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shared office spacesShared office spaces are becoming all the rage these days, as you see them popping up everywhere especially in big cities. They have become so popular for a reason. These shared office spaces, otherwise known as coworking spaces, offer an immense amount of benefits and flexibility for your growing business. They can also be much more affordable than a traditional office. Of course, you will incur more expenses than say, working from your home office. However, the value you will receive from a shared office space will far outweigh the cost of the space itself. Here are some signs that you are ready to upgrade from your home office to a coworking space.

The main indicator that you need to migrate to a shared office space situation is that you are just running out of room in your home office. Perhaps you have some inventory that is piling up or perhaps your space is becoming cluttered with documents or samples. Sometimes, in order to be creative, you must first be organized. Small spaces require meticulous organization and constant tidying to keep them up to par. Rather than add more storage in your space to organize your clutter, consider spreading out in a shared office space.

Maybe you do not even have an office in your home in the first place. Perhaps you have been working from your couch or kitchen table. Maybe your business started out super small and your kitchen table was sufficient. However, now you can no longer be as efficient or as sustainable working without an office. In this scenario, you would not necessarily have to go all in on a big office or private studio. You may be better served with a designated desk at a shared office space that you can come back to each day. Or maybe you would prefer a more fluid situation where you could come in a couple of times a week and find an available spot in the community workspace.

It is easy to get distracted while working from home, especially when you are working at all hours of the day and night. It may not be practical to work from the kitchen table while your partner is cooking dinner or making school lunches for the kids. Your children may not understand the boundaries that you need to work from home. They may not be able to comprehend why, if you are there, that you cannot play with them or take them places. Even pets can be a major distraction as cats like to jump up on desks, the backs of chairs and walk all over your paperwork in order to get your attention. They too do not understand that you need your space while working.

Sometimes it can be difficult to admit that you just cannot make it work moonlighting from your home office. However, if you are experiencing the above issues, it may be time to start considering a change. A shared office space may be just what you need to get more work done.