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When deciding to refurnish your house, there are a lot of different things to think about. New furniture, artwork, paint, or even materials such as granite or stone veneer are all possibilities to consider. There are a lot of trends heating up right now in interior design, so there should be no shortage of ideas for refurnishing on the internet. Any good search will turn up dozens of ideas for inspiration from re-upholstering existing furniture to applying brick veneer faux as an accent wall in a living room or bed room.

However, if you do not know where to begin, an internet search like that one can be very overwhelming. Here are a few of the hottest trends to get you started thinking about your home’s design and furnishings.

1. Accent walls. stone panelsThese are found all over the house these days, from living room to bed room to kitchen. An accent wall can be painted a certain color to add depth to a room, or it might be made of a certain material such as stone siding to add a rustic, natural look to a room. Accent walls might consist of artwork or none at all, depending on the material and the color. They should be designed carefully, with the amount of space in mind, as they can have the unfortunate effect of making a room look smaller by accident if it is not done well or with the right materials. Consult with a professional vendor such as Gen Stone if you are planning on using any stone siding or veneer faux in particular. Paint colors are easily enough painted over, but stone siding is much more difficult to fix if not done correctly.

2. Granite counter tops. Kitchens are loving granite counter tops these days, but be deliberate about your choice of color if you go this route. Granite lasts a long time and can raise the value of your home, but if it is a color that only you are going to like, you might have a hard time getting that higher price when it comes time to sell. A nice neutral such as grey or beige will go a long way towards making any potential buyer more comfortable with the kitchen.

3. Do not forget the exterior of your home! It is just as important as the interior when it comes to keeping the value of the neighborhood high, including the re sell value of your home. Stone siding outside as an accent, landscaping, and planting flowers can all bring a nice touch to your home’s exterior and help keep the value high.

Many of these tips and trends can be done by someone with the right tools and materials in a weekend. This author does not recommend installing your own granite counter tops, but with the right set of instructions and materials, even stone siding can be installed at home by just about anyone who puts their mind to it. If you have a free weekend and want to try something new with your home, consider one of the above ideas.