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I wish I had listened to my sister a long time ago when she told me I should get Invisalign bracesAt the time she was working as a dental assistant at a doctors office (she is now a dentist herself) and they were really excited about the roll-out of this new product.

At the time I was just about to attend junior high and all of my other friends were getting braces. I didn’t even consider it for a few reasons. First off, metal braces are ugly, there’s just no way around it. Also, I didn’t really have bad or crooked teeth when I was that age so while braces may have improved my appearance and made my smile slightly better, they were in no way necessary. Really though, avoiding wearing those hideous braces is what kept me from considering them for so long. Apparently I had avoided the topic long enough that significant advancements had been made in the field without me even knowing about it. Of course you still see people all the time that wear regular metal braces but more and more adults and teens alike are turning to Invisalign to help them with their smile. And why not? There are only benefits and no drawbacks to using this system. Well, the price may be a bit higher but for the comfort and shorter duration of time spent wearing them it is well worth it.

Invisalign is a comfortable mouth guard to wear because it is form fitted to your mouth. Your orthodontist will take several molds of your top and bottom rows of teeth and use that mold to make a clear mouth guard that fits you to a T. Additionally, since there are no wires to rub against your gums causing friction and no plastic padding cemented to your teeth there is far less irritation in your mouth.

There are many orthodontists who use and recommend the Invisalign system but only i-Ortho combines this incredible method of tooth realignment with their micro-vibration system to achieve stunning results in a short period of time.

Micro-vibrations are just what they sound like, tiny pulses of vibrations that are used in the mouth. These vibrations are very specific and targeted at whatever teeth or group of teeth need to be moved. When you combine that focused movement with the pressure already being applied by the Invisalign braces you get amazing results quickly! Perhaps the best part about all of this is that generally nobody can even tell you are wearing anything. To me that is the sign of something that is flawlessly designed. It is beautiful and simple in it’s own right but when in use it functions so seamlessly that it is hardly even noticeable. It is said that form follows function but in this case I think both were given equal consideration.

If you’re still unsure about how great Invisalign braces are, consider that with Invisalign braces you can remove them from your mouth whenever you’d like to clean them or get some relief.