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  1. It is only natural to start their piece about identity theft prevention with a remark about the current methods being used to shred company documents in the modern business world. Whereas before it was more common for companies to undertake their own shredding duties, today far too many new methods for stealing identity off documents has appeared. The new excepted practice for document destruction for companies is to have a full time service carryout the document shredding. A number of companies have arisen as leaders in the field of document shredding, among them Xpress Shred, a company dedicated to the removal and shredding of documents from large and small business across the state. These paper shredding services have grown into industry standards for the prevention of identity theft in the world today. Secure shredding can no longer be trusted to simple machines placed in the offices of large companies. Currently, the clients of large corporate office want their business providers to incorporate a professional shredding service into their company. On a smaller scale, people in their homes still count on small, shredding machines to dispose of sensitive papers that may contain their bank information or other private data that is often used in the commission of identity theft.
  2. Watch your pin number when you purchase items from stores, or when getting money from an ATM. There are a surprising number of identity thefts committed each year when thieves use the ATM Pin codes to gain access to banks. If a criminal is able to obtain your pin code for your ATM card, they can use it not only to steal money directly from your account through cloned banking cards, they can also use it to commit an entire list of identity theft crimes as well. The pin code is often times one of the keys that keep our banking information safe from thieves, and if they are able to get this data, it may put your whole electronic banking system at risk. There are a few ways to avoid the theft of your ATM code which you should always use. For starters, never use ATMs or card payment systems in places that you don’t know or which you can’t trust. Always cover the pin pad when you enter your information, as thieves will sometimes use hidden cameras to record your movements when you pay with your credit card or bank card. You should also be extremely cautious when you purchase things online which require you to give bank info; many online sites seem trustworthy but might be subject to the tricks of experienced cyber thieves.
  3. Don’t ever leave your credit card with an unknown person for any reason. We have all been to places in the past, such as car rental agencies, which ask us to leave our credit cards at the front desk and pick them up when the car or other item is returned. This practice is outdated and dangerous and should never be agreed to. If you must, offer to leave your driver’s licenses in place of a credit card, the information given on your ID is harder to use for identity theft.