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Everyone knows the basics of assisted living. Assisted living is designed for people who are unable to complete daily tasks on their own and need the help of a nurse or trained specialist. While many people focus on the more medical aspects of an assisted living facility, there are many other services that these facilities offer that go beyond simply caring for patients. These services make these facilities more fun and engaging for seniors. Here are some of the services seniors can expect
  • Meal plans: Most facilities offer a variety of meal plans options, from full meal plans (3 meals a day, 7 days a week), to pick and choose meal plan options. For seniors who are unable to cook for themselves, a full meal plan is a great option which will make their lives much easier when they do not need to worry about what they will eat or how they will get fed. For more independent seniors who enjoy cooking some meals for themselves, they can decide when they want to eat out and which meals they would like to have prepared for them. Many senior living facilities offer a variety of dining options, from restaurant type settings, to buffet cafeterias, to room service options. This makes it fun for seniors as they can meet friends and enjoy a nice prepared meal.
  • Medication management: Many seniors take a variety of medications for various ailments. This is just a part of aging. Managing when to take medications and remembering to take them all can be daunting and even dangerous if someone is mis-managing their medications. Most senior living facilities offer medication management services where trained professionals manage the quantity, dosage and schedule for people who need to take medications.
  • Social activities: Social activities are one of the most appealing aspects of senior living. Seniors living on their own often are isolated and lonely and find it difficult to venture out of the house to visit with friends (and their friends likely find it difficult also). There are endless options for socializing in a senior living facility. From individually planned get-togethers like meeting friends for brunch or a walk, to scheduled activities like bingo or a movie night, there are always options for social interaction. This is beneficial on so many levels and it creates an atmosphere of community in a senior living center.
  • Transportation services: Nobody wants to feel stuck where they- even with a range of activities available where they live, seniors in assisted living facilities need to get out and about every once an awhile. Many places offer transportation services to take residents on outings or to help them run errands. This allows seniors to feel independent and more connected to their previous lives. Most places have a range of transportation services available and it’s something which many people living in a senior living facility enjoy.
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