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ranches for saleRanching is a good business in which to get involved, for several reasons.  First of all, ranching is the most natural way to raise livestock, which is why it has remained basically unchanged for a long time.  That being said, the way we look at ranching has changed a bit.  In the last few years, with the increase in awareness about food production methods, more people have decided to educate themselves as to the source of there food.  As it turns out, ranching is one of the healthiest ways to raise meat because it does not utilize the fairly unnatural methods used in indoor, commercial meat production.  If you are considering entering the meat production business, there is no better method than ranching, for you or your customers.  Before you can start, though, you need to start browsing for ranches for sale, and the best way to do this is to consult with a professional ranch land broker.  Mason and Morse Ranch Company is a good choice, as their focus is ranch land in the Western United States.  Plus, they have excellent service and knowledgeable brokers.

Few industries have a history that is as exciting as that of ranching.  Ranching has been done, in one form or another for thousands of years.  However, the type of ranching that is done in the American West has been around for about a century and a half.  Large scale ranches began to spring up, as soon as the railroad was extended across the continent.  The new form of transportation enabled ranches to sell their cattle, in the form of beef, to various meat packing and distribution companies, in the East.  Today, the ranching, itself, is done in much the same way, except the beef tends to be consumed more regionally, nowadays.  So, if you are trying to sell beef in Colorado, look for Colorado ranches for sale.  This is because the focus of modern ranching is often to produce the best quality beef, to be consumed within the region for freshness and quality.  That being said, there are some companies that specialize in shipping beef all across the country, though they usually utilize temperature-controlled airplanes, much like high-end seafood companies.

Though ranching can be done anywhere, in theory, there are some specific requirements that make the West the best place to do it.  Mason and Morse has ranches all over the West, but certain states have more ranch land available than others, for various reasons.  Of course, in addition to raising livestock, ranches can also be profitable as luxury ranches, which are tourist destinations, in which guests can participate in various ranching-related activities.  If you are looking for luxury ranches, you should take location into consideration.  The ranches must be located, in an area that is relatively remote, yet near other common tourist destinations.  Many Western states have a lot of ski-related tourism in the winter.  However, they also have a lot of other tourism in the summer.  There are often luxury ranches for sale in Montana, which receives a lot of summer tourists.

Being able to live longer is one thing but being able to look younger is another. Many people strive to unlock the secrets of youth and there are many ways in which you can benefit from being able to look younger once again. Being able to look younger can really boost your self-esteem. Having a facelift can make you feel younger than you have in years. Although you may be bothered by having the looks of age upon you, you can greatly reduce your age by having a facelift. Having a lifestyle lift can make you feel younger and looking better than ever before.

The truth is that a facelift is typically a onetime thing and can really make the difference for many, many years on your skin. Adversely many people will use different times of specialize creams another highly expensive products and able to reduce the aging under skin. faceliftWith the average facelift only costing a little over $6000 today you will quickly see that adding up all those creams that for months and years overtime can add up to that same cost. Honestly it can be cost-effective just to have a facelift and stop bothering with all the creams and other anti-aging supplements. It’s an easy way for you to be able to gain a lot of years off your looks fairly quickly. The procedures have become fairly simple and very routine for many doctors. They’re able to perform these in a quick efficient manner that helps you to be quickly backed to the recovery process. There is some recovery time but the effects of these simple surgeries is very minimal mom most people. People bounce right back and are able to quickly recognize the benefits from their facelift. Dr. specializes in these procedures and makes them a very routine part of their practices. At Raval M.D. they’re able to give you many options with what you can do. There are facelifts to brace too many things in between you can focusing on areas in which you may be seeing as the most places to benefit more than others. Being able to have the opportunity to choose what’s going to work best for you and work with a doctor who can teach you about all the different types of options are available will help you feel comfortable being able to get what you need done. You truly will be able to be unlocking the secrets to use when you have these procedures done. Many of the before and after pictures are amazing to look at to see the many great benefits of what a lifestyle lift can do for you. The benefits go beyond how you look they go to how you feel. This is why some of these procedures can be so crucial to so many people. They really pull on the hard to be able to see yourself looking younger once again. You’ll be able to greatly recognize the difference and a B in love with the new look of you.


