Category Archive:custom shades you hear older people talk about how things just aren’t the way they used to be, there’s some truth to what they’re saying. Companies today are more concerned with making money than they are with providing quality products to their customers. Most companies would rather spend their money on more inventory than they would on their staff, ensuring along the way that their staff aren’t highly trained and are typically disgruntled. All of this leads to a poorer customer service experience, where it’s clear to the consumer that the company they’re buying from is more interested in having their money than they are in building a strong relationship. What these companies fail to notice, however, is that by disregarding the importance of the relationship to their customers they’re ensuring that people only shop at their location once.

It’s such a treat for consumers when they come across a company that’s dedicated to customer service. It’s so rare these days that consumers often wonder if the staff are even being genuine. For certain products, the better the customer service is the more likely you are to buy from them. And the better the customer service, the more likely you are to purchase a product that you actually want and need. For this reason, you should find a custom shades company dedicated to customer service.

A custom shades company dedicated to customer service is a company that wants you to wake up everyday in your home and to enjoy what you’re seeing around you. Rather than trying to get you to purchase the most expensive custom window coverings in their shop so they can make a greater profit, they’re more interested in helping you select the product that you enjoy the most. They want you to like what you see around you.

They also want to help their customers increase the value of their property by helping them select custom shades that match the rest of their house. A great set of custom window coverings can be the difference between selling your house or having it on the market for years, and it can be a few thousand dollar difference during your appraisal.

In short, custom shades companies that value customer service want to help customers achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of. They’re more interested in having a satisfied customer than they are with making money, and they know that satisfaction will eventually turn into greater profits for them anyways. One such custom shades company is East Greenbush Window Coverings. They employ the best designers in their area and have them work closely with each of their customers. Along the way these designers offer suggestions, but they make sure that you’re selecting products that you actually enjoy. On top of all of this, they offer a variety of promotions to their customers to help them find the window coverings they’ve always dreamed of at an affordable rate. At the end of the day, they care more about their customers than they do about making a great deal of money.