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When we were on vacation in Florida last year my sister dropped her phone in a toilet.  Aside from being completely disgusted that she had to reach in to a public toilet to retrieve her it (at least the water was clean), she was pretty upset that her phone didn’t work.  My sister hates traveling so begin with so she really didn’t want to fly back to Maryland in a week without a working cell phone just in case she needed to reach someone along the way.  While at home, if she ever cracked her cell phone screen or needed some maintenance she had a favorite phone repair service that she trusted. They were always reliable and available for her to walk in any day to request service, with the assurance she her phone would be back to normal in just a few hours.  However, since we were in Florida she figured she was out of luck and would have to wait until she got home to have her phone fixed.

phone repairWhat my sister never new is that her beloved repair company also took mail-ins from all over the country.  Because she lived close by and never needed such a thing she had no idea that they provided service from far away.  When she called to let them know that as soon as she got off the plane next week she would be dropping her phone off for liquid damage repair, they told her she could mail it to them that day and have it back before she needed to catch her return flight.  They are that quick.  She just needed to overnight mail her phone to Zagg Phone Repair so that they could get to diagnosing and repairing her phone right away.  They have extensive experience with liquid damaged phones and have the right tools and methods to restore phone data and get everything functioning again.  They received my sister’s phone the day after she mailed it and were able to repair everything in a few hours.  Because it was only the afternoon when they finished, they could sent it back to her hotel the same day they received it.  My sister was ecstatic when she received her newly fixed phone while we were still only on our fourth day of vacation so that she could still take some great pictures on the beach and at the theme parks of all of us.  She was even more pleased that she would not be traveling back home without a phone.

There are plenty of cell phone repair services around that likely take mail-ins, but Zagg Phone Repair is the one that my sister knows and trusts so she went straight to them.  Even if you permanently live in Louisiana, you can use Zagg as your regular service repair provider because their mail-in sytem is so efficient.  They are quick and effective with diagnosing problems, even when you might not know the cause of your malfunctioning phone.  If you live out of state, they will call with their assessment findings before they start repairs to make sure you are OK with everything.