Tips When Using a Storage Unit

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storage unit

When first renting a self storage unit, many people aren’t quite sure how to approach it all.  Sure, they might have some of their things packed up in boxes, but how do they actually go about organizing and sorting them once they have actually traveled to the storage space?  There are many variables present whenever going to visit a new storage facility, so those who are new to the game of self storage might be left in the dark once they get there.  Thankfully, there are a few tips that are going to make your experience much more easier when taking care of your self storage, and many of these tips apply to virtually any self storage rental space.

While it might seem obvious to most, preparation before you actually go to the self storage rental space is going to be the first step when preparing for storage.  Make sure everything is neatly packed in boxes and secured so there won’t be any damage to your property.  While you might not think it is important to label the boxes, think again!  Even though you might remember that your dishes were in one box, and your magazine collection in the other, many people forget what is stored in which box.  This can all be taken care of with effective and simple labeling.  With that in mind, you can easily go to your storage unit and find exactly what you are looking for, instead of having to open and reopen each and every one of your boxes!

While we’re on the topic of boxes, make sure you get the right ones!  The ones you find

in your basement might be adequate for your storage, but they also might be a little bit worn out and might not be able to fully protect all of your material goods that you pack.  There might be small rips in the boxes that could suddenly tear open during transport, or they might not be able to form a tight seal.  If you’re packing goods that are highly sensitive to dust and moisture, it is important to properly seal all of your boxes with packing tape.

Since we’re on the topic of sensitive materials, definitely keep track of what you are including in your storage unit!  I’ve known people to have very rare books and magazines suffer from the tiniest bit of humidity in their storage units, so always ask about climate controlled storage units if you have some highly sensitive goods you are packing.  This can range from books to vintage photographs to antique furniture to vinyl record collections.  If you’re looking to store all of your goods in a safe and clean environment, storage rental units are some of the best places to keep them in, as many units offer climate control, so if you need things cooled down to the right temperature, make it a point to ask for a storage unit with air conditioning.

These are just some of the many important tips when it comes to undertaking your first self storage venture, so make sure that you ask the management of the storage facilities any questions that might affect the goods you are packing and storing, as they will be more than happy to help!

Often people notice when the time comes to get their carpet clean because they can see the big spots and dark patches that make our carpet unsightly and feel unclean. This is generally a good indicator for most people on when they should call up the professional carpet cleaning company and get things cleaned and freshened up in their homes.

This can be a little bit more difficult or complicated when it comes to your furniture or upholstery though. While upholstery still gets as dirty and grimy as your carpets often do, it is more often than not more difficult to tell when they get dirty because of different textures or colors on the upholstery. Generally speaking you do not have to get your upholstery cleaned as often as you might have to get your carpets professionally cleaned since people do not often walk around on your furniture with their dirty shoes but still dirt and grime can get caked into the upholstery over time that needs to be cleaned up and dealt with. If you have pets that tend to shed a lot as well as spend a lot of time on the furniture like all of my pets ever have then this can be an even bigger problem since mounts on animal hair can collect on the upholstery over time and be rather hard to get off, even with a vacuum cleaner. If those pet also have a habit of peeing on the couches like mine sometimes did then I am sure you recognize the importance of upholstery cleaners as well. Just like with getting your carpets professionally cleaned, getting your upholstery cleaned at a fairly regular interval can help bring up and out all of those stains and smudges that have collected over time that you either did not notice or that you simply could not get out on your own.

