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essential oilsAn aromatherapy nebulizer is sometimes used by essential oil advocates, more so than a diffuser, because this provides a range of benefits for those who are recovering from illnesses. Most nebulizers are used for asthma patients to help deliver more oxygen to the lungs, however these devices in aroma therapeutic settings are mainly used for the following purposes:

Pain Relief – Oils like frankincense and peppermint are renowned to help speed up the healing process in patients. A patient who suffers from frequent migraine for instance, and who also had a hard time settling with prescription medications may seek out alternative therapies like essential oil therapy. An expert in this field can recommend the best types of oils to use, and whether it’s safe to breathe in such large mists outputted by a nebulizer.

Enhance better moods in patients – one of the top benefits of burning essential oils is to create a pleasant scent and atmosphere in a specific space. While oils are not burned in a nebulizer, they provide a steady mist to the patient adoring the scent. The results are that it lasts longer, as it provides the pain relief qualities mentioned earlier in the article.

Nebulizers furthermore work much faster than an oil diffuser. Some of the cons of using a nebulizer however, is that it may provide a counter effect with the noise it emits while generating mist. In addition, the oils aren’t heated, but experts claim that cool mist provides more healing qualities in the oil’s purest states.

Where to Purchase a Nebulizer

Nebulizers can be purchased in pharmacies or through online stores without a prescription. Alternatively, humidifiers can be doubled up as an aromatherapy device to help humidify dry air as well as stream out a healthy supply of fresh scents throughout your home or office. Just be sure that other visitors are notified in advance or that no one else in the home is allergic to the scent before doing so, as the aftermath of nebulizer use is a lingering scent for up to two hours.

Having addressed the main purposes of nebulizers for use in aromatherapy, some of the top candidates who use this device are those experiencing:

Colds – are prominent during certain times of the year, and this can be reduced or alleviated with the help of scented mists through a nebulizer of humidifier.

Stress – it’s proven that adults today are more stressed than ever before. As the demands of work, school and family life are consistently being increased due to the efficiency of technology, it’s hard to wind down. Aromatherapy can help to however give you a quick respite in your day. You can oftentimes use this while working – that is if you work alone.

Insomnia – many aromatherapy users are inclined to do so for lack of sleep. This can affect one’s work and health. For a restful night’s sleep, try a nebulizer while also listening to soothing music. Many of these tunes can be purchased on iTunes, or even in the grocery store. This is highly recommended compared to taking prescription medicines which may have negative side effects.

Try these therapies to see how they work for you.