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When you start thinking about robotic systems, unless you are a very talented robotics expert, you probably start to tune out. It is not because you are uninterested, but simply because it seems that the field of robotics has little application to you as a person who is not intimately involved in the world of motion control systems and could not care less about linear bearing motion systems versus air bearing motion systems and which one works best in which situations. That being said, there are many different an exciting ways to use nano-precision robotics and meeting the needs of people across industries with this technology is ALIO’s industry’s goal. They began in 2001 with the simple notion of creating a better way to meet the nano-precision robotic needs of the world, and their business and industry has been growing and developing ever since, making this dream a reality as their business continues to grow and expand. Indeed, with robotic technology still in the process of coming of age, ALIO Industries is set up in the perfect position to help people as this industry continues to grow and expand in new ways. From hexapod robotic systems to air bearing and mechanical bearing linear systems and even to nano-precision systems for atmospheric chambers, ALIO Industries has been working tirelessly to come up with new ways to utilize this important technology.

Perhaps that is the beauty of the technology based society that we live in. It is a new age for creativity with that creativity being ever present in the world of robotics. The things that can be achieved in this growing and developing age is truly fascinating. The ever growing and expanding products that are available through ALIO Industries is just one corner of a growing future in which robotics can play a powerful role in everyday life. Indeed, when ALIO was founded, its name even echoes the sentiments of growth toward a better future. “ALIO” is the Latin for “a better way” and this concept and goal is present in everything the company does. From their innovative movement in nano technology motion systems to their willingness to expand industry standards for precision product designs, they are venturing into this brave new word of nano precision technology with grace and a goal driven mindset: to create a better way for us to use motion control technology. What better goal than that?

ALIO Industries works in a few different kinds of nano precision technologies in order to achieve this goal. As with most motion control systems, there are a certain number of components that are consistent across the board. You have the motion controller, the actuator that translates the electrical signal into movement, mechanical aspects to the movement happen, and feedback sensors to keep the robot from crashing into things. With this in mind, ALIO has been working to develop their robotics with their patented TRUE NANO Positioning systems to improve upon positioning in motion control systems. The developments continue to grow as they continue to bring us into the future of nano robotics.