carpet cleaning Most of the time the people who come and clean your carpets will also have a side service for cleaning the upholstery so this can make it a little bit easier to remember that you should also clean your upholstery every so often. Of course every household is going to be a little bit different depending on the people living in the house and the level of mess that is acquired within a year but what seems to work well for me is having my carpets cleaned professionally cleaned about every nine months and then every other time the professional carpet cleaners come I also have them clean the upholstery. That means essentially every year and a half I get all of the upholstery cleaned up and looking like new again. Since my pets are not that big of mess makers this seems to work alright for our household. I think if we were to get one more pet though that had similar mess making possibilities as our current pet we might have to push it up to getting both the carpets and the upholstery cleaned a little bit more often. Thankfully right now we are right on that edge and can deal with slightly less frequent cleanings.

storage rentalA lot of people find themselves running out of space in their homes for all of their property. There are various different ways in which you can find yourself in this situation, and it is something that all too many people are familiar with.  If you have moved to a larger city, you may find that property values are higher and that you get less space for your money than you are used to.  If this is the case for you, your best option may be storage rental.  Storage rental simply means renting a small storage unit from a company that specializes in storing people’s property.  There are some variations among storage rental companies, and you should do your best to figure out which ones are the smartest choice.  Some storage companies have better prices than others and some have better service.  Ideally, you should look for one that has both positive qualities, but that may prove difficult.

First and foremost, you need your storage unit that you rent to be absolutely secure.  After all, what is the point of paying someone to watch your possessions if there is a chance they will be stolen or vandalized.  Fortunately, at the better storage facilities, security is always the top priority.  This makes sense.  After all, they would lose customers pretty quickly if everyone’s possessions got stolen.  That being said, thieves are aware that valuables are present in storage facilities, so they may try to target them, in an effort to make a quick profit.  That is why many self storage rental facilities have advanced security systems with carefully placed, constantly running security cameras.  Not only that, the locks, codes, and other security precaution taken by these companies are second to none.  It is in their best interest that you and every other client they have does not get robbed, while using their facilities.  After all, that would be pretty bad for business.

Of course, security is only one factor that is important, in the self storage business.  In addition to preventing thieves from nabbing your stuff, they also need to prevent the elements from deteriorating it.  That is why many self storage companies offer units that are temperature controlled, so that valuable possessions do not get ruined, in extreme weather conditions.

Finally, the last quality which all self storage facilities strive for is convenience.  Because a lot of the people who use self storage facilities are in the process of moving, a lot of the extra services provided by self storage companies are catered to people who are trying to move.  Truck rentals is one service that many of these companies provide, as many people who are moving have not had a chance to rent a truck yet.  In addition to truck rental, they may also provide packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes and tape.  They may even be able to give you advice as to the best way to pack and store certain items.  In general, the best storage unit rental companies have very helpful staff members.

http://www.vitrazza.comEveryone wants to tell you how to live your life, it is true. Whether it is your mother or your older siblings or a well meaning but rather annoying stranger, people always seem to have advice about why your choice is wrong and why their life experience has told them differently. Most of the time, people just want to help. They have made a mistake somewhere along the line and feel so certain that they can help you avoid that same trouble if only you would listen to what they have to say and heed their important advice! Unfortunately, the advice that many of these very well meaning folks like to give is either irrelevant or frustrating enough to make us pick the exact opposite decision. Sometimes, people just do not bother to explain themselves enough or in a way that allows us to feel like their advice is strong. This is an important note to make. Giving and receiving strong reasoning for a decision not only makes people more likely to make a decision in your favor, but it makes their decision stronger; they are less likely to renege on it later on down the road.

