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In my last blog post, I started to talk about NAFTA and its 20th anniversary this year, but got away from the subject matter because I started to talk about some anecdotes that don’t really have a lot to do with the subject matter.  As a result, I have the opportunity to talk about the negotiations that helped shape the agreement and talk about how that matters today.  From a consumer perspective, there are a lot of things that have benefited us since NAFTA went into effect. From being able to buy any of the fruits and vegetables that we have come to love at any time of the year to being able to take advantage of different economies of scale, the agreement has pushed our countries into a harmony that benefits consumers and bigger businesses alike.  Much of the agreement was helped into place by international business attorneys that were able to make sure that the bigger businesses on any side of the country lines could access high quality information and product details from the distributors.  This added a lot of trust into the conversation and undoubtedly allowed for these different companies to do a better job of pairing up the businesses and the partnerships for the coming year.  I also think that the ability to increase the number of goods that could be traded over country lines was really important and that really did help out a number of the communities and the workers that would be able to expand their businesses as a result.  There were some downsides with many of the various farming operations taking over for the smaller farmers that have since been shut out.  For these farmers, it meant that they were not longer able to get access to many of their local markets because of the international flow of goods pricing them out.  We have had different measures put in place by itar attorneys that allow for these individuals and families to access different markets, but there was definitely a shock to the system when they first tried to access many of the markets that they have for generations.  Nevertheless, as a consumer, I have the ability to choose who I support by way of where and how I shop.  I do not have to shop at a place that only stocks vegetables and fruits from across the other side of the world.  Rather, I have the ability to shop at places that preference local farmers and growers.  I actually think that many of the government contract attorneys had this in mind for the realization of the agreement.  There are different stipulations in there about what fruits or vegetables can be sold to different suppliers as to not affect many of the local markets.  For me, I know that I would not be able to grow any apples in Colorado, for example.  However, we can grow a lot of cantaloupe here, so I would not want to be purchasing something like a cantaloupe that would be pushing out local farmers.

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