are some exceptions to be sure, but for the most part Americans love to replace things. If their phone starts having issues they simply trade it in for a better and newer one; if their car is giving them issues consistently they buy a new one if they can afford it; when a computer gets a bug they don’t take it somewhere to have it looked at, but they rather trade it in and buy a new one. There are lots of reasons why so many Americans do this, but it’s primarily that they can. People are so busy in America working, trying to have a social life, and raising a family that they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of getting something repaired. They’d rather order a new one online and move on.

When you start getting into bigger purchases, like a roof, the idea of constantly replacing things rather than repairing them comes with a higher price tag. Every single year millions of American homeowners have their roofs replaced. A bad storm will hit bringing hail and strong winds, a roofing company will look at their roof, and the homeowner will decide that a roof replacement is the way to go. They do this because their insurance company is going to cover the bulk of the cost, and because they believe that by repairing their roof entirely they won’t have to mess with it again for many years to come.

While both of those things might be true, the fact remains that homeowners really should look at roof replacement as their last option when they’ve exhausted all of their other choices. That’s because they’re still going to have to pay their full deductible, it’s going to take several days for the work to be done which means lots of loud noises during that stretch, and it’s going to mean a lengthier battle with their insurance company. In many cases, replacing the roof entirely isn’t really necessary. Many homeowners could retain the integrity of their roof through simple repairs. The roofer they hire could simply replace a few shingles here and there, fix any holes that might have sprung up because of the hail, and leave the roof looking as good as new. Only in the most extreme cases is a full roof replacement totally necessary.

The key to opting for roof repairs rather than a full roof replacement when it’s possible is hiring a roofing company that’s going to be honest with you about the damage to your roof. Lots of roofing companies out there are just trying to make the most money, and replacing a roof entirely is more profitable for them than doing repairs. However, the most honest roofing companies, companies like Academy Roofing, will be frank with you if they believe that simple roof repairs are enough. Work with a company like this and save yourself some money and a big headache. They’ll be honest with you about which option is right for your roof.

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