This is true in many different circumstances, and for this reason it is important to lay out the thought process and logic that allows us to make the strong decision to purchase a glass chair mat instead of bothering with the hassle of plastic chair mat after plastic chair mat. The investment at first seems like it is more money than it is worth. After all, a glass chair mat is a bit more expensive to start with than a plastic chair mat. However, the reality of the situation is that a plastic chair mat just does not last as long as a glass chair mat does. There are no two ways about it. A glass chair mat does not sustain the dents and divots that a plastic chair mat must naturally end up with. Glass chair mats can sustain the weight of one thousand pounds, making these divots and dents a thing of the past when you purchase a glass chair mat. Moreover, glass chair mats provide a sleek and finished look. The glass is cut nicely and does not leave you floor look like you covered it over hastily with scotch tape. Glass chair mats let the character of your floor shine through without leaving it unprotected from potential damages from things like chair wheels. You can make your life simpler and easier by purchasing a glass chair mat. The exciting reality is that glass chair mats actually reduce fatigue and stress when utilized in the workplace. This is because moving your chair back and forth among dents and divots expel more energy that necessary, and no one wants that! These reasons make it clear that choosing a glass chair mat is the very best decision you can make for you and your health. Do not be stubborn; see the benefits of a glass chair mat, and make your purchase today!

All families have their special spots where they like to go.  Maybe that is me talking from privilege, per the recent Time Magazine piece, but I would like to think that most functional families have a place where they like to go together.  That could be the supermarket, flea market, or a location that is out of the city or out of the state.  My family liked to go to Hawaii and that was super fortunate, but also because of the fact that my uncle owned a house there.  We probably would have not gone a quarter of the times, if it were not for my uncle and his house there.  Nevertheless, it was a really great place to visit and also one that I had the opportunity to go back to recently.  The great thing about Hawaii is its natural beauty.  It is also one of the most expensive places that I have ever been.  It seems like everything is wildly overpriced and as a result I find that I do not do a lot of purchasing there.  With every sinlge piece of everything that you see being ten to twenty percent more expensive than the mainland, you start to think about other options when it comes to gifts.  Nevertheless, many of the gifts that I see people taking home are the ones that show that they have been somewhere. harley-davidson

A good example of this are the goods that you would get at a Hard Rock Café.  There are Hard Rock Cafes everywhere, but not many people get to go to the ones that are in Hawaii or in the Netherlands.  As a result, people will pay a lot of money when it comes to getting a gift that says where you went on it Harley-Davidson clothing items often have the names of the places where the shirt was purchased and that seems to be a great market. It is crazy how much some of those shirts were going for, but I guess that it makes sense in the long run because it means that the people want to show that they went to that specific location.  I would personally prefer to rent a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in one of these locations and take a picture, but I realize that that is untenable for some people that have kids.  These people probably would choose to save some of the extra money so that they could go out to a nice dinner with the kids.  It should be very interesting to see how that all works out. 

I would be remiss to think that everyone thinks the way that I do, so I would not be surprised to see many of those Harley-Davidson accessories continue to fly off the shelves with the name of the location at which the accessory was purchased.  It is a great way to commemorate a trip and hopefully people will start to invest more into the vacations to help the United States boost up its economy a little bit.

SUN Harley-Davidson -

8858 Pearl St -

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When we were looking to hire a custom deck builder, we weren’t sure where exactly we should go for the best results. We read some reviews online, and we went to the home show that our city has every spring. After checking out a few websites, we decided to go with the custom deck builders from Centennial Decks. They really seemed to have the experience that we were looking for in a company that was going to be spending a bit of our money and a lot of time on our property. We wanted to feel confident that they were going to do the best job possible, while also building us a safe and affordable deck. We originally wanted a really customized deck, with several different levels and layers. But after our first few meetings with the custom deck builders who were assigned to our order, we decided to scale it back just a little bit. Due to the quantity of materials that was going to be needed for the entire project as we originally wanted it, we were going to have to tone down our expectations, and possible build a deck that was smaller in size but also had the ability to be expanded in the future if we decided we really did need some more space. The meeting with the custom deck builders who were working with us really clarified that the project as we imagined it was just a bit too large for the space that we have, the time frame we had given them, and the budget that we laid out for the work and the materials.

