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Heating and cooling systems should be checked regularly to ensure proper performance. Every homeowner has a nightmare scenario where their air conditioning unit stops working in the middle of July or their heating unit quits on them in the middle of December. If you live in a climate that experiences extreme temperatures it is a good idea to have these units checked annually to ensure peak performance. For air-conditioning units you may want to have the freon levels monitored as this is the primary source of cool air.

Heating and air conditioning companies tend to get very busy after spring and after fall. During spring and fall many people use their air conditioning or heating unit sparingly but in summer and winter these units get used and relied on very heavily. By calling a company like the AC doctors you can get a full diagnostic check of your houses ducts and vents. Many people never do this during the course of owning their home and they will typically see a dramatic increase in their utility bill as the years go by. Dust and debris can settle in your ducts causing the heater or air conditioning to work harder to achieve the same results. This inefficiency is expensive but can also be dangerous because when these elements are heated up they have the potential to start a fire. By calling the AC Doctors you can have them perform what is known as building science, effectively studying how air flows to your house. Since the main goal of this heating repair company is your comfort they work hard to problem solve on your behalf. Dery full service heating and air conditioning company that typically has very quick response times. They can send out a technician to your home and diagnose the problem within a few hours. If it is nothing major they typically have the parts on them to at least get you up and running again until they can come by and check all of the ducts.

Did you know that many of the homes the AC doctors inspected have duct leakage? A recent study showed that almost half of the homes they conducted this test were able to reduce their utility bill by 30 to 40%. Over the course of the year this can be a huge savings to you and you can put your money towards something better. If you are trying to convert your home to green energy you may want to consider their geothermal heating with ground source pumps. This process takes advantage of the constant temperature of the earth and pumps that into your home. You know how a basement stays cool all the time? That is because the exterior walls of the house absorb this constant temperature and it emanates into your house. If you are looking to lower your utility bill and keep a constant temperature this might be a good option for you.

I recommend anyone in need of air conditioning repair to call the AC Doctors for fast, efficient and affordable service.