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I started working for The Balance You Need is a way to earn supplemental income. After going on their website and reading about their company and the mission they have to provide natural health supplements worldwide I became interested and it seemed like a good fit for me. I didn’t know much about MLM businesses so I decided to do some research on similar companies to see if it was worth my time. There were a few main components I was looking for and the main being I wanted to sell a product I was not only comfortable with but one that I believed it. I didn’t just want to get involved in some sort of scheme where the goal is simply to enroll as many other associates as possible in order to get residual income. My goal is distributor would be to make connections and contacts of people who are looking for a healthy art alternative to many of the drinks on the market today. What I liked about The Balance You Need is there three decades of service and sales worldwide. Also, I believe they sell the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world and I probably stand by them and their claims.

So what is the balance you need? It’s a health supplement company that provides pills, nebulizers, aromatherapy and nutritional drinks and supplements. They’re most popular drink, life force body balance, is packed with nutrients from whole food sources. Deriving from whole grains, fruits, minerals and pure water these supplements give you a daily dose of vitamins and minerals that you cannot find anywhere else. These drinks promise to restore your vitality to your body and mind and guarantee that you will never feel better.
If you are unfamiliar with what an MLM company does and how they operate allow me to break down the basics for you so you can see just how lucrative this business can be. When you start working for the balance you need you will be asked to purchase many of their products so that you can be your own distributor. By gauging your client base and how much material you think you can sell you order that specific amount from the balance you need and they give you a set of contacts as well. These leads maybe hot or cold and the success of your sales will depend on your ability to stay persistent and active. Soon you will start to see income gradually increasing as your base of clients increases as well. This high-paying MLM company is associated with great products that will give you credibility and confidence. Once your customers try these nutritional shakes and see the health benefits first hand you will have repeat business and the money will start flowing. As a distributor at life force body balance your work together to achieve goals and to create immense wealth. The more you sell and the more clients and distributors you can sign-up the better you will do. Be sure to tell your clients to check the website frequently for online specials.

Getting groceries from a delivery service

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This is probably my most favorite of the new conveniences in modern day life. I no longer have to get my groceries from just the super market or the farmers market. Instead, I can have them delivered to me after ordering online. And the best new thing that has hit this space is that you can now order organic and local groceries, and have them delivered to your house the very next day.  Since I generally purchase only organic groceries, and I really try to also purchase things that are local, I am going to be using this grocery delivery service a lot more than I originally thought. I do like to go to the grocery store, and it is something that I find enjoyment in. I also really like to go without a list and just see what I find on the shelves and in the produce section. Shopping online is different than that, it is hard to know in advance what I am going to want to cook. I’m not really the type of dinner cook that plans far in advance, because I do like to be a bit spur of the moment and just cook whatever I have or whatever I picked up at the store on my way home. But this service is just too good to pass up. I think that as far as groceries go, I’m going to start with just the basic and the boxed things that I know I will always be buying at the store. As I get more comfortable with the whole process and delivery system, I may start to order produce as well. But I have questions about who picks out the produce and which ones are going to end up in my basket. I don’t know if they will be bruised on delivery or if they will be the perfect ones that I would have picked out. groceries

So it remains to be seen just how much I am going to use the grocery delivery service, because I may just use it for the things that I know I always buy and whenever I need to restock them. But I may become a die hard fan and use it for everything instead of going to the grocery store. There is just no way to tell right now, as I’m starting out and seeing what the process is like, but I do know that I like being able to get online and just keep a running order saved in my shopping cart. And then at the end of the day, I’m going to just push purchase, and the next afternoon when I get home my groceries are going to be waiting for me. And they are going to be organic and local, so I don’t have to worry about what is in them and what I should not be buying. Instead, I’ll feel great about getting my groceries delivered and also supporting those local farmers that I want to keep in business.

Many of us love to have pets and having him in our homes can bring his great company and can be a lot of fun. But you can also be wearing on the inside of our homes as well. Being able to have extra services in the home to take care of some of these at odors and problems is an important part of being a pet owner. When owning a pet it is easy to see the buildup that happens over time when the pets are in our homes on a daily basis. By being able to get good pet stain cleaners you were able to take care of the smells and getting that deep cleaning that is needed to ensure that are homestays clean at the same time.

