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After losing a big public case last year, the law firm Eric worked for was suffering. The publicity had been terrible, and they truly thought there was no way they could have lost the case. But the judge had thrown the case out on a technicality, and Eric’s firm was left with nothing but bad press every time someone did an internet search for an attorney in their area. It had been a long year, and business was declining. A handful of their regular clients were basically keeping the lights on, but several associates had left and they were struggling to figure out what to do. No one wanted to shut the firm down completely, least of all the partners, but it seemed like because of the bad press there was almost no way to attract new clients.

Eric had explained his predicament and the position his firm was in to several friends over drinks about a year after the lost verdict. One of them had a friend in marketing, and he offered to talk to her about what sorts of things a small firm such as theirs could do to mitigate bad press and revamp their reputation. It seemed that word of mouth would not suffice in this case, and they were losing money left and right. Eric said yes, please do discuss with her. He did not have high hopes, however, since he knew the firm was barely hanging on at the moment and would be unlikely to be able to afford a high fee.

Then he got a call the very next morning from the friend of his friend, Stephanie. She asked him to explain the story, and mentioned that she had done an internet search that very morning to see how bad the damage was and where the firm appeared, if at all, in search results for local attorneys. She asked if they would be willing to consult with her on a trial basis. She had an attorney website design idea that, if successful, would allow them to recover from their losses and regain their lost business. If her lawyer marketing campaign worked effectively, then and only then would she accept payment from them. Eric ran it by the remaining partners and they figured they would let her try. They would be on their way out soon if no one did anything, so law firm SEO seemed like a good enough option as any.

They had nearly forgotten about it when, a few weeks later, they got two phone calls about possible work from new clients. A week later, there were several more calls. They continued to accept business and within three months they were back at full capacity again. Stephanie earned her paycheck to be sure, and is helping them get back to their full reputation again as dedicated lawyers who get good results. One lost case was not going to destroy them after all, and it only took one marketing professional to turn around a very bad year for an entire firm.

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