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When we were looking to hire a custom deck builder, we weren’t sure where exactly we should go for the best results. We read some reviews online, and we went to the home show that our city has every spring. After checking out a few websites, we decided to go with the custom deck builders from Centennial Decks. They really seemed to have the experience that we were looking for in a company that was going to be spending a bit of our money and a lot of time on our property. We wanted to feel confident that they were going to do the best job possible, while also building us a safe and affordable deck. We originally wanted a really customized deck, with several different levels and layers. But after our first few meetings with the custom deck builders who were assigned to our order, we decided to scale it back just a little bit. Due to the quantity of materials that was going to be needed for the entire project as we originally wanted it, we were going to have to tone down our expectations, and possible build a deck that was smaller in size but also had the ability to be expanded in the future if we decided we really did need some more space. The meeting with the custom deck builders who were working with us really clarified that the project as we imagined it was just a bit too large for the space that we have, the time frame we had given them, and the budget that we laid out for the work and the materials.

So, the highly specialized deck that we really wanted is going to have to be done in phases or just wait for another time. custom deckFor now, we are getting most of what we had imagined and originally wanted, but it is just a bit toned down. We are using a different deck material product that is a bit more cost effective, so we had to give a little bit on that one. And we also shrunk the size of the deck down just a bit, which is still going to be fine. It will give us the room and the space that we wanted, but nothing more than that. It was the easiest place to trim from the budget, and so we went with that. We still are getting the nice bench seats around the edges, and two different levels so there will be a stepped down approach into the yard. Otherwise, it will be the custom deck that we have pictured and talked about for several years. In the future we may expand it so that our bedroom opens onto the same deck, but we may also choose to just let that piece of the project go and not worry about it. We will still have a nice covered area and a nice eating area with a bbq, and that was really the main point of the whole project after all.

Centennial Custom Decks

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