Statement top of the regular carpet cleaning is what many homes and carpets really need. In order to keep your home in good shape having a regular deep cleaning done by professionals helps to keep the carpets refreshed and in some cases under warranty.  Upholstery CleanersRunning pets and depending on the type of pet can depend on how much order is left around. But chances are owning any type of pet will leave some motor in the home. Not wanting to distract from our homes being able to have a good cleaning helps to remove the pet order and any pet residues left around the home. It’s have accidents or may not be trained as well as we would hope they would be. It is not uncommon to have some pet stains and other problems that need to be removed now and again. Making sure that we clean up after them can be part of having a good clean home. But as time goes on it is always important to have that deep cleaning done to bring this back to that fresh smell and cleanliness is if the carpets were just installed.

I having professional carpet cleaners coming to the home and take care of that pet which can really make a difference in the overall health and cleanliness in the home. Carpet cleaners are specialists in being able to knock out even the toughest orders and can really do a great job at keeping it hidden that you even have a pair in the home. Getting everything that you need cleaned can also be an important part of checking into what type of carpet cleaning service you have. By being able to have the carpets cleaned as well as the upholstery cleaning done at the same time can really do the double punch on attacking the pet stain orders in the home. We will continue to love our pets no matter what even though they may have some orders that come along with them being able to also have a clean home at the same time can really make a difference in the overall health and well-being in our home.  Have a home that’s clean and that you can stay healthy in.


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My mom used to dress me for school. Everyday, she made me wear a silk vest over whatever shirt she picked out the night before. School was a fashion nightmare every single day. That vest was the worst article of clothing I’ve ever worn, mostly because I was given no choice – I had to wear that vest. Fast forward 25 years and I’m stuck with one of the worst used cars you could imagine. I’m stuck with it because in place of my mom, I now have other people telling me what to do all the time. I’m sick of it.

Sandra is my wife and yes, she makes decisions for me. It seems that whether it’s my wife, a girlfriend, or my mother, she is always the decision maker. This carries over to my friendships with both women and men. Everyone is always making my decisions for me! But this is not their fault. I’ve allowed this to go on long enough. Most recently, I was persuaded to buy a KIA something. I own the thing and can’t tell you its model name. To list all of its shortcomings would take too long. Maybe a few highlights of what it’s in need of: brake repair, new paint, new battery, and a new alternator. Aside from that, it’s an eyesore even at a distance. I tried driving to work this morning but I just couldn’t bring myself to get there. I’ve never missed a day of work out of fear that someone would be disappointed in me. Well not today. As I write this, I’m pulled over on the side of the road and planning the biggest decision of my life. I’m going to drive this KIA right back to where I got it from and demand an exchange.

I’m not sure how exchanges work with cars. Most likely, I’ll have to take a loss on it, despite the fact that I bought the thing yesterday. I don’t even care about the loss. The car dealership I bought it from has a lot of options. Mostly Fords which I prefer. That’s right guys! I prefer something! I’m speaking to you directly, so if you’re reading this – Mom, Sandra, Michael, Jerry, Kathleen, and Tommy – know that the first time I have a preference! No more silk vests, no more movie nights with the couple I cannot stand, and no more cars I don’t want.

Today I make a stand. At 31, I’m no longer allowing anyone to make a decision for me. Your advice will always be welcomed, but things have to change around here. I want the life you may not even realize I want. The first step to that is to choose the used car of my choice. I choose something other than this hunk of garbage.

I finish this post as I sit in front of the dealership. It’s normal to fear before doing something for the first time, right? Well, here I go. Wish me luck. Good bless autonomy!


Selling older trade show booths

May 7th, 2014 / / categories: 31, trade show booths /

Many potential customers out there no not know how easy it is to recycle and reuse older trade show booths. When a company decides to move on to a different and larger trade show booth, or when they are no longer attending trade shows or are no longer in business, what can be done with those trade show booths that they no longer need? Well, I have built my business around that, and it has been really successful once I explain the basic concept. Many smaller companies want to get into the trade show world, but they are often deterred by the high cost of an adequate or interesting trade show booth. But, the trade show booth really is just the bones, the brackets and stands that hold up the vinyl printed signs. These are made to function like walls, but they really are not any more than just a vinyl piece of print that is used to hang up and appear like a wall to segregate the trade show booth from the other booths that are set up directly surrounding it. So, because of this it is really simple to just trade out the vinyl with something that has a different print on it. This is why I have gone into this business, because it is so simple. I take these old trade show booths off the hands of these companies that no longer want them, and then I sell them to a smaller start up company that wants to get a cheaper trade show booth, and print what they need on the new vinyl pieces.

