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There are many different services offered by carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning services can entail many different types of services as well as many different types of products, including rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. If you are looking for the right types of carpet cleaning services, then you first need to understand all of the various services that are offered by carpet cleaners. This is also good information to know when you are shopping around for the right carpet cleaning company as you will want to be sure that you find a company that offers everything that you need now and everything that you may need in the future in order to ensure that you can use the same cleaners for all of your carpet and rug cleaning needs. rug cleaning

As there are many services that are offered by some carpet cleaners, these services are not offered by all carpet cleaning companies. This is why it is of utmost importance to find a carpet cleaning company that offers a plethora of choices. Listed here are some of the numerous services that you can find with the right type of carpet cleaning companies:

  1. Professional carpet cleaning services. One type of service that you can expect to find with a carpet cleaning company are professional carpet cleaning services.
  2. Auto interior cleaning services. When you find the right carpet cleaning services, then you can also find auto interior cleaning services. This way, when you have your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned, then you can also have the interior of your car taken care of at the same time.
  3. Upholstery cleaning services. You will also want to find a company that can offer upholstery cleaning so that you can have your furniture cleaned at the same time.
  4. Pet damage cleaning services. If you have pets, then you will want to find a company that can do damage control for you.
  5. Safe and environmentally friendly cleaning systems.

As you can see, there are many different types of services that are offered by carpet cleaning companies. If you are looking for the right type of carpet cleaning company for your carpets and floors, then there are also many ways to find the right carpet cleaning services. You can always start by asking around to see who others use for their carpet cleaning needs. These referrals can come from your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. You can also utilize the internet and look online. This is the best and most efficient way to find a carpet cleaning company unless you want to find a recommendation from someone that has already used them. You can also read reviews in order to see how other people have liked or disliked the carpet cleaning companies that you are looking into using.

If you want to skip the research and just go with the best, then you can contact the experts over at Sweet’s Chem-Dry. They are the leading experts in carpet cleaning as well as upholstery and rug cleaning. Give them a call right away and they can get you started on cleaning all of your carpets and rugs.

It’s imperative to take care of your belongings so they will last longer. When you consider really cool websites such a Pinterest, you can find all sorts of amazing cleanings tips to help you get things like wine out of your beige carpet or grease out of your clothing. It’s pretty impressive when you think about all the different knacks you can use to get things tile cleaners back to the way they were when you purchased them. Here are some tips that ChemDry of Baltimore uses to help you keep everything clean in your home.
  1. Carpet Care Tips. ChemDry makes sure to take extra special care of your carpet by having it ready to be used again within just a couple of hours. A lot of companies use a steam cleaning method and because of that, your carpet can’t be walked on for one to two days. With ChemDry your carpet will be ready after one or two hours because they use hot water and carbonation to get your carpets cleaned.
  2. Spot Removal Tips. If you are concerned about having spots like wine stains on your carpet, then ask ChemDry about their protectant they can put on your carpet. It is safe for children and pets and totally affordable.
  3. Stain Removal Tips. ChemDry has some ideas to help you get those pesky stains out of your carpet before they actually become stains! First you need to act quickly so the stain doesn’t get an opportunity to set. Then you need to know what kind of stain you are working with and what it is actually staining. ChemDry has a list of materials and products that will help you to know what stain removers to use on what materials. Without rubbing in the stain, remove as much excess as possibly by blotting or scraping. Working from the outside edge of the stain into the inside to keep it from spreading. Then call ChemDry to have their professional tile cleaners, upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaners to come out and get your home totally clean.
  4. Area Rug Care Tips. First things first, do the best you can not to spill on the area rug. Use a dry white towel to get rid of the excess stain. You can use different products to protect your rug so it will help prevent a potential stain from setting. Give ChemDry a call and ask them about what you can use as options to keep your area rug clean. Keep your area rug out of the sunlight as well to keep it from fading.

When it comes to your home, you never have to sacrifice on keeping things clean. One of the best ways to keep your home clean is by responding to spills as soon as possible. GIve ChemDry a call and ask the professional carpet cleaners what options are the best for your home. Taking care of your belongings mean they will last longer and this includes your carpets and area rugs. So give ChemDry a call today, you won’t be sorry you did. the service or product you’re looking for, it’s always best to buy from a company with a strong reputation.  The better a company’s reputation, the more likely you are to get the kind of service or product you desire.  Companies with strong reputations typically have good customer service, expertise of their industry, and experience.  All of these things are beneficial to the consumer, as they ensure that the consumer receives what they are looking for.

