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You are probably wishing that you knew of an online blinds, shades and shutters company that you could trust to order you window treatments from.  If you are someone that likes to order online and save the time it takes to go inside a store, you can rest assured that Direct Buy Blinds can be your company of choice. This is a great way to save money on your window coverings and a great way to save yourself from having to go out into traffic to go to a store. Ordering from the convenience of your own home is the best way to order you window treatments. This company will send you any samples that you would like to see absolutely free. These samples will be there in two business days and you will be able to decide which you like best for your windows. Once you decide which products you like, you will want to measure the windows that are being treated and send the measurements in as part of your order. If you don’t know how to measure correctly, you will want to read the online instructions on correct measuring on their website. Once you get the measurements right, you can send in your order.

After you have your window treatments delivered to your home, you will want to get them hung. They have online instructions for every kind of blind, shade or shutter that you might decide to order. You can hang your window treatments by yourself by using these online instructions. With the easy instructions, anyone can hang their own window treatments. You will be amazed at how easy it is to hand these blinds so that you can save the money of doing your own ordering. Once you order your blinds and get them to your home, you will be able to follow the online instructions so that you can save money by hanging your own window blinds. You can feel good about learning a new skill and you will love the fact that you are able to hand these blinds on your own. Your window treatments can look professionally hung even though you did it rather than a professional. This is something that you will be able to do for the rest of your life as you get new window blinds through the years and are able to hang them yourself.

Custom blinds are a great window treatment to decide on. These custom blinds will be a great choice for your window coverings. You will love the way they look and the way they are so versatile. With all of the choices in blinds and shades, you will love being able to get just what you want from Direct Buy Blinds. Blinds have different materials and fabrics that they are made of and you can have the ones that you like for your windows. When you order the samples, you can decide which ones will look best in your home. These samples can help you figure out just what you want to order.



Window coverings can vary greatly from styles, shapes, colors and material. They make up the screening needed for privacy in our homes or offices. Window coverings are also commonly referred to as blinds, shades or shutters. It just depends on what style someone is trying to attain. Custom window coverings can drastically improve the style and brightness of a given space while creating a more inviting area. In addition to enhanced surroundings, custom window coverings can also provide a convenient and modern element through the installation of home automation.

Home AutomationHome automation window coverings is more common than one might imagine. Homeowners and business owners alike enjoy the ease of convenience with motorized privacy options. A remote controlled system can quickly and effectively darken or brighten a given space. This system is even more beneficial for larger spaces that have tall walls covered in windows. The option to remotely control out of reach window coverings helps keep darker room bright as well as the afternoon glare from blinding the occupants. There are several more benefits to having a home automation feature installed with any custom shades, blinds or shutters.

  • Added element of security. The option to press a button and shield the inside from the out decreases the chances of strangers taking inventory of your home or belongings. Some people may be tired or too lazy to draw all the blinds and may only manually draw a few. Motorized privacy options clearly only requires the touch of a button.
  • Ease of operation. With a home automated window covering system, all window treatments can easily be opened or closed at the same time and in the same manner. No more tangling of cords or crooked and uneven shades. Streamline your beautiful window coverings into a pattern or all the same.
  • Customized to your preferences. There is no one way or no way to have your custom blinds, shutters or shades automated. You can choose the method of operation that works best for your and the space at hand. These systems can operated efficiently both through a wired or wireless setup. The choice is yours!
  • Modernize your space. Are you looking to make your home or office the talk of the town? Adding the element of technology into beautifully created and custom made window coverings will set your style apart from any other.
  • Safe for both young and elderly occupants. Removing the element of a dangerous cord from a child’s reach provides a safer solution for busy mothers who can’ always keep their eye on the little ones. Furthermore, a motorized option for an at risk adult allows them to be more independent while staying safe from possible injuries that could be a result from manual operation of a hard to reach window coverings.
  • Eliminate costly repairs or replacements. Creating motorized options for your window coverings removes the risk of aggressive pulling or yanking on the fabric or cord. A streamlined approach in managing your window coverings allows for consistent and smooth operations.

The endless benefits of a motorized shade system in your home will make you to never go back to the days of manual operation.