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window treatmentsModern technology has now become so ingrained in the fabric of our lives, that we have it with us everywhere we go. You can find it in our hands, homes, cars, office spaces, local hangouts and even in our pets. Technology has made our lives so much more convenient and automatic. Things that used to be manual are now automated. Things that used to be inaccessible to us are now at our fingertips. Companies these days are constantly innovating in order to keep us with the speed of technology and the demand for convenient solutions to everyday challenges. Hunter Douglas is no exception. They have designed window treatment options that include PowerView Motorization. Below are just some of the benefits and conveniences you will experience by upgrading to the motorized system.

One of the main benefits PowerView Motorization is the easy of opening and closing your window shades and blinds. With a handy ergonomic remote control, you do not even have to get up from your seat to adjust the light or privacy in your home. The PowerView Pebble Remote Control allows you to program and control up to six window groups either individually or at the same time. The Scene Controller allows you to use a display screen to choose from preset room scenes, so that you can access them with a touch of a button. The PowerView Surface allows you to wall mount the remote or scene controller instead so that you do not have to worry about losing them.

Since there is an app for everything these days, of course there is one for your window treatments. The PowerView App is an awesome tool that allows you to control your shades and blinds from your phone or tablet. This is a great place to create a customized room scenes and schedule their operation during the day. With the app, you can also personalize your interface with icons and color schemes. There is a Remote Connect feature which allows you to operate your window treatments when you are outside of your home. Adjust on the fly with this convenient feature.

Another great benefit to adding the PowerView system to your home is that it can be synced to your local time which is a fantastic feature that adjusts your shades with the sunrise and the sunset. This can help you get a better night sleep and assist you in gently waking in the morning at the time that you prefer rather than the time the sun dictates. Who would have thought that is would be possible to control your Hunter Douglas window treatments by calibrating to your location. Genius!

Another great benefit is the added safety of not having dangling cords that can get tangled up or wrapped around children and pets. Plus, you do not have to touch your window treatments as it is all done by remote which can reduce breakage and human error. These are all really nice features and makes it worth upgrading to a motorized system.


The days of being cold in your house can now be over for good. In many cases it is actually very common that they people who are receiving a lot of different services will be the ones who are going to be able to make sure that they are able to stay warms. The most common mistake that people make as a home owner is that there will be times when you will need to make sure that you are having a good time.

This could mean that you are having a good time while at the same time being able to stay completely warm in your house. One of the common ways that this would be impossible would be if you do not actually have any blinds over your windows, in your houses. This could lead to you being able to get cold air coming in. One thing is they this will be a major impact on how much cold air is able to enter into your home. There are a lot of air pockets that could be present in your windows of your house without you even knowing about it. The truth of the matter is that the blinds will be the number one solution that you will be able to abide by in order to get rid of the cool breezes that may actually currently be present in your house.

If you are going to be one of those individual who is going to want to make sure just positively that each and every window that you have in your house is not going to make any air to make the rest of your house cold. You will want to make sure that all of this is put into place before you get comfortably moved in to your house so I do not want to with this later on down the road after everything is in the house and you are all settled in. The Hunter Douglas blinds that you have in your house could prevent you from having to spend a lot more money on energy bills because you will not have to worry about any cold air being present in your living spaces of your house.

You will not actually have very many moments where you are going to have to deal with a lot of your cool areas of your house. Some people may feel like they’re lost because they do not know what they can do about all of this happening in your house. They will want to turn to the professional blind people who are in charge of making every house the most suitable body that they come across. Each time you were getting a consultation about the best type of Hunter Douglas blinds that would work for your house you want to bring up some of the things that you want to make sure they will include in order to fit your house and all of your personal needs for you and your family.

Selecting the appropriate window treatments for your home is an important part of home decorating. Window treatments can change the feel and appearance of your home and affects the lighting and functionality of your existing windows. Since there are so many styles of window treatments available to you, choosing the one that is right for you and your family can be quite daunting. For professional help in this arena, be sure to turn to House of Blinds, southern California’s full service window treatment sales and installation service. If you have time, be sure to stop by one of there well stocked and diverse showrooms. This article aims to discuss how to select the best window treatments for your home.