In the carpet cleaning industry, it can often be difficult to find a company with a strong reputation.  Frequently, people are dissatisfied with the company they hire, either because they charge too much money or because they do a sub-standard job of cleaning the carpets.  However, one company stands out because of their stellar reputation in the industry.  Saabye’s Superior ChemDry is the professional carpet cleaners everyone should be hiring.  Their stellar reputation is a small part of the reason why.

As part of the larger Chem-Dry family, Saabye’s Superior ChemDry has decades of reputation building under their belt.  The reason why Chem-Dry branches have been so successful over the years is the high quality of cleaning they provide and their incomparable customer service.  If a Chem-Dry company says they can clean the carpet, they’ll get the job done.  And they’ll always show up on time and never charge more than they said the job would cost.

In addition to their stellar reputation, Saabye’s Superior ChemDry utilizes products and equipment that are unrivaled in the business.  The cleaning product they use on carpets is known as The Natural.  It is a combination of green cleaning solution and carbonation.  The latter works to break the dirt and debris up in the carpet, and the former works to wash the carpet and leave it smelling great.  Since The Natural utilizes only green, non-toxic cleaning solution, the carpets are safe for small children and pets immediately after the cleaning job is done.  You won’t have to worry about bringing harmful chemicals into your home because their cleaning solutions don’t have any.  The equipment they use to clean your carpets is also top of the line.  They stay up on the trends and make sure that the equipment they are using is the best on the market.

Saabye’s Superior ChemDry also offers a wide variety of cleaning services.  In addition to professional carpet cleaning, they specialize in tile cleaning, grout cleaning, rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.  When you hire them to come to your home and clean then, they are able to clean virtually the entire home.  Not only are they able to clean things other than your carpet, they are specialists in such cleaning.  They use special products and equipment designed specifically for rugs, furniture, tile, and grout.  Never again will you have to worry about removing odors from your furniture or getting persistent dirt out of the grout on your kitchen floors; rather, they’ll take care of it for you.  For all of these reasons, they are the easy choice in their industry.


When your carpet experiences water damage you need to act fast if there is a chance of restoring it. The first thing you need to do is identify the type of water that damaged your carpet. If it came from leaking pipes then you can proceed with the carpet cleaning. However if the source of the water damage are overflowing toilets and the like, then you have no option but to discard your carpet since that type of water may have contaminated the carpet already.

water damage

carpet cleaning

Let us assume that the water is not contaminated and that you have already fixed the leak then start with the cleaning. What you need to do is disinfect the wet area by applying a cleaning solution or disinfectant. To make sure that you are using the right products, check if it has an EPA Registration Number. This tells you that the product has met the requirements and is safe to use. The same is true whether it is for carpet cleaning or for upholstery/rug cleaning. While applying the disinfectant, be sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area as exposure to the fumes may cause additional problems for your health.

The next step is to tear around the wet area using a box cutter. Remove the padding and then lift your carpet up. In order for the wet area to dry faster, use a fan. Regularly check the progress to determine if the portion is already dry. If it is still wet after 12 hours then consider replacing it entirely. This is not to say that your carpet is ruined beyond repair. Rather there is the risk that molds may have developed thus posing additional health hazards for you.

What if the damage was caused by your pet dog’s pee? Well, that is a different matter altogether. Unlike typical water damage, you should not use disinfectants when cleaning pet pee. The reason is that cleaning solutions have ammonia, which is also found in dog urine. This will only make your dog go back to the area and do that deed again.

In such instances, the first step of carpet cleaning is dry out the area especially if it is still wet. You can use kitchen towels by putting it on the wet area then stepping on it to absorb as much of the urine as possible. Once it is dry, you need to use a mixture of water and white vinegar and spread it on the area using either a brush or your hands. Again use kitchen towels to absorb the mixture. The purpose of doing this is to make sure that the ammonia smell is removed from the carpet. Wait until it is almost dry and then spread some baking soda over the area. Allow it to dry completely then vacuum it to remove the baking soda. You should have your carpet smelling fresh once you’re done.