trade show boothIt is really simple to trade out the one print for the new print, which means that every trade show booth that exists can somewhat easily be turned into a trade show booth for a different company or concept. It is the bones or the foundations of the booth that actually have the monetary value, and so the printing can be easily reorganized to just show what the new company wants to showcase with their trade show booth for their industry trade show. So I buy them up cheap from companies that are no longer using them, and then I sell them cheap to new companies that just need to print their company name and logo onto a large piece of vinyl, and they are in business for their first trade show without spending an over the top amount of money to break into the space in the first place. The service that I offer may be reusing a different company’s trade show booth, but it also is opening the door to that new market of customers that were unattainable without the easy use of a cheap trade show booth. This is why I have also been so successful in doing this and offering this product. There are so many who want to get into trade shows and just feel that they can’t really afford it at such a new stage in their development. But they need it to be successful.


When I was in high school I had this obsession with seeing people’s bedrooms. That might seem silly, but I felt like so much could be said about a person by the way they set up their blinds for homesbedroom. By the time we were in high school, our rooms really did start to reflect and style and who we saw ourselves as. I remember having a bunch of people who came to my house sign my trash can with paint markers. I was definitely a freshmen when I did that and I still have that silly trash can. But that said about me that I was a little odd, creative and sentimental. I remember going into my friend’s room and looking at if they photos or not, if they had knick knacks or not, if they had a comforter or a quilt or if they had posters of famous people or inspirational quotes on the wall.

It was so true that you can see what a person’s personality is by going into their living space. Which is why it got even more exciting when you got older and got to create an entire living space that reflects your personality. It started out for me in a dorm room that I had to share with a room mate. She had a bunch of black, red and leopard print things and I had only bright colors with musical theater posters on the wall. We didn’t necessarily get along, but my next room mate and I made our dorm room so adorable because she also liked bright colors and we made collages for the walls.

When I moved into the first home I rented, my friend’s and I were able to decorate the whole home the way we saw fit and even had the cutest bamboo blinds for our home. We were all very bohemian with a 70s hint to our home and it suited our personality just wonderfully.

Living on my own was an even more wonderful experience because I was the only one who got to decorate the whole house. It felt like the whole home was my bedroom and I just had a wonderful time all the time. I was the kid who wasn’t at all upset when she was punished by being sent to her bedroom. The shutters I had for my home were so adorable. They still had this vintage feel to them and yet they had this modern classy feel about them. It made me so happy to be in my home because it felt like me and I was surrounded by the things that I loved. I really enjoyed having people over to my home because I was able to show them all of the things that made me happy. I loved to make people happy in my home. It was such a wonderful experience. I would be sure to have the exact right window treatments put up before any one came over to make sure we were all very comfortable and enjoying the space that I had created.

general steel

The highest quality pre-engineered steel at the best price to go along with amazing customer service, contact General Steel. This company has been providing builders and contractors with amazing pre-engineered steel for several decades now. The secret to their long-lasting success lies not solely in the quality of the product they sell but in the people that sell it. Just like the things that make your company great, the people, General Steel relies on friendly and informative customer service to thrive. They have been consistently rated as the best in industry since 2007 and have held a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The reason? Because they go above and beyond what you are looking for and what you need. You contact General Steel because you are in need of the supplies to erect a prefabricated building such as a warehouse or in airplane hanger. What you are not contacting them for what is included with your service are things like 3-D renderings, project coordinators and more. If you think that kind of thing doesn’t make a difference I encourage you to read on.

In the rural parts of the US more and more churches are electing to use pre-engineered steel material instead of traditional things like cement and brick. The result is the ability for churches and other minimally funded programs to design and erect beautiful structures that can withstand the elements and give them enough space to enlarge their congregation.

If you visit the General Steel website they will tell you that their prominence as a leader in the steel industry was not earned overnight nor was it earned doing business the same way that every other pre-engineered steel supply company does. They know what separates themselves from the rest of the pack and they continue to emphasize the importance of making each and every client feel as unique as the structure they are building. Having trouble figuring out the floor plan of your new project? Simply call your project coordinator and they will help you hammer out every detail so you know for sure that you are ordering the right amount of material and not spending a penny more than you have to. It’s just another thing that General Steel does to make this the most exciting project of your life and more than likely the easiest as well.  You may only get a chance to be part of a build like this once in your lifetime so you might as well call the very best in the industry.

