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carpet cleaningWhile most carpet cleaners don’t require any special arrangements to be made when servicing the home, there are simple steps homeowners can take to speed up the process – and get back to normal activities. These will be discussed below:

Set Aside Furniture – and use furniture movers to reduce back strain as well as prevent nixes on other flooring surfaces like tile and hardwood floors. Of course, this task can be left to the professionals. Even though many deep cleaning can be done by the homeowner themselves, it’s usually a matter of convenience as well as professional results that motivate the homeowner to select an experienced cleaner each year. One additional word of advice is that by securing the same carpet cleaning company each year, loyalty discounts are usually offered.

Dust and Clean – by completing this task ahead of time, homeowners don’t need to worry about getting the carpets dirty – after service has been provided. It can be a huge pain to get the floors dirty again – right after they look brand new. A quick run of the duster on furniture and in ceilings will be enough to put these concerns to rest.

Vacuum The Floors – do a preliminary brush up of the carpet if you haven’t done so already. Basic vacuuming is furthermore recommended at least once per week to reduce the incidence of bacteria and particle buildup under fibers.

Store Valuables – and especially those that are easy to break. Because much of the room’s belongings will be shifted from one place to another, you can prevent damages by carefully storing any breakables away from the service area.

Bundle Services – reduce labor costs and extra time by scheduling similar services within the same day – if time permits. As an example, if you’d like to clean upholstery, dry clean curtains and drapes, or shampoo oriental rugs, these can be planned around the same timeframe. Just ensure that the service provider is notified well ahead of time so that solutions, equipment and contracts are brought on site prior to services being started.

Choose The Method of Cleaning – One additional tip is to point out expectations. Should there be a specific area that is bothering you for the longest time, and every solution rendered doesn’t work on one area of the carpet, ensure the service technician is notified. The technician will inspect the surface to analyze the best solutions for your carpet. Different carpets will likewise require different cleaning techniques and solutions based on the type of fiber – just as with clothing. Some of the top methods include steam cleaning, shampooing, the bonnet methods and dry cleaning.

Payment Options – ask in advance what payments are taken, as some only take cash, check or cards – or a combination of all. Those requesting this service can plan ahead of time instead of rushing to the bank to get payments in order.

Remember that it can take approximately half of a day for carpets to be dried completely. Follow the steps above to ensure the quickest service times possible.