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Common Types of Back Surgery

May 23rd, 2015 / / categories: 31, back surgery /

Are you one of the people who fall into the 75% of the people who experience frequent back pain? This is a condition which makes it hard for people to live their normal everyday life. The pain may go upwards in your body or lower. Back surgery is something that a lot of people have the experience of getting done. Due to the fact that it is so common there are more than just one type of back surgery that a patient can have depending on the needs of that person. There are a couple of different main types of back surgery performed in the medical field. Two of the top choices are as follows:

The first type of back surgery that you will have an option to get if you are feeling any type of back pain is a spinal fusion. This is one of the most common types of back surgeries that take place due to having back pain. The way that this type of back surgery happens is that the doctors will take a different vertebrae on your spine and fuse them together. It prevents you’re back from running in certain directions which eliminates some of the types of pain that you will receive. The thing is that you will be restricted on your types of movements after a spinal fusion back surgery.

However very beneficial because you’re spying will not be causing pain because it is hitting your nerves. The nerves in your spine can signal pain in your body if they are being pinched by vertebrae that are not in proper placement. This may be a result of a thing called a herniated disc in your back. The spinal fusion back surgery will allow your nerves to be stretched down your spine. This is something to not worry about because it may sound like it would cause more pain to your body but in reality it helps tremendously with the pain that you received in your back prior to having the spinal fusion back surgery done.

The next most common type of back surgery is a laminectomy. During this type of back surgery the neurosurgeon will perform removal of one of three things on the individuals back. This will include either bones of the back, bone spurs, or some ligaments of the back. The purpose of this type of back surgery is to allow your back to be free of these things which may have been chipped or misplaced within the vertebrae on the patients back. Typically the laminectomy back surgery will resolve the issues that were causing the pain. However there is still a slight chance that there could be some people who have an unstable back as a result of this type of back surgery. In cases such as this one the individual will be required to have another Thor of back surgery called the spinal fusion. This is not always the case but it is important to know that this is something that is very possible.