Speaking of lifetime, did you know that the steel provided by General Steel is backed by a 50 year limited structural warranty. That is the kind of piece of mind you can only find from the titans of industry such as General Steel. Only General Steel has the immense purchasing power capable of lowering your final bill dramatically and making the dream project more feasible. I suggest contacting them before going over the logistics of your project so the coordinator can ensure you are ordering the right material.

hospital pager system

With our new guest pagers installed at the restaurant I think things are going to move a lot quicker. No longer will guests be able to complain about our long wait times because these pagers are designed to keep the line moving and keep everyone happy. Here is how I hope a guest experience will go from now on: when a couple walks up and request a table they’ll be told we are on a weight. I’ve instructed my hostesses to give an exaggerated wait time to lower guest expectations for how long they will be waiting. So, for instance if we expect the actual wait time to be 30 minutes we might tell the guest that they’re expected wait time is 45 minutes. This way if we come in early at all or even on time it will seem like we have beat our own quota. That is a simple trick of the mind that has been used by restauranteurs for some time now. What should really well them is the use of these guest pager systems. Once a guest has been given their quoted time still be handed a pager system and told that they’re free to walk wherever they want in the shopping complex. This sense of freedom is something new to our guests and I think it will be well received. In years past we didn’t even have a microphone to announce names so people had to simply wait new the host stand and listen for their name to be called. It often created a mob scene in front of the host desk and new customers were unable to approach and give their name for the reservation. With this new guest pager system I think it will keep the lobby clear of people waiting for the tables because we will bill to contact them River they are at.

I purchased these pagers from a company called The Pager Warehouse. I chose this company because they provide high-quality industrial and professional pagers to fireman, police officers and other industrial applications all across the country. I figured if they can install a fire pager system that keeps firemen in communication with each other and relatively safe than they could help me organize the people on my wait list. What I really like about this company is the fact that you can call up and speak with their customer service representative at any time. Since I needed them immediately I didn’t have time to spend days looking and deciding on which two way radios I would choose. The idea I needed to fill with simple but I wanted a professional to steer me in the right direction. One simple call to their number and I was contacted with a customer service technician who walked me through the process. She told me that unless I needed something like a hospital pager system I didn’t have to go with anything that had it too high of a frequency. What I wanted, she said, was something that lights up brightly and vibrated so there was no doubt the guests would know their table was ready. She also pointed me in the direction of staff pager systems she thought I might like.

neuro rehabThere are many different ways that our brains work for our bodies. We learned at a very young age how important our brains are to us and so it’s very important to maintain our brain health though not many people talk about what that might look like. There are a ton of neurological diseases that are affecting tons of individuals and we need to have better ways to deal with these issues. Because it feels like we aren’t being directly affected, it might make us feel like these are issues that won’t affect us, but they absolutely could.

That is why the Colorado Neurological Institute is so important. They do great work not only  providing stream lined patient services like speech and occupational therapy but they also are very committed to offering education to the masses about neurological issues that could arise or problems that already exist. The good people at the CNI are very dedicated and educated about these issues that might seem a little elusive or evasive. We talk often to our young people about how important the brain is but we don’t necessarily talk a lot about what it looks like to live with a neurological disorder. The people at the Colorado Neurological Institute provide top of the line neuropathy to their patients and help them to coordinate services with other doctors who many not be as educated about these issues as the CNI would like them to be for the benefit of that doctor’s knowledge and of course for the benefit of that patient.

The Colorado Neurological Institute is a non-profit organization so you know they are filling a need that wasn’t met previously by the for profit medical field or industry. They are going to do whatever they can to make sure that any one who is experiencing a neurological disorder will get all of the physical therapy that they need and will get all of the information that they need. They will even help to educate the loved ones of the person who is living with a neurological disorder. They are going to do whatever it takes to help make the process of living with one of these disorders as easy as possible.

Since we spend so much time talking to our young people about the brain, don’t you think it’s time that we talk about the diseases that can come from the brain? We all know the brain and the heart were taught to us as the most important and fascinating organs so why not take it a step further and talk to all adults about what those diseases of the brain might look like. There are many ways to live a healthy and happy life with some of these diseases and the Colorado Neurological Institute is happy to help give individuals and the families the tools they will need to help them get through a time that may have been harder had they not been educated by the Colorado Neurological Institute. So give the CNI a call today.

