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There can be nothing scarier or more upsetting then having a fire in your home. There are many things that you can do to prevent fires happening in your home or place of business but the thing of it is that there are certain things that can be out of your control. If you are in the process of needing some fire restoration work done on your home then call Rainbow International in Denver, CO. They will help you get your home back in the shape it was in fire restoration before the fire took your home. Hopefully there will be enough work that has been done to ensure that the home will look the way that it did before. There are definitely possibilities that the fire will be so problematic that you can’t save much but with the help of professionals you can definitely make a difference. While we know that having a fire can be a stressful event it is imperative for you to keep calm and to follow certain steps to get your home and/or place of business back in working order. What you need is proper and professional mitigation and restoration. Fire mitigation and restoration is simply the process of getting your home cleaned up from all of the unsightly smoke and fire damage. The damage is caused by fire, heat, smoke and water.

So what do you do if you detect that there might be smoke or fire damage in your home? First things first is for you to call Rainbow International of Denver. They will be able to help you get connected with the services that you need to get your home back in tip top shape. The professionals are always the people that you should call first. You should first start to eliminate any odors in the home by opening all of the doors and windows to air it out as much as possible. You need to get your children and your pets (if you have any) to a smoke free environment. Smoke can have many negative health effects that you need to avoid. Next you should empty your fridge and freeze because you will probably have had the power to your house shut off for safety purposes. You don’t want any odors building up inside of the fridge and freezer so you should prop the door open. After that you should create an inventory of all of the things in your home that need replacing. You could also take photographs because that would be a great asset for your insurance company as well as for your own records. The fire investigators might even want that information. You should get any curtains and drapes off of the wet carpet and get any books and papers off of the floor.

There is a good chance that you will need some water damage restoration work done on your home as a part of fire restoration because they will need the water to put the fire out. That is why you should really call Rainbow International today.