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Closed term ‘planned obsolescence’ is one that describes a great deal about the current state of electronics.  The term came to use after World War II, when all of the soldiers had returned home.  With the added boost to the workforce, the United States began creating more goods than its citizens could buy.  Rather than slow down the workforce and have them work fewer hours, companies came up with the idea of planned obsolescence.  In real terms, planned obsolescence is the practice of creating products that will break after a short time, so consumers are forced to replace them.  In other words, companies started making products that wouldn’t last for very long so that consumers would keep buying their items.

Doesn’t that sound like the electronics industry today?  Things are constantly breaking down or software is being outdated, forcing consumers to buy newer and newer things.  To be fair to a company like Apple, their products really are designed to last a long time.  But since so many of their products, like the iPad, are made with a glass screen (which is really nice to touch and play with), they are bound to break at some point.

Fortunately, there are many great companies out there that are helping consumers fight the forces of planned obsolescence.  These companies work with all kinds of devices, tablets, and smartphones, and their main goal is to keep them up-to-date and fully functional for as long as possible.  They can repair screens, update software, and perform all sorts of handy tricks that let consumers hold onto their valuable electronics for as long as possible.

As an example, rather than ordering a new iPad when the screen breaks turn to an iPad screen repair specialist.  They will take the broken glass screen off of the iPad and will dispose of it properly.  They have to be sure to take the screen off very gently so as not to disturb the various other parts inside the iPad.  Then, using one of the many screens that they have on hand, they replace the screen and the iPad is as good as new.  It is incredibly inexpensive to have such a procedure done and you won’t have to replace the entire iPad.

Companies that are fighting against the dominant powers of planned obsolescence are expanding all of the things that they can do.  They can repair the screens on tablets, pull apart iPhones and get them working again, take apart tablets, and so much more.  The amount of money you can save by fixing the things that you already have, rather than purchasing the newest, shiniest gadget is truly incredible.

One great company in the greater DMV area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) is ZAGG Phone Repair.   At ZAGG Phone Repair, an iPhone repair specialist, you’ll get incredible rates when you fix your electronics.  The great thing about them is that you can drop your device off at their location, go and take care of some errands you’ve been meaning to do, and then come by back to pick up your device.  It’s incredibly slick.

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