis.

Visiting a doctor or dentist does not have to be an unpleasant experience.  Let’s use dentistry as an example.  For previous generations, going to the dentist meant a long wait in a cold room followed by an hour or more of pain, blood, and the grinding of drills (which became more true the longer you went between appointments).  It would be perfectly natural to be afraid of that kind of experience.  But now, going to a pediatric dentist is a lot less horrifying.  A good dentist – like the great dentists at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry – know exactly how to keep a child at ease, and the latest dental techniques ensure a much more pleasant experience in the chair than visiting the old style of sawbones who seemed to relish poking you in the gums with their sharp, pointy probes.  Even that great fear of every middle school kid – having to get braces – is not nearly what it used to be.  For a lot of kids, an Invisalign teeth straightening process is now available.  These nifty devices use clear dental guards to gradually shift teeth in the mouth, replacing the ugly, painful, metal braces that so many of us associate with bring in junior high school.  Combined with a good regimen of positive encouragement from their parents, modern dental techniques like Invisalign help build healthy relationships with the idea of getting preventative care – preventative care that will save many of today’s children a lot of expense and medical issues when they become adults.

I assume that you want your children to grow up to be healthy and happy adults.  With that in mind, you should start bringing them to qualified, caring medical professionals early in their lives.  Unless you help them understand how important getting preventative care is – and help them to know that doctors and dentists are not people who are going to cause them discomfort and pain – then they will turn into adults who don’t take care of themselves properly.  So don’t let any of your own fears get in your way – make an appointment for your kids with a set of pediatric specialists today.pediatric dentist


Often many people getting into the home will forget about one item that can cause the most damage to home. This of course is our roof. Roof repairs are often forgotten and not done in time in order to prevent damage from occurring beyond simple roof repair. It’s important to know that there are a few things that need to take place for you to be able to ensure that your roof is going to last as long as it should such as knowing that there is damage that has occurred right away or ensure that the roof is going to last well beyond the cheers. Roofers are able to recognize many problems early and help to protect a roof from causing too much damage further down the road. Roof replacement cost can be very expensive. When you consider that you may only spend a few hundred dollars in getting some roof repair done and you will spend thousands of dollars in complete replacement of a roof. Consider often keep an ion your roof to make sure that it is doing its job. Hey great piece of advice is to always take a look at the roof after any kind of storm occurs. This way you can see if anything has changed and know that your roof is still keeping your home protected. Professional RoofersIf you’re not sure and suspect that there may be some leaking going on in your roof make sure that you call professional roofers to inspect the quality of your roof. You want to make sure that your roof is keeping you protected and dry. When damages occurring unnoticed it can get very severe and cause thousands of dollars in repairs. Roofing is one of the larger expenses associated with the home. So making sure that you get all the years that you can edit the roof will help you not to have replacement costs too early on. It’s a good idea to always visually inspect the roof as well as underneath the roof at the same time. If you’re able to get up into an attic and look around to ensure that there’s no sign of leaking going on this will help to know the roof is keeping you safe and protected. If you have questions be sure to always seek professional advice about ensuring that your roof is holding together properly. Roofers often show up to areas where people just didn’t notice that anything was going on and before they knew it by the time they figured that water was getting into the home it has gone too far to be able to get simple repair. Many times the entire roof and the structure have failed and need to be completely replaced. Roof repair is always much simpler when first detected. So keeping in mind your roof and not forgetting about it is part of your yearly maintenance will ensure that you are going to have a roof that is going to last you a long time.

For those of us with full time jobs and a family to take care of, finding time to go to the doctor’s office can be a bit of a crazy mess. Getting our medical needs taken care of as quickly as possible is important but many of us, including myself, will put it off because today the important project is due at work, tomorrow one of the kids has a recital for the school band and who knows what will be going on the day after that. With a family and a job there is always something important that needs your attention. I always hate making appointments as well because I know I am dependably undependable. I have a long tract record of making appointments and then missing them because something came up or I forgot about it for one reason or another. This is particularly frustrating for a few reasons. First of all, missing your appointment means not getting treated which is terrible annoying, especially when whatever is going wrong with you gets to the point where you really wish you would have just moved things around to make it to the doctors. Secondly, many doctors’ offices will charge you some sort of no show fee, which, while annoying and expensive if they start to add up, are totally reasonable. Which brings me to the third thing I hate about missing appointments, it is a jerk move. I know we are all busy but so are those doctors, you don’t think their time is valuable? I know all of these things and yet I would still miss well over half of the appointments I set. Urgent Care Extra DobsonThis is why I have decided to make the switch from my family’s normal health care doctor to Urgent Care Extra Dobson. I like going to Urgent Care Extra because they do not require that you make an appointment. They are also open pretty much every day between eight in the morning and nine at night so I know that no matter what I have going on in my life, I can take an hour or two to swing by the office. If for some reason that day I can’t spare an hour or two, I can always go the next day and it isn’t that big of a deal. I also really like Urgent Care Extra Dobson because they can take care of pretty much any problem I can throw at them. We took my son there when he fell down playing soccer and sprained his ankle, my daughter went two weeks ago when some sort of rash broke out on her stomach and I am planning a trip soon if this wrist pain of mine doesn’t subside. Wow when it is all written out we sound like a rather doctor prone family. The only thing we can’t go to Urgent Care Extra Dobson for is surgery. Almost everything we need form a doctor is finally where we want it, when we want it.