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My mom used to dress me for school. Everyday, she made me wear a silk vest over whatever shirt she picked out the night before. School was a fashion nightmare every single day. That vest was the worst article of clothing I’ve ever worn, mostly because I was given no choice – I had to wear that vest. Fast forward 25 years and I’m stuck with one of the worst used cars you could imagine. I’m stuck with it because in place of my mom, I now have other people telling me what to do all the time. I’m sick of it.

Sandra is my wife and yes, she makes decisions for me. It seems that whether it’s my wife, a girlfriend, or my mother, she is always the decision maker. This carries over to my friendships with both women and men. Everyone is always making my decisions for me! But this is not their fault. I’ve allowed this to go on long enough. Most recently, I was persuaded to buy a KIA something. I own the thing and can’t tell you its model name. To list all of its shortcomings would take too long. Maybe a few highlights of what it’s in need of: brake repair, new paint, new battery, and a new alternator. Aside from that, it’s an eyesore even at a distance. I tried driving to work this morning but I just couldn’t bring myself to get there. I’ve never missed a day of work out of fear that someone would be disappointed in me. Well not today. As I write this, I’m pulled over on the side of the road and planning the biggest decision of my life. I’m going to drive this KIA right back to where I got it from and demand an exchange.

I’m not sure how exchanges work with cars. Most likely, I’ll have to take a loss on it, despite the fact that I bought the thing yesterday. I don’t even care about the loss. The car dealership I bought it from has a lot of options. Mostly Fords which I prefer. That’s right guys! I prefer something! I’m speaking to you directly, so if you’re reading this – Mom, Sandra, Michael, Jerry, Kathleen, and Tommy – know that the first time I have a preference! No more silk vests, no more movie nights with the couple I cannot stand, and no more cars I don’t want.

Today I make a stand. At 31, I’m no longer allowing anyone to make a decision for me. Your advice will always be welcomed, but things have to change around here. I want the life you may not even realize I want. The first step to that is to choose the used car of my choice. I choose something other than this hunk of garbage.

I finish this post as I sit in front of the dealership. It’s normal to fear before doing something for the first time, right? Well, here I go. Wish me luck. Good bless autonomy!