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Over the last several years, I have taken up the habit of buying up concession stands at sporting arenas and other event centers.  I never really expected it to be a job or a career, I just enjoyed being around the events as they are happening, and figured that it would be a great way to start up a small side business that I can do when I have off time or free time from my other job commitments.  But it has grown and now it takes up a lot more time than just a side job after my real day job, especially deciding what to order for the concession stand supply.  I have several employees now who work for me at the concession stand on the weekends and during week day special events. So that actually keeps it manageable for me at this point. But I’m coming up on some major maintenance that I need to do on all the stands, and I figured I might as well do them all at the same time. Once I put out that money I am thinking that I may move into doing this full time. I just need to buy a few more concession stands, and it would make sense for me to just do this as my full time job and focus my energies on building up my brand. The most important thing right now that I need to get taken care of is replacing the popcorn machines that I have in each concession stand location.  The popcorn machine gets used the most when it comes to all the products and pieces that go into making the concession stand work well. The popcorn machine is on and running the entire time we are serving customers, and so it certainly gets the most use. But they are not cheap, and they need to be replaced on a regular basis.  There are several other large machines that I have in each concession stand that get used as well, its just that they often get used when there is a need for them, rather than constantly pumping out popcorn using a lot of heat the entire time we have the concession stand open.  The concession stand supply company that I order all my products from also does a great job of providing competitive prices on all the larger and major pieces of equipment that a concession stand needs in order to be operational.  So I’m not concerned about where to buy the popcorn machine, I’m more concerned with deciding where my focus and energies are going to go, and then putting in the right amount of money, time and effort into whatever that is. If I want to go the concession stand route, then I should replace all my machines. But if I want to keep this as a side gig, then maybe I want to be more selective in the amount of money I put into the venture. Maybe I will just buy a few more concession stands instead.

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