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  1. Posting videos of themselves playing pranks. Video upload sites have always been popular amongst pranksters, but in recent years the trend has reached amazing new heights of popularity. There is always some new trend in the world of prank videos, the last big thing being the popularity of videos where a person will dress in a scary mask and sneak into the bed room of a sleeping boyfriend or girlfriend. These kinds of videos often have hilarious outcomes. One notable video showed a young man dressed as a vampire who crept into his sister’s room as she slept. When the lights came on and the sister saw the ghoulish figure, she leapt up and kicked her brother square in the stomach, knowing the air right out of him. The video later served as a lesson for would be pranksters that they should always take caution when carrying out their devilish behavior, as unsuspecting victims may not always react with a simple freight! Other popular videos appearing currently are ones in which a person is given a fake scratch off lottery ticket that makes it seem that they have won a large sum of cash. The fake lottery videos are always much funnier for the people watching the video or for the people who play the prank, rather than the victim. In one video that was appearing on Brain-Slam, a young man just barely had time to tell his friend that he had been the victim of a prank before he was able to call into his work and quit. If you are interested in making prank videos, remember not to take it too far and never prank someone in a way which you yourself would not also find amusing.
  2. Video upload sites have started to become flooded with videos of people dressing in the craziest get ups imaginable. There seems to be some sort of bizarre completion amongst video bloggers to produce videos where people are dressed in very strange outfits and doing very normal things. One popular video features a young guy dressed as an old woman walking through a subway car. The joke is very odd, as the only people who seem to know that it is happening are the cameraman and the person dressed as an old woman. During one part of the video a young lady even gets up to offer the prankster her seat. These videos often have men dressed as women and vies versa and also frequently feature people dressed and wearing makeup to look like famous singers and actors. Video sharing apps often go buzzing when someone uploads a video of a movie star eating at a fast food restaurant, only later to disappoint the community with the realization that the whole thing was a fake.
  3. People making videos of their children’s first words. The baby’s first word” videos are undoubtedly adorable, but some of them are a little hard to understand. Many times the parents are the only ones who can comprehend what the babies are saying, yet the videos are fun for everyone to watch because there are very few people who don’t like to see young babies try and talk.