So, the highly specialized deck that we really wanted is going to have to be done in phases or just wait for another time. custom deckFor now, we are getting most of what we had imagined and originally wanted, but it is just a bit toned down. We are using a different deck material product that is a bit more cost effective, so we had to give a little bit on that one. And we also shrunk the size of the deck down just a bit, which is still going to be fine. It will give us the room and the space that we wanted, but nothing more than that. It was the easiest place to trim from the budget, and so we went with that. We still are getting the nice bench seats around the edges, and two different levels so there will be a stepped down approach into the yard. Otherwise, it will be the custom deck that we have pictured and talked about for several years. In the future we may expand it so that our bedroom opens onto the same deck, but we may also choose to just let that piece of the project go and not worry about it. We will still have a nice covered area and a nice eating area with a bbq, and that was really the main point of the whole project after all.

Centennial Custom Decks

8131 E. Briarwood Blvd.

Centennial, CO 80112


People are sometimes so reckless and then have the audacity to blame you for getting upset when they do something reckless. It makes absolutely no sense to me and it angers me honestly. Like, how are you going to get mad when I have a legitimate reason to be yelling at you!?

Well, to digress to the original point and why I am venting on such a level is because my daughter is the most clumsy person and she doesn’t pay attention to anything! Like I mean, ANYTHING! It is like talking to a bring wall sometimes despite the fact that she is a smart girl. I love her a lot, but she does the damnedest things that set me off.

So we were talking the other day and I told her, “Do not plug a lot into the surge protector because it is malfunctioning.” She told me she wouldn’t and I cautioned her again and told her she could potentially blow a fuse or something that would require an electrician. You know kids — they are quick to “Okay” you without even hearing a word you say.

But giving her the benefit of the doubt, I walked away for several hours to go handle business with work. I was typing one of my many assignments for a client before I realized that my computer was about to die. It was midday, so I am not paying anything any attention with the electricity. But I am pondering as to why my computer is nearly dead when I have it plugged in. I check to see if maybe the plug is no longer in the outlet for it or maybe something is just wrong with the socket.

I check it and the computer is plugged into the outlet just fine. So assuming maybe its a blown socket in that wall, I decide to switch it to a different location and I go over to my computer and still nothing. I don’t hear the loud “beep” that comes when I plug the laptop in when it is running and the light is not on either. There is nothing except the remaining, “low battery” sign. So I am thinking to myself, “Great, I am going to have to call an Emergency Electrician” and I go downstairs to get my cell phone and make the call.

As I make my way downstairs, it is to no surprise that I notice the same surge protector I was speaking to my daughter about has every socket taken. I am just completely astonished because how my daughter managed to fill them all in such a short time is unbelievable. Then I realize she has her friends over and all of them have their phones plugged into.

All these outlets and they want to plug it into the ONE I asked them not to plug it into. I am just like, “Oh goodness.” I am absolutely livid now because I had to get Emergency Electrical Services now to have my power back on. But know that my daughter will be getting a piece of my mind when she gets back home today because this is just unacceptable! Giving me high blood pressure unnecessarily!

There are many storage units all throughout the country today. There are perfect solutions for many people in many different situations. They are great for you to be able to have a place to put your items but having unprotected. Growth of storage units has gone way up in the last few decades and is likely to continue to be a key part of facilitating the items which people need to be stored away for a while. While there are many great things with a storage unit there may be a few things you might want to consider when renting a storage space and having some disadvantages overall.

The cons Storage units are on a monthly basis which is fairly affordable for most people. If you are looking for a long-term solution you may want to calculate what it’s going to cost you every year to have your items stored versus paying to expand your current situation. self-storageYou might find that your long-term options may be suited elsewhere. By calculating what it might take to obtain more space either in your home or by acquiring other property and what it would take to make that happen versus the monthly costs added up over time of a storage unit rental can be done so you can make the right choice in where to store your items. Another thing to consider with the cons is what happens to your items in case of a disaster. Should it flood or have some kind of disaster happened are your items protected. Find out if insurance is possible for your protection of your items.

