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http://www.gregorindustries.comWhen you’re looking to hire a commercial roofing company, you can’t make a mistake. Commercial roofing projects are major projects, typically costing thousands of dollars. On top of the cost of installing, repairing or maintaining a commercial roof is also the potential cost of having to repair things should the roof fail. Most businesses themselves are housed in buildings worth millions of dollars. There are all sorts of expensive items, from computers and telephones to electrical wiring and documents. No business can afford to have their roof start leaking during a bad storm or have it cave in during the winter because of a wet, heavy snow. In short, the importance of your commercial roof goes well beyond the value of the roof itself; it is the single most important thing protecting your business from the potential damage of the outside world.

Since your commercial roof is so important, it makes sense that hiring the best commercial roofing professionals is equally important. If you don’t have time to find the best company in your area, start with However, if they don’t service your particular area you’re going to have to know how to identify the best company. Here are five traits your commercial roofing pros should possess.

1. Experience. The first thing you need to make sure the company you hire possesses is experience. You need to be sure that they’ve worked on roofs like your businesses and that they know exactly what needs to be done. They should understand the kind of material that should be used on your roof, the kind of slope that it should rest at and how the water/snow should run off of it.

2. Certified. You also need to make sure that the commercial roofers you hire are certified in their local jurisdiction to do this kind of work. There are all manner of permits that you’ll have to obtain to get the job done right, and they need to be up to code. Make sure they know how to get the permits and that every member on their team is qualified to do the work.

3. Knowledge of climate. Each climate is unique, and this will dictate the type of materials that should be used on the roof. If you live in Colorado you’re going to want different materials than if you live in Chicago.

4. Quality customer service. The company you hire should be able to clearly explain why they are going to do what they’re going to do. If you have questions about the costs or about an aspect of the job, they should be more than happy to answer them for you.

5. Affordable. It’s not cheap to take on a commercial roofing project, but it doesn’t have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars either. Try to find a nice balance between quality of work and affordability.

Visit with Gregor Industries if you can’t locate a company that offers each of the things listed above. They’ve worked on countless commercial roofs and will treat it with the kind of care that they treat their own.


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