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Every other weekend I get to pick up my two kids and keep them for a few days. We don’t get a lot of time together but when I do get them I try to do something extra fun with them. It is my way of making the most of our time together. Sometimes it is mini-golf, sometimes all you can eat pizza, and next weekend we are going to this new kids party place in town. They have been building this place for a while now and it looks pretty great. They have a bunch of rides, games, food, laser tag, rock climbing, whatever the kids could want. While there are a lot of more static things like videogames, one thing that I really like about these indoor play places is that a majority of the activities are quite active. Kids these days don’t exactly get a lot of exorcise so when I take them out I like to do things that allow them to go run around a bunch. This is of course offset by the fact that there is no way to avoid the onslaught of sugar that they will most likely consume during our day there but hey, it’s better than lots of sugar and no exorcize right? I really think there is going to be something great for both of the kids. There is a few years age difference between the two so sometimes it can be difficult to find something that they both will like. Either my oldest really likes it but the youngest can’t participate too much or the youngest really likes it but the oldest complains that it is for babies. I think that the kids party place might be the best idea that we have had so far for everyone to find something they like. When I told them over the phone that this was what I have planned for the weekend both of the kids were pretty excited which makes me feel really good about my decision. I feel like a better parent when I know that I can make my kids happy. I might not be able to crawl through the ball pit anymore but I still love arcade games and pizza so I think I can still have lots of fun with my kids without feeling like I am doing something I don’t like just because they want to do it. If this goes as well as I hope at the indoor play center, it might be a monthly adventure for our little family. For just the three of us it is also fairly reasonably priced so I think that it is totally feasible to go fairly often and sometimes I might even allow the kids to each bring a friend or two. I don’t like to share my time with them so much but I am starting to get the impression sometimes that on their weekends with me they tend to miss their friends a bit.