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  1. Layaway plans for customers working towards that special piece of jewelry. Let’s face it, buying the engagement ring or the wedding band that you have always dreamed of giving your special someone can be very costly, and we are not all made out of money. The majority of large jewelry shops usually have a finance consultant in the shop, someone who can either create a payment plan directly through the shop, or else who can provide the link between you and a larger financial loan center. The one thing which many jewelry stores have recently started to offer is layaway plans for their customers. Getting something of layaway is much less complicated than taking out a loan, and unlike credit is doesn’t mean you end up with a larger price tag in the end. Layaway doesn’t put the jewelry store at risk for troubles, and customers have the added advantage of being able to change their mind about a piece of jewelry in the future. More people than ever have started to buy their engagement and wedding rings on the installment plan. One last thing that layaway provides the customer is a little extra time to think over what may turn out to be the most important decision of their life. Perhaps we would all make better choices if we had a little extra time to think them over as we put money towards  are desired items.
  2. Most jewelry stores offer custom alterations for their jewelry. There is always someone on staff at a jewelry shop that is skilled in make small changes to rings and other jewelry; after all, in jewelry not all size fits one. Nowadays, the trend of further customizing jewelry has really exploded. Many jewelers offer different colors of gold or silver for the ring of choice, a whole set of extra decorative details which can be added, and engravings are among the most popular of the custom alterations being asked for today. More and more jewelry sellers have started to offer a huge selection of simple rings with almost no design at all. The customer can then look through a catalogue of possible features they can add on to the ring to make it into whatever they want. Clients prefer to mold their own ring from imagination because it means a more original design for their loved one. Probably in the future there will be few features of jewelry which cannot be customized in some way or another.
  3. Specialty boxes for their client’s jewelry. If you are going to go through all the trouble to get an amazing piece of jewelry for your loved one, you don’t want to give it to them in a boring, ugly box. In recent years there has been a lot more attention giving to the kind of jewelry boxes that stores offer. You can now get everything from wooden boxes, specialty design boxes, even boxes that themselves can be used as a jewel box. The price tag some of the more luxurious boxes bring with it can be surprising, so check the tag before you set your heart on one.