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When it comes to proclaiming religious faith, there are many different forms of expression. For example, with Christianity, most people choose to wear a form of jewelry to express their faith and to make it known that they are followers of Christ. The most popular form of jewelry for the Christian faith is a cross that is generally worn around the neck. Likewise, the LDS community also expresses their faith through the means of LDS jewelry that is specifically made and designed for expressing the faith that comes with being a member of The Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints. LDS music

Along with jewelry, there are many other ways that LDS members choose to express their faith. Listed here are the top five ways to express your LDS faith.

1. LDS jewelry. LDS jewelry is the most popular form of expression of faith in the LDS community. It is popular to wear your jewelry in the form of an LDS ring but many people also choose to wear or own LDS necklaces, bracelets and earrings. LDS mood rings have also grown popular with children as a fun way to show their moods while also displaying their faith to the world and to each other.

2. CTR jewelry. Another very popular form of expression is the CTR jewelry. CTR stands for ‘choose the right’ and is a very popular line from a traditional hymn that has made its way onto jewelry everywhere. The most popular type of CTR jewelry comes in the form of the CTR rings. However, just like LDS jewelry, you can also find CTR jewelry in the form of earrings, necklaces, charm bracelets and normal bracelets.

3. LDS art. LDS art comes in many different forms. You can purchase already created LDS art such as a traditional painting, portrait or bust. You can also make your own LDS artwork. This can include painting, chalk drawings, and creating a nativity scene with your family.

4. LDS music. LDS music is another very popular form of artistic expression and can be found in a variety of forms as well. You can choose to purchase LDS music or you can make your own LDS music. It is quite popular to sing traditional LDS hymns with your family members as well as listen to Christmas albums during the holiday season.

5. LDS books. LDS books are a form of expression as they can help you continue to grow and learn about the LDS faith as you are growing and learning within your own faith.

As you can see, there are multiple forms of expression for expressing your religious faith with the world. These can be used for both proclaiming your faith to the world as well as serving you with a constant reminder that you are a follower of the LDS community! If you are interested in finding more LDS items such as those listed above, then visit the trusted LDS experts at Books and Things so that you can find all of the items of expression that you need to express your faith!