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Braces Versus Invisalign

October 17th, 2015 / / categories: 31, iBraces VIP, invisalign /

Having braces can change your life. Braces help to get your teeth straight and will even correct your bite. Whether you have an over bite or an under bite, braces can help to fix it. When you do not have straight teeth or the smile you want then it can make you embarrassed to smile and can make you self conscious. While you have braces on you might not like your smile all that much because of the metal brackets all over your teeth. But once the braces come off you will have the teeth and smile you have always wanted. There are several options to choose from instead of braces though. Several years ago there were not other options and if you wanted straighter teeth and to fix your smile then your only option was to get braces. But since then, orthodontists have come up with several more options for you and your mouth. Invisalign and invisible lingual braces are two of these options. At iBraces VIP they specialize in these two other options instead of braces. Dr. Garai opened iBraces VIP because he wanted to give his patients the most options to choose from and they can decide which option is best for them and their lifestyle.

Invisalign are used for people who want to wear something that is virtually impossible. Some people can still tell you have something in your mouth but most people can not. The invisalign technologyorthodontics is similar to a clear retainer that is worn after braces. The biggest difference in the regular clear retainer and the invisalign is that a retainer is meant to keep the shape of your teeth that the braces created for you. The invisalign is much tighter and is meant to move your teeth to the spot that you and the orthodontist want them in. Your teeth might still be sore as if you were wearing braces but you can take the invisalign out whenever you wish, but if it is not worn all the time then it could cause you to have to wear them for a much longer time period. But while wearing invisalign you can eat whatever you would like, such as popcorn, gum, and hard candies. These are some of the foods that you can not eat while wearing braces.

The invisible lingual braces are another option you can choose from at iBraces VIP. The lingual braces are similar to a permanent metal wire retainer that is used after braces come off. The lingual braces are put on the back of your teeth and straighten them from the back instead of the front. These can be the best option for someone who does not want anyone to notice that they have something in their mouth. Because the lingual braces are behind your teeth it means that nobody can see that something is there unless you show it to them. While wearing the invisible lingual braces you can eat anything you want and go on with your daily life as normal. All three of these options will straighten your teeth but some people have seen that some work better than others and there are pros and cons to all three of these options. Whichever route you choose to take, the end result will give you straighter teeth and that perfect, beautiful smile that you have always wanted.