The pros it provides a way for you to store your items when you are in a transitional period between homes. Because you can store your items under lock and key you can make a smoother move without having to worry about your items being in transit the whole time the other places store them until you are ready for them in a new location. Another great benefit of for those that own businesses in need space to be able to put the items whether they are for storage of documents actual items for sale or items that are even used regularly that you want to keep protected in a safe place. Storage unit fees typically have a fairly low rent space compared to the amount of square footage you get. Being able to have access to it all the time give you the benefit to come and go and get the items as you need them. You also have the extra advantage of them being watched over at all times. Most today are under surveillance and offer protection by limiting who can come in and come out of the units. In addition you have your own personal lock that you can have on the storage unit doors to keep them protected. With surveillance locking key you get a lot of great protection when using a storage unit. Often it is more protection then you get then storing it in your own home.

By taking the time to consider the pros and cons of self-storage unit rental you can decide what is right for you and your situation. Many people are benefiting greatly from storage rental due to the cost it would take for other options. It’s affordable and it makes a lot of sense for people in transition for businesses or any type of unique situation that you may have in which some extra space could be greatly used.

If you want to keep up with and stay ahead of the competition then you will need a logo that will be eye catching to potential members, and a Gym Management Software that is superior than the rest. People always judge a book by it’s cover and if your cover is out of date and unexciting then you are for sure going to fall behind in this dog eat dog industry. With a fantastic Gym Management Software you can stay competitive with the help of the marketing and design team. ASF Payment Solutions has an entire design and marketing team at your disposal. Their services are listed below:

Custom Design Services

Do you need a new logo? Do you have a great idea for a marketing campaign but don’t want to spend a small fortune on a design agency? Even freelance designers can charge top dollar. Here at ASF, we want to help our clients be successful, so we offer custom design at fantastic rates. We’ll work one-on-one with you until you are happy with the finished product. To save you even more money, we have a library of stock photos featuring industry specific and business/customer service related images for use in your marketing materials.

Competitive Print & Mail Services

Printing and postage costs can often push marketing projects over budget. When you work with one of our marketing professionals, we will do the legwork for you to get competitive bids on any production expenses and do everything in our power to make sure your project stays under budget. Whether you create your piece with us or just need help in finding a low cost print/mail solution – we can help.

Marketing Consultation

Sometimes you just need another person’s perspective…if you are in the process of developing a marketing program for your business, and need a little advice, we can help! We’d be happy to chat with you about how to get the word out about your business to as many different people, and in as many different ways, as you can. Whether you need advice about diving into social media, setting up more traditional marketing or a combination of the two, our marketing team is here for you.

The best part of all is that you get to work with Rodrigo Sanchez who is one of the graphic designers at ASF Payment Solutions. Sharon from Fitness Unlimited says, I’ve worked with a lot of creatives in my past and Rodrigo was the easiest I’ve ever worked with. He took my concept, put his own creative spin on it and that’s how our new brand was born. I love the logo he designed and I’m using it on everything. He was also a great help on the TrialBOX order I placed. I love the boxes!”

With these resources at your fingertips your business will surely thrive. Who knew you could get so much out of a Gym Management Software? If you need any sort of advice ASF is there for you every step of the way to make sure that you and your business succeed.


Health Club Software

Several years ago I went to graduate school where I studied global health.  During graduate school I learned about the major diseases in global health as well as the major players, including the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  My studies led me to pursue a carer in healthcare, and I ultimately ended up working for an organization who was developing software to collect health data from a variety of sources throughout the world and presents that information in an easily accessible way.  Through this data collection, we generate health maps and virus detection maps with aid healthcare workers from around the world.  My job was very exciting, I was at the cutting edge of technology and healthcare; harnessing the power of internet technology and data to revolutionize global health.

