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When you are looking into any company to do a job for you and for your home, there are some important details to keep in mind. Most importantly, you want to know that they will be able to do a good job for you and for your family. Keeping your carpets truly and deeply clean is a matter of personal hygiene that you depend on, especially when you have family members who are low to the ground, like pets and small children! But how are you going to know that the carpet cleaning team you have found will really be able to do the best job for your home? There are some things about the company that you can learn before hiring them that will help you know that you have truly selected the right company for your needs. The team at Curtice Chem-Dry is one carpet cleaning team that really understands this and demonstrates their knowledge in the way they run their company. This is a locally owned and operated and independently owned and operated company that you can truly trust to do right by you and get your carpets truly clean- and without all those nasty chemicals! Here are a few of the qualities that make Curtice Chem-Dry the kind of carpet cleaning company you want cleaning your carpets:

  • Nationally known system with a local touch: With a carpet cleaning system like the Chem-Dry system, you know that you are getting the kind of high quality cleaning product that your carpets need. But having the high quality product is just not enough. You also need to have a local team that is really invested in your community and in getting your carpets truly and deeply clean for your family. That is why Curtice Chem-Dry is so great. They work with a nationally recognized product, but as an independently owned and operated company, they are prepared to really help your family and your home.
  • Strong knowledge base: Because of the great chem-dry system, the Curtice Chem-Dry team is working with a strong product and a strong carpet cleaning franchise. This means you can count on the Curtice Chem-Dry team to really be a notch above the rest. They not only know the best product to use, but as a local team they will know the products that work really well on stains that are typical in your area. When you get dirt and muck from outside on your carpets, this is of particular importance!
  • Diversity of skills: Having a great system and knowledge base for one kind of carpet is good, but knowing how to tackle a variety of stains on a variety of materials is really what you are hoping for an looking for in a team. This is something that al the Chem-Dry teams do well. Whether you are looking for pet stain removal or rug cleaning or the right cleaner for your high end upholstery, you can count on the Curtice Chem-Dry team to have a solution! Don’t look anywhere else, choose the folks at Curtice Chem-Dry to keep your carpets clean!