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I never thought that the day would come when cubicles made the comeback to mainstream and innovative offices.  When the movie, Office Space, came out, I was pretty certain that that was going to be the end of them.  Oh how incorrect I was.  Now, open office environments are the new rage and more and more people are starting to adopt them in their offices.  The concept of an open office environment is pretty intriguing for a company manager.  Essentially it says that if you place more of your employees in desks that are next to each other and facilitate them talking to each other, then you are going to have an office that is more collaborative in everything that occurs.  In reality this is a concept that works really well.  However, I am still kind of skeptical about what this means for my office in particular.  We do a great job of collaborating already and I think that we may be too democratic of an organization.  For me, I would like to see a bit more leadership from some of the people that are in charge.  That is not to knock them at all, but rather to say that I think we spend a lot of times on some things that could be quickly settled if someone in a leadership role stepped in.

I doubt that this will really be much of a problem when we move to an office with open cubicles.  These cubicles will all be set up in the same way so it allows for people to feel a sense of equality and camaraderie in the cubs.  This will be aided by the fact that all of the office partitions will be lower, so that people will actually be able to look over at someone and say hi if they wanted to.  This could do a lot of great things for the office by opening up even more communication channels among the people working there.  I also think that this will allow for people to get a better sense of the context in which they are working with their teams.  I know that I will be aided by working side by side with a number of my colleagues.  This will allow for me to instantly communicate with them and make me feel great about the opportunity to do so.

cubicle walls

I never would have thought that the presence of cubicle instead of offices would go so far for an organization.  I am excited to see some of the results from us doing so.  Hopefully, we will be able to get out bottom line up and see some immediate financial results from the collaboration that will take place due to the suggestion of the commercial design firm with which we have been working.  It will be a very interesting next four months as we prepare to go into a new neighborhood and look for new ways to get engaged with the organization.  Hopefully, it will have some long lasting impacts on the city of Denver.