As a final note, these are just some simple tips on how to go about restoring your carpet. When in doubt about what to, don’t hesitate to call professional services and have them do the carpet cleaning instead.


Many of us love to have pets and having him in our homes can bring his great company and can be a lot of fun. But you can also be wearing on the inside of our homes as well. Being able to have extra services in the home to take care of some of these at odors and problems is an important part of being a pet owner. When owning a pet it is easy to see the buildup that happens over time when the pets are in our homes on a daily basis. By being able to get good pet stain cleaners you were able to take care of the smells and getting that deep cleaning that is needed to ensure that are homestays clean at the same time.

Statement top of the regular carpet cleaning is what many homes and carpets really need. In order to keep your home in good shape having a regular deep cleaning done by professionals helps to keep the carpets refreshed and in some cases under warranty.  Upholstery CleanersRunning pets and depending on the type of pet can depend on how much order is left around. But chances are owning any type of pet will leave some motor in the home. Not wanting to distract from our homes being able to have a good cleaning helps to remove the pet order and any pet residues left around the home. It’s have accidents or may not be trained as well as we would hope they would be. It is not uncommon to have some pet stains and other problems that need to be removed now and again. Making sure that we clean up after them can be part of having a good clean home. But as time goes on it is always important to have that deep cleaning done to bring this back to that fresh smell and cleanliness is if the carpets were just installed.

I having professional carpet cleaners coming to the home and take care of that pet which can really make a difference in the overall health and cleanliness in the home. Carpet cleaners are specialists in being able to knock out even the toughest orders and can really do a great job at keeping it hidden that you even have a pair in the home. Getting everything that you need cleaned can also be an important part of checking into what type of carpet cleaning service you have. By being able to have the carpets cleaned as well as the upholstery cleaning done at the same time can really do the double punch on attacking the pet stain orders in the home. We will continue to love our pets no matter what even though they may have some orders that come along with them being able to also have a clean home at the same time can really make a difference in the overall health and well-being in our home.  Have a home that’s clean and that you can stay healthy in.


carpet cleaningWhile most carpet cleaners don’t require any special arrangements to be made when servicing the home, there are simple steps homeowners can take to speed up the process – and get back to normal activities. These will be discussed below:

Set Aside Furniture – and use furniture movers to reduce back strain as well as prevent nixes on other flooring surfaces like tile and hardwood floors. Of course, this task can be left to the professionals. Even though many deep cleaning can be done by the homeowner themselves, it’s usually a matter of convenience as well as professional results that motivate the homeowner to select an experienced cleaner each year. One additional word of advice is that by securing the same carpet cleaning company each year, loyalty discounts are usually offered.

Dust and Clean – by completing this task ahead of time, homeowners don’t need to worry about getting the carpets dirty – after service has been provided. It can be a huge pain to get the floors dirty again – right after they look brand new. A quick run of the duster on furniture and in ceilings will be enough to put these concerns to rest.

Vacuum The Floors – do a preliminary brush up of the carpet if you haven’t done so already. Basic vacuuming is furthermore recommended at least once per week to reduce the incidence of bacteria and particle buildup under fibers.

Store Valuables – and especially those that are easy to break. Because much of the room’s belongings will be shifted from one place to another, you can prevent damages by carefully storing any breakables away from the service area.

Bundle Services – reduce labor costs and extra time by scheduling similar services within the same day – if time permits. As an example, if you’d like to clean upholstery, dry clean curtains and drapes, or shampoo oriental rugs, these can be planned around the same timeframe. Just ensure that the service provider is notified well ahead of time so that solutions, equipment and contracts are brought on site prior to services being started.

Choose The Method of Cleaning – One additional tip is to point out expectations. Should there be a specific area that is bothering you for the longest time, and every solution rendered doesn’t work on one area of the carpet, ensure the service technician is notified. The technician will inspect the surface to analyze the best solutions for your carpet. Different carpets will likewise require different cleaning techniques and solutions based on the type of fiber – just as with clothing. Some of the top methods include steam cleaning, shampooing, the bonnet methods and dry cleaning.

Payment Options – ask in advance what payments are taken, as some only take cash, check or cards – or a combination of all. Those requesting this service can plan ahead of time instead of rushing to the bank to get payments in order.

Remember that it can take approximately half of a day for carpets to be dried completely. Follow the steps above to ensure the quickest service times possible.