The technology available through this website is widely utilized by organizations, individuals, governments, ministry of health organizations, and others.  Their are several things with the website, which we call HealthMap, is really well known for.  These things include (but are not limited to) global flu surveillance, contagious disease surveillance, and monitoring disease outbreaks.

Flu surveillance:  One of the key features of the application is the ability for it to carry out flu surveillanceThe flu can be a very serious illness, something that many people do not often realize.  People generally are aware that the flu disproportionately affects the elderly and those who are very young, but that is not often the case.  Each year, a different flu strain emerges.  This flu strain can range from a mild flu, to a deadly virus, like what we saw several years ago with the H1N1 flu virus.  This virus, unlike many of the more common flu strains, affected more teenage- middle aged people than other strains of flu- in fact, people in their mid twenties to thirties were very at risk. HealthMap tracks flu cases and people can go to the website to learn more about outbreaks in their regions.

Contagious Disease surveillance:  The application can also track the outbreak of other contagious diseases.  It does this in the same way that it detects flu outbreaks. Health information is constantly flowing in from places around the world, giving healthcare workers insight into disease outbreaks or flu outbreaks.

Outbreak detection: A disease outbreak is defined as more than average cases of a certain disease occurring in a given geographic region.  Disease outbreaks can become very serious very fast, so it is important to detect outbreaks either before they really take off or quickly after.  Using HealthMap, healthcare workers can visualize the overall health landscape of a region and can begin to identify when a disease outbreak might occur based on the conditions conducive for certain diseases to emerge.  By knowing this, outbreaks can be prevented or quickly controlled.

New technology is quickly changing the field of global health.  With this kind of access to health data, people will be up to date on important health news, trends, and outbreaks.

stem cellsWhen I was younger my step sister went and saw this woman at the nursing home. She was very kind and her name was Mary. She was a lot older, she was in her eighties or nineties. I can’t really remember her actual age because anyone in a nursing home seemed extremely old to me, even ancient and so I am not sure of her actual age. She was so very kind and my step sister always enjoyed going and seeing her at the nursing home. They did crafts together and put puzzles together, things like that. I think Mary really enjoyed the company. I am not sure if her children came around to see her much. At one point my step mom got me connected with a woman who was a lot younger, her hair was still brown, who was in the nursing home. I remember being a little bummed I didn’t have a sweet old lady but Shirley, the woman I visited was still very sweet.

One day Sarah found out that Mary had bone marrow cancer. We had just gotten back from the nursing home where we hand painted these ceramic angels that we had on our book shelves for years. Mine was bright orange with glitter and her’s was a blend between light blue and sea green with glitter. I accidently broke the wing off of my step sisters when we were older and I am not sure if she ever forgave me for it because Mary died shortly after we made those angels together. My sister was inconsolable. We were still very young when she died. My step mom had explained to her that bone marrow cancer was very serious and they would try to give her a bone marrow transplant but that sometimes doesn’t work, so in a way she was prepared but I am not sure you ever can be completely prepared for that. After Mary passed, we never did go back to the nursing home to see Shirley.

Every time someone mentions bone marrow, which isn’t that often, I think about Mary. I didn’t realize that bone marrow makes up a good chunk of our biological capacity and that there are actually stem cells inside of bone marrow. It makes sense to me that Mary was as sick as she was and I am so glad that she was able to spend as much time with my sister as she did. Though she wasn’t specifically my friend, I mourned her death as well and even missed her after she was gone.

While I did research on bone marrow, I learned that there are new fields of medicine that can take autologous stem cells from the bone marrow that you can then use to create neural cells in your brain which can help with many different illnesses. Bone marrow is a very sensitive and important part of our bodies and you can even donate your bone marrow if you so choose to help someone if they are ill.

