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All families have their special spots where they like to go.  Maybe that is me talking from privilege, per the recent Time Magazine piece, but I would like to think that most functional families have a place where they like to go together.  That could be the supermarket, flea market, or a location that is out of the city or out of the state.  My family liked to go to Hawaii and that was super fortunate, but also because of the fact that my uncle owned a house there.  We probably would have not gone a quarter of the times, if it were not for my uncle and his house there.  Nevertheless, it was a really great place to visit and also one that I had the opportunity to go back to recently.  The great thing about Hawaii is its natural beauty.  It is also one of the most expensive places that I have ever been.  It seems like everything is wildly overpriced and as a result I find that I do not do a lot of purchasing there.  With every sinlge piece of everything that you see being ten to twenty percent more expensive than the mainland, you start to think about other options when it comes to gifts.  Nevertheless, many of the gifts that I see people taking home are the ones that show that they have been somewhere. harley-davidson

A good example of this are the goods that you would get at a Hard Rock Café.  There are Hard Rock Cafes everywhere, but not many people get to go to the ones that are in Hawaii or in the Netherlands.  As a result, people will pay a lot of money when it comes to getting a gift that says where you went on it Harley-Davidson clothing items often have the names of the places where the shirt was purchased and that seems to be a great market. It is crazy how much some of those shirts were going for, but I guess that it makes sense in the long run because it means that the people want to show that they went to that specific location.  I would personally prefer to rent a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in one of these locations and take a picture, but I realize that that is untenable for some people that have kids.  These people probably would choose to save some of the extra money so that they could go out to a nice dinner with the kids.  It should be very interesting to see how that all works out. 

I would be remiss to think that everyone thinks the way that I do, so I would not be surprised to see many of those Harley-Davidson accessories continue to fly off the shelves with the name of the location at which the accessory was purchased.  It is a great way to commemorate a trip and hopefully people will start to invest more into the vacations to help the United States boost up its economy a little bit.

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