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A lot of adults seem to have phobias or are at least a bit nervous or uncomfortable with going to the family dentist and it can really cut into the health of your teeth and mouth later in life. If your teeth and mouth are not healthy it can quickly lead to a whole list of other health issues so it is important that if you have kids you make sure that they don’t grow up with this unhealthy fear of the dentist. No one actually likes going to the dentist. The dentists office is full of scary tools and sometimes it can be a little painful but if you find a family dentist who is friendly, knows what they are doing and tries to be as gentle as they can, the experience really isn’t that bad. It is for sure better to go to the family dentist once every six months than to have to deal with all of the problems that can arise from poor oral care. If you develop a problem and don’t get it taken care of right away it can also get incredibly worse over time and become more and more painful. Once this track begins it is certainly obvious that to just deal with the family dentist twice a year is better than experiencing that pain. I think a lot of people develop their fear of the dentist as children so if you have kids try to encourage them that the family dentist is not scary. If you freak out about the family dentist in front of your kid, they will see that and think that freaking out is the appropriate way to respond to having to go to the family dentist. If you tell them that yes, it might not be fun but afterwards you can go do something fun or that somehow the trip to the family dentist is worth it, you are helping to set them up for a life of better oral health. If you kids need braces, this can be a huge push in either direction to get your kids to hate or be ok with the family dentist or orthodontist. Braces are more painful and more work heavy than normal family dentist visits but once they are off your kid can see how much better life is and how much better they look once they have allowed the dentist or orthodontist to do their work. If you encourage them that going to the orthodontist will be worth it in the end you can help build good habits early.

family dentist If you are an adult with an already established fear of the dentist, try and face your fear. I mean really, how bad can it possibly be? If you are really nervous about it, there are a few family dentists out there who are specially targeted to people with family dentist phobias and they can help in a way that is specifically targeted to help you calm your fears.