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Getting groceries from a delivery service

May 16th, 2014 / / categories: 31, groceries /

This is probably my most favorite of the new conveniences in modern day life. I no longer have to get my groceries from just the super market or the farmers market. Instead, I can have them delivered to me after ordering online. And the best new thing that has hit this space is that you can now order organic and local groceries, and have them delivered to your house the very next day.  Since I generally purchase only organic groceries, and I really try to also purchase things that are local, I am going to be using this grocery delivery service a lot more than I originally thought. I do like to go to the grocery store, and it is something that I find enjoyment in. I also really like to go without a list and just see what I find on the shelves and in the produce section. Shopping online is different than that, it is hard to know in advance what I am going to want to cook. I’m not really the type of dinner cook that plans far in advance, because I do like to be a bit spur of the moment and just cook whatever I have or whatever I picked up at the store on my way home. But this service is just too good to pass up. I think that as far as groceries go, I’m going to start with just the basic and the boxed things that I know I will always be buying at the store. As I get more comfortable with the whole process and delivery system, I may start to order produce as well. But I have questions about who picks out the produce and which ones are going to end up in my basket. I don’t know if they will be bruised on delivery or if they will be the perfect ones that I would have picked out. groceries

So it remains to be seen just how much I am going to use the grocery delivery service, because I may just use it for the things that I know I always buy and whenever I need to restock them. But I may become a die hard fan and use it for everything instead of going to the grocery store. There is just no way to tell right now, as I’m starting out and seeing what the process is like, but I do know that I like being able to get online and just keep a running order saved in my shopping cart. And then at the end of the day, I’m going to just push purchase, and the next afternoon when I get home my groceries are going to be waiting for me. And they are going to be organic and local, so I don’t have to worry about what is in them and what I should not be buying. Instead, I’ll feel great about getting my groceries delivered and also supporting those local farmers that I want to keep in business.