Always check for Radon before buying a home

December 16th, 2016 / / categories: 31 /

When you are going through the whirlwind of processes and complexities of buying a home, there are no less than a million and one different things that you need to keep in mind and to try to pay attention to in order to keep this juggling act going. Buying a house is one of life’s bigger and more consequential processes and the choice that we make in these few moments are going to be ones that we have to live with for quite some time. We want therefore everything with our new home to be absolutely perfect and to not look past anything that could create problems in the near or distant future. Since there are so many things that can cause problems or change the way that we see a house, it seems like we have to an impossible juggling act to keep it all together.

radon mitigationDuring this chaotic and stressful time, one of the many things that any and all future home buyers have to keep their eye out for is making sure that before they buy any home or property, that they do a Radon check to make sure that there is not high levels of Radon coming out from the soil. Thankfully this is not a easy thing to forget to do since the federal government makes a point of it to require the future buyers of any home or property to do a Radon check before the property is sold. Most Radon checks come up with nothing since Radon generally takes so long to be produced and to get to the kind of levels where it can possibly be dangerous but just in case, you don’t want to take any chances. The Radon test itself is actually pretty quick and easy and can be done either by a Radon reduction team like SWAT Environmental or you can often find tests that you can do yourself. Generally the tests only require that they sit out near the ground where it can test for Radon for a day or two so there is not a lot that you can possibly mess up. If it turns out that there is a build up of too much Radon under your new dream home, don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world. For one, even though Radon is quite a dangerous substance, it is also actually relatively easy to handle. Radon abatement teams like SWAT Environmental don’t actually get rid of the Radon when they do their Radon reduction process but instead they can change the way that the Radon moves so instead of coming up towards the surface where it can be dangerous to you and to your loved ones, they can do something that forces the Radon to sink instead into the center of the earth where it doesn’t have any negative effects and your home becomes quickly and easily safe to live in again, all in the matter of just a week or two so your big moving day plans don’t have to be altered and your home will be safe after Radon mitigation.

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