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People are sometimes so reckless and then have the audacity to blame you for getting upset when they do something reckless. It makes absolutely no sense to me and it angers me honestly. Like, how are you going to get mad when I have a legitimate reason to be yelling at you!?

Well, to digress to the original point and why I am venting on such a level is because my daughter is the most clumsy person and she doesn’t pay attention to anything! Like I mean, ANYTHING! It is like talking to a bring wall sometimes despite the fact that she is a smart girl. I love her a lot, but she does the damnedest things that set me off.

So we were talking the other day and I told her, “Do not plug a lot into the surge protector because it is malfunctioning.” She told me she wouldn’t and I cautioned her again and told her she could potentially blow a fuse or something that would require an electrician. You know kids — they are quick to “Okay” you without even hearing a word you say.

But giving her the benefit of the doubt, I walked away for several hours to go handle business with work. I was typing one of my many assignments for a client before I realized that my computer was about to die. It was midday, so I am not paying anything any attention with the electricity. But I am pondering as to why my computer is nearly dead when I have it plugged in. I check to see if maybe the plug is no longer in the outlet for it or maybe something is just wrong with the socket.

I check it and the computer is plugged into the outlet just fine. So assuming maybe its a blown socket in that wall, I decide to switch it to a different location and I go over to my computer and still nothing. I don’t hear the loud “beep” that comes when I plug the laptop in when it is running and the light is not on either. There is nothing except the remaining, “low battery” sign. So I am thinking to myself, “Great, I am going to have to call an Emergency Electrician” and I go downstairs to get my cell phone and make the call.

As I make my way downstairs, it is to no surprise that I notice the same surge protector I was speaking to my daughter about has every socket taken. I am just completely astonished because how my daughter managed to fill them all in such a short time is unbelievable. Then I realize she has her friends over and all of them have their phones plugged into.

All these outlets and they want to plug it into the ONE I asked them not to plug it into. I am just like, “Oh goodness.” I am absolutely livid now because I had to get Emergency Electrical Services now to have my power back on. But know that my daughter will be getting a piece of my mind when she gets back home today because this is just unacceptable! Giving me high blood pressure unnecessarily!