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We have always been fans of taking a limousine service from the airport, because it really is just the best idea and the most easy option when you are arriving in a new city. We don’t really like to take taxis because I don’t always feel safe when the taxi driver is on the highway or cruising through the city. And so, we find that we almost always take a limousine service instead of having to do public transportation of any kind, including the taxi service from the airport. ┬áBut over the last few years, I have gotten to the point where I feel that arriving at the office in a limousine is a bit over the top. I’m not sure, but it often makes me feel uncomfortable when we are driving through town and the lanes are narrow and it is hard to get around tight corners and such. It just seems like a bit of an overkill to always take a limo, even when it is just me. I don’t need all that room, even when I’m on a long business trip and I have a large bag that I’m hauling around with me. So when I discovered that the limo service that I often use from DIA into town offers cars other than a limo, I was set. I think that I will always use them, because they make it really easy to get a limo and any other car, just to get a car when you need to get downtown. They have all different kinds of luxury cars, not just the limousines. They have drivers who will arrive to pick you up and take you to your destination driving in a cadillac or a rolls royce. Those are actually much more sophisticated cars that are even more comfortable to be riding in than the limousines are. So my favorite is when they show up in the big black cadillac suv. Those are incredibly comfortable and they have so much space in the back. You don’t have to duck down to get out of the car, you can just step right up, and the limo service driver will take you bag and put it in the back with minimal effort. The cars are just so low to the ground that you feel like a large truck will driver over you sometimes. So I actually prefer when I can get into an suv instead of the back of a low car. And the limousines are always low to the ground, because I think it makes it easier for the longer car to turn a corner and such, so I understand. But when I heard that I could actually get other luxury cars, instead of just the limo service, I decided that I will stick with this company whenever I fly into DIA, because they are the best in terms of what they have to offer to the customer, as well as in terms of what their drivers are driving.

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