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dental careStudies show that many adults skip out on regular dental care for one reason or another, including fear and high service prices. However, one should examine the risks of not visiting their dentists for a checkup each year:

Cavities – no matter how well we take care of our teeth, we’re still vulnerable to cavities. Dentists for instance recommend brushing the teeth at least twice daily, along with flossing and rinsing with an ADA recommended mouth wash. Over time however, our teeth lose enamel – making it easier for cavities to form. A qualified dentist can take preventative steps to ensure this doesn’t happen, one of which includes applying a sealant over each tooth to prevent the penetration of food – and hence the formation of cavities.

Repair Costs – the cost of repairing a damaged tooth, if it’s excessive, is extremely high. While simple fillings are typically under $100 based on national averages, badly damaged teeth can cause patients to spend thousands of dollars in repair. A root canal treatment for instance is roughly over $500 in most cases. In addition, dental implants for missing teeth are even more. This brings us to the next issue:

Pain – a damaged tooth is hard to ignore. Just ask anyone who has ever experienced it. A cavity filled tooth can cause bad migraines, time off from work due to unbearable jaw pain, and even back pain. It’s for this reason that many adults only visit the dentist when they need to.

Low Self Esteem – a full, straight and white smile is often seen as an indicator of someone who values their appearance. By ignoring dental care, this beautiful smile can be compromised by the loss and yellowing of teeth. These conditions can be easily avoided by visiting a dental provider once per year.

These are some of the top reasons why visiting a dentist is so important. So what can patients expect when they visit the dentist for a checkup?

Two procedures will be performed and these include:

A Thorough Examination Of The Teeth And Gums – in many cases the dentist will perform an x-ray to determine if there are any underlying cavities that have been missed with the naked eye. If there’s a deep cavity touching the nerve, an oral surgeon will be referred or the dentist will perform a root canal.

Cleaning – the dentist will follow up with a detailed cleaning of the teeth and gums to remove plaque and buildup that can be missed with simple brushing and flossing alone. Following this procedure, the dentist will polish the teeth to make it look clean and bright.

Other dental work can be ordered in-office including teeth whitening for a much whiter smile. Expect 10 shades of whitening with each session.

How to Sign Up For Dental Care

Be sure to look online or in the Yellow Pages for a local dentist. Readers who are new to insurance should know that coverage for repairs doesn’t typically kick in until three to six months after signing up. Instead most insurance providers offer the incentives of immediate preventative care.