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churchThere are so many reasons to go to church, and many different churches to choose from.  Finding the right church for you and your values is important, though, since every church is a little bit different.  Even among churches of the same denomination, there are many differences, based on the pastor there, as well as the attendees.  Because of all these differences, it is important to do your research or at least ask around, among your friends and family.  Another good way to learn more about a church you are looking into is to talk to the pastor there or other members of the church’s clergy.  You can learn a lot from talking to people.  As a matter of fact, why not go and talk to some of the other members, as well.  For many of us, going to church is not a solitary experience, but rather one you share with everyone.  After all, we are all children of God.

Picking the right Santa Monica church comes down to a few different factors.  One of the first ways to tell which church is right for you is to inquire about the denomination.  Every denomination of Christianity has differing stances on everything from the bible to how you should live your life.  By this criteria alone, you should be able to determine whether or not a certain denomination is right for you.  If all of your values coincide with the values of a specific denomination, then you can be fairly confident that it is the faith for you.  Of course, picking a religious sect is not something to be taken lightly, and many people have very deep-rooted views on even seemingly minor details of faith.

The two biggest denominations of Christianity are Protestantism and Catholicism, but these are both extremely broad means of classification. That being said the Catholic church is much more united than the Protestant church.  While Catholicism is all based around the concept that the Vatican City and the Pope are the closest you can get to God on Earth, Protestantism is more divided and more based on the notion that the individual is responsible for his or her relationship to God.  For this reason, Protestants do not have one figure that stands at the center of their religion, in the way the Pope does for the Catholics.

Of all the branches of Protestantism, the largest in the United States is Evangelism.  Evangelicals are fairly literal, when it comes to their interpretation of the bible.  For this reason, they heavily advocate that each individual read the bible, so he or she can gain a better understanding of it.  By letting the individual read the bible, it creates a more personal relationship with Christ, at least according to their teachings.  At the end of the day, the exact Christian church that you attend is less significant than your overall relationship with God, and your desire to do good things with your life.  This is the real meaning behind Christianity.