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teeth whiteningWe all have our unique practices when it comes to good dental hygiene. Some of us simply brush twice a day, some of us brush twice and then floss once, some floss and don’t brush and some have so many tools like a water flosser, two toothbrushes so you can have one in the shower and one at the sink, a tool to clean your tongue and your cheeks as well as copious amounts of mouth wash. Yes our dental practices can range in passion, fortitude and even laziness but we all know that to have clean and healthy teeth is an important and even necessary part of being human.

We teach our children at a young age to start brushing their teeth once those little guys start popping up. As soon as possible parents get their little ones into see a dentist so they can start practicing preventative dentistry to keep from having little cavities or even worse issues arise for their children. As you teach your child to brush their own teeth you start to realize that everyone’s brushing methods even vary. Some people may not spend two minutes brushing each night but just get in there and give everything a quick scrub down. Some people might even spend at least ten minutes each night making sure they are flossing well, brushing thoroughly and then of course using the mouth wash. One of my favorite brushing practices came from my three year old nephew who did not understand that you had to spit out the tooth paste. He just kept swallowing it which his mother assured me was just fine. He was so adorable while we tried to explain to him why good dental hygiene is so important.

Another piece to this puzzle that is probably the most important part is finding a dentist that fits right for you. Ideally it will be someone who is warm, educated and experienced. Often people have negative connotations about the dentist’s office but if you find the right one even a routine root canal doesn’t have to be horrible experience. A dentist can influence the way we take care of our dental health and they are available to answer any questions you might have about the work that they are doing on you and of course how you can best care for your teeth. And if your dentist is busy at the time, please feel free to contact your dental hygienist who will be happy to help educated you on the issues.

To find a good dentist to help you with anything from cosmetic dentistry to teeth whitening you have to find a company that you can respect and feel comfortable going to over and over again. That is why Refresh Dental of Alberta, Canada is a company that can be trusted because they about your smile and even more they care about you. Like I said, dental health is a very personal thing so why not find a dentist that can help you feel comfortable and educated about what you dental practices are.