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Must Avoid Storage Unit Rental Mistakes

November 22nd, 2014 / / categories: 31 /

When your home just has enough space for the things that you currently have self storage can be the most convenient thing to do. Whether you are moving out or going for storage unit rental takes a lot to do than just packing your things. It takes a good amount of planning and checking out for options on where to store your things. It also takes a good thinking on how much you can spend for getting a storage unit on how long will you be renting it. With that said, a good planning will help a lot to avoid these common self storage unit mistakes.

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Not making a Plan

Moving out takes a lot of planning and it gives you a good advantage if you plan ahead of time. You can take advantage of better deals and bids on the units you are choosing from others who are also planning to rent a unit. Planning ahead can also help avoid peak periods and premium prices that come along with it. It also takes more than planning where to move or what unit size to take because you also have to consider how much of your things are going to the storage unit. No matter the size of you unit is, and no matter how much space you want to save from your place, you can only bring so much to store. Plan carefully the things you want to keep and to store because you mind end up storing the things you need for your home. Make a list of the things you want to keep to avoid this type of mistake and to make it easier for you to label your boxes.

Not having time to Shop Around

By not shopping around you are cutting yourself to the option of not getting a good deal and a better place to have. Make time to shop around for a well trusted provider for your things. These maybe the things you will be storing away but that does not mean you don’t need them anymore. Make sure when you shop around, you also make a list on what you are looking for a storage unit provider especially when it comes to the security of your things.

Wrong Unit Size

Ending up to a wrong storage unit size is a result for not shopping around and not having a proper planning for the things you will be storing. To avoid this mistake, make a to-do list to help you not to miss things out before packing your things and renting a unit.

Errors on packing

Number one epic fail on packing your things is not segregating the things that you will be storing. Proper segregation will help you on the type of boxes to buy and other packing supplies to have when packing. By doing so, it will also help you label the boxes properly so if you need to get specific things from the unit, you will not look for every box just to find it.