Colorado Neurological Institute

701 East Hampden Avenue, #415

Englewood, CO 80113


The Tragedy of Do-it-Yourself Blinds

May 1st, 2014 / / categories: 31, shades /

I am always looking to save a buck, an avid DIY kind of girl. I really enjoy home decorating and renovating, mostly because my husband and his friends end up turning my vision into reality, I’m mainly there for shall we say, moral support. I have recently been becoming antsy about making some updates to our home. Nothing too big like our last bathroom renovation but something a little more subtle. My husband and I recently visited the home of his boss and wife. They had the most beautiful home and I was especially impressed with the decorative accents on their windows. Each window seemed so perfectly and elegantly crafted. It looked like something out of a home decorating magazine and from then on I was hard intended on updating our own window coverings at home.

My husband knew I was up to something when I immediately jumped online the second we returned home. I had so many ideas swirling in my head I had to start on a plan for each and every room in our house. By morning I had a solid plan about what I wanted to start implementing into our home. My husband wasn’t too worried about this one, how much can possibly go wrong with blinds and shades?

I began doing some research on different styles of blinds and was a little overwhelmed with all of the patterns and shades and textures. I thought I had it all handled and began to place some orders through different companies online. Unfortunately when my orders arrived I had some issues. Some of the blinds didn’t fit my window size, I needed a custom fit. Other shades were not quite the color or texture I thought they would be. I hung up some drapes I ordered for our living room and they simply looked awful. I was really upset by this whole feat and my husband suggested we call in a professional.

I saw many of the hunter Douglas shades online and was very impressed by their quality. I called their office and received a free design consultation that week. The lady worked closely with me and my vision for my newly decorated home. She really understood what I was looking for and knew exactly what to do in each of our rooms. I wanted to keep a more modern feel to our kitchen, bathrooms, and living room and more traditional feel to our bedroom. We ended up with exactly what I envisioned and so much less hassle than trying to do it on my own. We now have the most elegant Roman Shades in our living room and fantastic blackout curtains in our bedroom for early summer mornings. The drapes in our living room express a stylish chic that capture exactly how I want to feel when I sit down for an afternoon tea with the girls. I am so happy with my decision to call on a professional to get the most out of my money!

After losing a big public case last year, the law firm Eric worked for was suffering. The publicity had been terrible, and they truly thought there was no way they could have lost the case. But the judge had thrown the case out on a technicality, and Eric’s firm was left with nothing but bad press every time someone did an internet search for an attorney in their area. It had been a long year, and business was declining. A handful of their regular clients were basically keeping the lights on, but several associates had left and they were struggling to figure out what to do. No one wanted to shut the firm down completely, least of all the partners, but it seemed like because of the bad press there was almost no way to attract new clients.

Eric had explained his predicament and the position his firm was in to several friends over drinks about a year after the lost verdict. One of them had a friend in marketing, and he offered to talk to her about what sorts of things a small firm such as theirs could do to mitigate bad press and revamp their reputation. It seemed that word of mouth would not suffice in this case, and they were losing money left and right. Eric said yes, please do discuss with her. He did not have high hopes, however, since he knew the firm was barely hanging on at the moment and would be unlikely to be able to afford a high fee.

Then he got a call the very next morning from the friend of his friend, Stephanie. She asked him to explain the story, and mentioned that she had done an internet search that very morning to see how bad the damage was and where the firm appeared, if at all, in search results for local attorneys. She asked if they would be willing to consult with her on a trial basis. She had an attorney website design idea that, if successful, would allow them to recover from their losses and regain their lost business. If her lawyer marketing campaign worked effectively, then and only then would she accept payment from them. Eric ran it by the remaining partners and they figured they would let her try. They would be on their way out soon if no one did anything, so law firm SEO seemed like a good enough option as any.

They had nearly forgotten about it when, a few weeks later, they got two phone calls about possible work from new clients. A week later, there were several more calls. They continued to accept business and within three months they were back at full capacity again. Stephanie earned her paycheck to be sure, and is helping them get back to their full reputation again as dedicated lawyers who get good results. One lost case was not going to destroy them after all, and it only took one marketing professional to turn around a very bad year for an entire firm.

lawyer marketing