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With our new guest pagers installed at the restaurant I think things are going to move a lot quicker. No longer will guests be able to complain about our long wait times because these pagers are designed to keep the line moving and keep everyone happy. Here is how I hope a guest experience will go from now on: when a couple walks up and request a table they’ll be told we are on a weight. I’ve instructed my hostesses to give an exaggerated wait time to lower guest expectations for how long they will be waiting. So, for instance if we expect the actual wait time to be 30 minutes we might tell the guest that they’re expected wait time is 45 minutes. This way if we come in early at all or even on time it will seem like we have beat our own quota. That is a simple trick of the mind that has been used by restauranteurs for some time now. What should really well them is the use of these guest pager systems. Once a guest has been given their quoted time still be handed a pager system and told that they’re free to walk wherever they want in the shopping complex. This sense of freedom is something new to our guests and I think it will be well received. In years past we didn’t even have a microphone to announce names so people had to simply wait new the host stand and listen for their name to be called. It often created a mob scene in front of the host desk and new customers were unable to approach and give their name for the reservation. With this new guest pager system I think it will keep the lobby clear of people waiting for the tables because we will bill to contact them River they are at.

I purchased these pagers from a company called The Pager Warehouse. I chose this company because they provide high-quality industrial and professional pagers to fireman, police officers and other industrial applications all across the country. I figured if they can install a fire pager system that keeps firemen in communication with each other and relatively safe than they could help me organize the people on my wait list. What I really like about this company is the fact that you can call up and speak with their customer service representative at any time. Since I needed them immediately I didn’t have time to spend days looking and deciding on which two way radios I would choose. The idea I needed to fill with simple but I wanted a professional to steer me in the right direction. One simple call to their number and I was contacted with a customer service technician who walked me through the process. She told me that unless I needed something like a hospital pager system I didn’t have to go with anything that had it too high of a frequency. What I wanted, she said, was something that lights up brightly and vibrated so there was no doubt the guests would know their table was ready. She also pointed me in the direction of staff pager systems she thought I might like.