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Over the years, we have had to use a locksmith a few different times. In all the times that we have needed one quickly, Best Time Locksmith was always the one that ended up helping us right when we needed it. There have been a few times that have been really time sensitive, and we often call a few different locksmith companies to see who can get out and help us quickly. So much is about how many guys they have out on the road, and what area they are in at the time that you call. Sometimes, a locksmith company may have three guys out on the road, but they are all far away from where we are. And then we’ll call another company, and they are able to be here in about ten minutes. With Best Time Locksmith we have never had to wait more than fifteen minutes for someone to get to us and help us get in, weather it is the house, the car, or one of our rental properties. The thing with us is that we have several rental properties, and we occasionally have someone move out and take the key with them. Or we have someone that doesn’t move out and also doesn’t pay their rent. In these situations, we have to evict them, and it never really ends well. We end up getting a house back, but unable to get into the house because the locks have been changed or something to that effect. In this situation, we always call the Best Time Locksmith company, because they know us well enough and they know our properties. They are always able to get us into the place as quickly as possible, which is worth it to me.

It’s a good idea to have someone in your phone that you can call and that you know will be responsive and will be around to help get you into your place as quickly as possible. For us, we just decide to use the same company because they have been so great to work with in the past. We know that they are going to be really quick in their response time, and we know that they are going to be professional and helpful when they arrive. So that is the number we have stored in all of our phone, and that is the company we call. Weather we are stranded outside our locked car or we can’t get into a rental property. commercial locksmithThey are mobile and are always nearby and quick to come help us get unstuck from the situation. We occasionally need to wait a few extra minutes for one of their guys to get to us, depending on where in the city they were for the last call. But knowing that we have a company that we use is really helpful, so we will wait the extra few minutes for them now, instead of calling another company. Having a regular contractor that we use is worth it to us, and we really like them as a company. They do great work and are nice to work with. So we keep using them.