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotional events of a persons life.  When you meet someone, fall in love, and get married, you feel like that love is going to last forever.  You become a family and share many important moments of your life together.  When a marriage starts to fall apart, it can cause a lot of stress, resentment, and turmoil.  Divorce happens for a very wide variety of reasons.  In some cases, infidelity is the cause of divorce.  In other cases, people simply drift apart over the years.  Some people  change a lot as they grow and have kids and learn that the person they married is no longer a person they want to be with.  Whatever the reason, divorces can be a messy process.  Even with the best intentions, and two people who still care about each other, divorces are very difficult.  Not only are they emotionally tolling, but separating money, sorting out child custody, and dividing up other assets can be very difficult.  For these reasons, it is always recommended that you hire a divorce lawyer to help you through this process.

A divorce lawyer can help you through the divorce in many ways.  First of all, having a divorce lawyer to help you with all of the paperwork and legal processes can take a lot of stress off of the situation.  You will already be very stressed out by loosing your lover, and you do not need the added stress of trying to understand all of the complex legal documents that are used during a divorce.  Allow your attorney to be the expert in this aspect of the divorce and help guide you through this process.  Second, an attorney can help you to sort out the financial situation.  Even if you and your lover are splitting in a friendly manor, you still want to make sure you get everything you are entitled to.  If you are splitting up money, it is important to have a lawyer represent you.

Divorce can get especially complicated when there are children involved.  Obviously, you will want the whole process to have as little affect as possible on your children, but it is impossible to have a divorce which will not impact them.  If the children are young, you will have to settle on a schedule to split the kids between the two parents.  This can be a very painful process, as each of you will not get to spend as much time with your kids.  This is an especially sensitive part of divorce, and one where divorce lawyers come in handy.  They can help you to come up with visitation schedules which work for you and your ex-spouse, and have as little impact on the children as possible.

If you are getting a divorce, protect yourself and your interests by hiring a divorce lawyer to act on your behalf.  This will really help you get through the divorce and make sure you get everything that belongs to you.


I wonder why more people don’t know about it, I bet if they did then the home building landscape might change a little bit. You hear people talking about being green and sustainability all the time, but are they putting their money where their mouths are? I know you’ve got all these people driving Prius’ and other hybrids around with a “peace”, “diversity”, or “tolerance” bumper sticker on the back of them, but what are they really doing in their lives to actually support these kinds of causes? We can start with investigating the homes they own, do they use energy efficient appliances and lighting? Is their home properly insulated? Does is have updated, energy-efficient windows? Do they use solar power? Do they recycle? Did they build or buy an existing house? If they built it, what kind of materials did they use to build it with? Those were a lot of questions I know, but the answers to those questions can tell you a whole lot about how serious someone really is about making this a better world. Because doing something to make this a better place requires more than a Prius and a bumper sticker, I can assure you of that. Let’s talk about building materials first of all, if we all live in a brave, new world then is it possible that we should build differently as well? Wood is the traditional choice, especially in the residential market and although it doesn’t always make a lot of sense, it’s used commercially very often as well. Why it is that people only think about steel buildings in a commercial sense? I don’t know because there’s no good reason that it shouldn’t be used more in the residential building sector.

A steel or metal building is a much greener way to build than by using wood for many reasons. First of all, over 60% of the existing steel buildings that stand in this country are made from recycled materials. Half a dozen old cars can produce enough steel to construct a 2,000 square foot building, ever think how many trees it takes to build a structure that big? Probably not, maybe you should ask yourself why. There’s all kinds of industries across the board that are used to making money the way they’ve always made money, regardless of their environmental impact. The lumber companies are one such industry. Now, I’m not saying that lumber companies are evil, I’m just saying that they’re going to peddle their product like anyone else. You can replant and grow another tree after you cut it down, sure, but steel never has to be “regrown”, it only needs to be reforged. Plus, any wooded building or home could go up in flames with one flick of a match, how many metal buildings do you think have caught on fire? Buildings built using steel are more energy efficient than wooden buildings in most case by design too, by merit of having less adjoining pieces leaving gaps vulnerable to air exchange and energy loss.