  1. Before selecting appropriate window treatments for your home, you must decide how much light you want let in. Different window treatment options run the gamut on how much or little light gets let into any given room. Some homeowners prefer to have the option of blacking out most of the light, especially in bedrooms. Others prefer a brighter, more open feel. Some prefer it right in the middle, with the option to do both. Regardless of which category you fall into, be sure to evaluate how certain types of blinds or window treatments will affect the feel and lighting of each room. You may wish to select different types of window treatments for different types of rooms. In the bedroom, for example, you may want a different type than in the kitchen or dining area.
  2. Be realistic about what works in your budget. The cost of custom window treatments can certainly add up. Be sure to know your budget and be aware of any factors that could cause you to go over budget on this project. If possible, it is a good idea to have a little bit of wiggle room. In the selection process you may find a style of shutters or window coverings that slightly exceeds your budget. It may be worth splurging, however, as you will spend the next several years using and looking at them.
  3. Decide how much privacy you will need in each room before you start. Similar to the suggestions about lighting, this may vary greatly from room to room. Obviously you will want to have tighter privacy in the bedrooms to keep out the eyes of people passing by and nosy neighbors. The amount of privacy in the bedroom is also impacted by the location and orientation of the bedroom. If you live in a city, for example, and the bedroom is close to the street level or sidewalk, you may want to consider even more private blinds than you would need for a second story bedroom on a large lot in the suburbs. The rest of the house is typically approached on a case by case basis. Some people simply prefer to have the ability to have privacy throughout there home, instead of just in the bedroom. Think about what activities you will be doing in each room, which will help you determine how private the window treatments need to be.

window treatmentIf you are looking for a simple solution to upgrade your home or office, new window treatments might be exactly what you need. New window treatments can give an updated look to any room and can be inexpensive and easy to install. It is really amazing what new curtains or shutters can do for the look of your home or office. When it comes to window treatments there are a lot of styles to choose from that vary in cost and ease of installation. One of the most popular suppliers of window treatments is Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas blinds and shades come in a wide variety of styles and prices and come with a lifetime guarantee. Lori Jill Designs of Boca Raton, Florida is the top Hunter Douglas gallery in the state and has been providing excellent services and products for over twenty years. The style experts at Lori Jill Designs have the skills and experience to help you find the perfect window treatments that match your style and your budget. If you are looking for new window treatments to update the look of your home or office, call Lori Jill Designs today.

Lori Jill Designs offer a wide selection of blinds, drapes, and shutters, as well as custom window treatments for your home or office. They believe that your home or office renovations are not complete until you have found the perfect window treatments to pull it all together. Their high quality products have proven to please the eyes and stand the test of time. Not only can their staff help you to find the perfect style of window treatment for your home, but their professional staff can also measure and install your new window treatments for you. All you have to do is pick them up! And I assure you that choosing is the hardest part. With so many stylish and high quality styles to choose from, it is amazing that anyone is able to make a decision. Not to worry, that is what their style experts are there for. At Lori Jill Designs their goal is to make your window treatment shopping as easy and enjoyable as possible.

When you first embark on your mission to find new window treatments for your home or office you may be overwhelmed by all of the options for style, function, and cost. The options no longer lie just between shutters or blinds, the options have become much more diverse and complex over the years. At Lori Jill Designs you get to choose from a wide range of window treatment styles, including honeycomb shades, roller shades, vertical blinds, roman shades, and many more. Lori Jill Designs also provides products outside of the window treatment realm, including bed spreads and other bedding products. If blinds or shutters are not what you are looking for, Lori Jill Designs also offers a great variety of drapes and cornices in many different styles and fabrics. If you are looking to update the look of your home, call Lori Jill Designs!

When I was in high school I had this obsession with seeing people’s bedrooms. That might seem silly, but I felt like so much could be said about a person by the way they set up their blinds for homesbedroom. By the time we were in high school, our rooms really did start to reflect and style and who we saw ourselves as. I remember having a bunch of people who came to my house sign my trash can with paint markers. I was definitely a freshmen when I did that and I still have that silly trash can. But that said about me that I was a little odd, creative and sentimental. I remember going into my friend’s room and looking at if they photos or not, if they had knick knacks or not, if they had a comforter or a quilt or if they had posters of famous people or inspirational quotes on the wall.

It was so true that you can see what a person’s personality is by going into their living space. Which is why it got even more exciting when you got older and got to create an entire living space that reflects your personality. It started out for me in a dorm room that I had to share with a room mate. She had a bunch of black, red and leopard print things and I had only bright colors with musical theater posters on the wall. We didn’t necessarily get along, but my next room mate and I made our dorm room so adorable because she also liked bright colors and we made collages for the walls.

When I moved into the first home I rented, my friend’s and I were able to decorate the whole home the way we saw fit and even had the cutest bamboo blinds for our home. We were all very bohemian with a 70s hint to our home and it suited our personality just wonderfully.

Living on my own was an even more wonderful experience because I was the only one who got to decorate the whole house. It felt like the whole home was my bedroom and I just had a wonderful time all the time. I was the kid who wasn’t at all upset when she was punished by being sent to her bedroom. The shutters I had for my home were so adorable. They still had this vintage feel to them and yet they had this modern classy feel about them. It made me so happy to be in my home because it felt like me and I was surrounded by the things that I loved. I really enjoyed having people over to my home because I was able to show them all of the things that made me happy. I loved to make people happy in my home. It was such a wonderful experience. I would be sure to have the exact right window treatments put up before any one came over to make sure we were all very comfortable and enjoying the space that I had created.