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Homeschooling programs are on the rise, and the failure of the public school system is one of the contributing factors. Parents who cannot afford to send their kids to private schools have few choices. One is to send them to a public school, an OK option if you live in an area where the school system is good, but if not, homeschooling programs are a great option. In fact homeschooling programs have improved due to the increase of technology and the spread of the internet. Now you can find excelling online homeschooling programs that provide a high quality education in a safe home setting. There are even religious based online homeschooling programs like Cornerstone Christian Schools. Here are some of the reasons more and more parents are choosing homeschooling programs rather then traditional school settings.

1) Classroom size: Due to budget cuts, public schools are experiencing larger and larger classroom sizes. This means that there is less one on one attention for each student. This can lead to a lot of problems, especially for students who need additional attention if they are struggling to keep up in classes. Some students have different learning styles and will find it very difficult to learn in a large classroom setting. They will also have a lot more distractions. Distractions in large classes can arise simply due to the fact that the classroom is crowded, but it can also be because students can goof off easier, have distracting side conversations, play on their cell phones, and cause other disruptions which the teacher may not be able to notice, but can be a problem for children who are trying hard to learn and pay attention. It can even be difficult for teachers to stay on topic when the classes are too big.

2) Poorly paid teachers: Unfortunately, teachers in the public school system are not paid well. While some teachers dedicate to a life in the public system because they believe it’s important, many others (especially the really good ones) get recruited by higher paying private schools. This is an unfortunate reality for the school system in the US. As much as teachers want to help out the public school system, the reality is that they can get paid much higher and be in a more vibrant learning environment by giving up their public school job for one at a private school.

3) Technology problems: Because of problems with budgets, public schools have a hard time keeping up with new technology. This can be a huge disadvantage for students, since they may not learn crucial skills needed in today’s workforce. Public schools may have out of date computer labs and not be using the latest learning technologies. Budget cuts do not only affect technology, they affect many other aspects of public school education including the food available and other items in the school

4) Bullying: While bullying is not a problem that occurs only in public schools, it is something to think about when thinking about a traditional schooling system vs. a homeschooling program. This is a common reason for parents to home school.